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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 59: The Death Sentence

No spoilers, just a filler .

Colin stumbled, falling face first into the dirt. Anna and I grabbed a shoulder each, bringing him back to his feet.

"Do you see any of the others?" Anna asked, afraid to look behind her.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and glanced over my shoulder at the prison. From where we stood, it looked like tiny ants crawling over spilt sugar. A chorus of groans echoed around the empty forest. The prison looked as if it would topple over at any moment. I swiftly turned away, back to Colin.

"No," I replied, quietly.

"What are we going to do?" Anna asked.

She tried to mask the anxiety in her voice, but failed miserably. I felt sick, I felt weak and I felt that I needed to scream until my lungs popped.

"We're going to keep moving," I said, my voice not giving away how freaked, angry and pissed I was.

I was furious, everything we had in that prison was gone. All the cars, all the medicine, all the weapons. Gone. I was scared out of my wits. Scared because I didn't know where Jay was, if he was still alive. Scared because we were separated and I was separated from Daryl. Scared because we had no food, water, or shelter and a wounded man who looked like he could turn at any moment. My feet were glued to the ground. I didn't want to move further away from the prison. That meant that we moved further away from the others. There is safety in numbers, especially now.

Unwillingly, I dragged my feet forward, bow ready to defend us. Anna clutched onto Colin tightly. He wobbled with every step. His breath was loud, I couldn't tell him to shut up. Sam trotted happily by my side, tongue hanging out. Sometimes, I wished I could be as dumb as my dog. He hadn't a clue what happened. All he cared about was my safety and nothing else.

"I need-I need a break," Colin grunted.

I held back a sigh of frustration that was pressing against my lips. Anna and I helped him sit against a tree. He looked up at me.

"Hey, hey, do I look pale to you?"

I stared blankly at him. His complexion was always pale. He then cracked a grin. I rolled my eyes.

"Let's take a look at it," I mumbled, crouching down.

I pushed his shirt up, revealing the bullet wound.

"I don't know much about getting shot, but is there an exit wound?" Colin asked.

I checked his back and shook my head. He swore loudly. Anna hushed him, fidgeting nervously.

"It's okay. We'll find the others and Hersh-"

My voice faded, realising that there was no Hershel. I went to correct myself, but Carol wasn't with us either. I stood up, pressing my hand to my mouth. I walked away from the two, knowing they were giving each other looks. I fought back tears, now was not the time. I couldn't worry about the others. I couldn't go and try to find them. There were a few things I was certain of. One of them was that I was alive. Colin and Anna were alive. What I needed to do now was try and fix Colin up and make sure we survive. If we met with the others, great, but for now we needed to focus on ourselves. I cleared my throat and turned back to two pairs of eyes watching me.

"Let's keep going, there will be somewhere we can rest properly."

I took Colin's arm and helped Anna pull him to his feet. I readied my bow and arrow again, leaving Anna to guide Colin. We trudged through the forest, moving at a snail like pace. I heard a deep roll of thunder above us. Fantastic. As evening grew closer it began to rain. The rain was so heavy it weighed me down. The earth beneath us turned to mucky slush. We slipped and slid along the path. I heard a thump behind us and I knew Colin had fallen. I spotted three walkers stumbling towards us. Anna tugged at Colin's shirt, pleading with him to get up. I felt my knees growing weaker, shaking with the cold. I pushed my soaking hair out of my face.

"Get up," I said, gruffly.

Colin groaned, sitting up. I grabbed onto him, hands slipping on the mud stuck to his back. Once again, we were moving. I noticed five walkers were now trailing behind us. Sam was soaked, his black fur coated in dirt. We finally came across a small wooden cabin. We set Colin down on the steps. Anna put on a brave face and went inside with Sam to make sure it was clear. I shot down the seven approaching walkers. As I tugged the last arrow out of one guy's skull Anna gave the all clear. We hurriedly brought Colin inside.

Rain beat against the dusty windows. At least we were sheltered from the howling wind. It one room, with one narrow bed in it. A tiny corner was cut off from the rest of the room, which was the bathroom. Anna stripped the sheets off the bed. Colin lay down, soaking the mattress. Anna started ripping the bed sheets, making a bandage. I crossed over to the wardrobe. Moth balls tumbled out. I found a checkered shirt and threw it to Anna.

"Put on some dry clothes," I ordered, finding some other clothes.

I tossed the moth bitten ones aside for now, but I knew I would end up wearing one.

"Can you move, Colin? These might be your size."

"I can try."

