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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 7: The Herd

I looked down proudly at my newly sharpened arrows. Humming to Don't Stop Believin' I stood up.

"Just a city boy! Born and raised in South Detroit!" I sang, walking into the house with a towel wrapped around my head.

I held a mug of tea. Damn, I had missed tea, Glenn and Maggie had got some on a run yesterday. "He took a midnight train going anywhere!"

I sang the next verse then heard Glenn scream back the chorus from the kitchen.

"STANGERS! WAITING! Up and down the boulevard, their shadows! Searching in the night