I gave him the clothes. Anna and I turned away to give him privacy. I found a woolen jumper with only tiny holes in it and put it on. I through the rags over Sam who was already asleep. Anna and I searched through the cupboards, finding two tins of beans. I turned the tap, hoping for water. There was a loud gurgling noise and black muck spurted out. I refrained from punching something, turning to the stove. I through the drawers open looking for a box of matches. I found a small box with only one match left. I struck it and lit the stove. Opening the can of beans I suddenly felt sick. I stopped myself from gagging and turned away.

"You deal with that," I said, clutching my stomach.

Anna nodded, giving me a concerned look. I went back to Colin. He was still shaking, his lips turning light blue. I pulled a duvet over him.

"We found some beans."

"Bloody sick of beans," he grumbled.

"How is it?" I asked.

"I think the bleeding has stopped, thanks to Anna."


I glanced at the bare windows, wanting to board them up. I knotted my hands through my hair, trying to clear my head. Trying to think of a plan. Anna carried over the can of beans. I immediately moved away, feeling my stomach flip flop.

"Are you ok?" Anna asked, cautiously.

"Yeah, yeah. Just... You guys should eat."

I moved to the bathroom area, searching the cabinet for medicine. I found some disinfectant and brought it back to Colin. They had devoured the whole tin between them, tossing it to Sam. We started cleaning out Colin's wound. I felt my stomach constrict and I moved away quickly.

"Dude, are you alright?" Colin snapped.

"Yes, sorry."

"I have never seen you react to blood like that-"

"Don't talk about it," I grumbled.

I shoved a chair against the door, stopping it from rattling. Anna continued to mend Colin as best as she could.

"Did either of you notice where Finn and Charlotte went?" she asked quietly.

"No, I don't know where anyone left."

"All I know is Nathan and David ditched us," Colin said, bitterly.

"I hope Finn and Charlotte are together," Anna mumbled. "I hope Maggie, Beth and Glenn are together... I hope Rick is with his children... I wish you were with Daryl, Harleigh, but I'm glad you're with us."

I nodded, folding my arms. Colin made a sound of agreement, clasping my hand in his.

"We're gonna be just fine," he said, laughing slightly. "How about we get some sleep and go find the others tomorrow?"

I sighed, nodding. I pulled together a bed for Anna and I to share. A few pillows and old mouldy clothes. Not the best but it was the best I could do.

"Just don't die in your sleep," I muttered.

"I'll try my best," Colin chuckled.

Anna lay down beside me. I pulled a blanket over us. I caught my breath, pain shooting through my torso. I clenched my teeth. What the hell was going on? My hand found the lump in my arm, making sure the bar was still there. I calmed myself down, because it wasn't possible.
I heard Anna whispering under her breath. I knew she was praying. Colin was already snoring loudly, shaking the walls just as much as the wind. I stared at the ceiling, watching walkers limp through my mind's eye. I shut my eyes, hoping they would go away but they became more focused. I could hear them, I could feel them as well as an overwhelming notion of fear.

I forced myself to think of something else. Whenever I sucessfully did so, it didn't last long. The dead would stumble in and ruin whatever it was I was thinking of. I drifted in and out of a restless sleep. I suddenly swung upright. Without thinking, I ran towards the sink. Anything that I had recently eaten was lost. I gripped onto the sink as my stomach emptied itself. I wiped my mouth, shaking slightly. I turned back around to find Colin and Anna sitting up staring at me.

"I don't mean to be rude," Colin said, breaking the awkward silence. "But when was the last time you and Daryl fucked?"

I blushed deep crimson, bowing my head.

"When we got back from the hotel..."

Anna and Colin looked at one another.

"I can't. I have a bar," I said, waving my hands in protest.

Colin stood up, much to my surprise.

"How do you know it's still working?"

"I uh... I don't."

"Harleigh," he mumbled, scratching his arm.

I covered my face in my hands.

"I'm not, I'm not."

Colin crossed the room and hugged me tightly. Anna got up and joined us.

"We'll have to find Daryl now."

"I'm not pregnant. I'm not."

I let myself sob into Colin's shoulder, holding onto him tightly. Anna rubbed my back, tears in her own eyes.

This was a death sentence.


Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of- okay no.
I woke up this morning with feels and this horrific idea so... here you go.... Harleigh is possibly maybe pregnant. WHAHAHAHAH idk what to do with my life without this show ok.


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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Oh I really love this story. I hope it gets updated >< please update!

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This is the most amazing story ever on this site ever please update. Harleigh is amazing and you are a great writer.

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Amazing writing, as always.

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Holy crap please update!!! This is one of the best I've read in a long time!!!

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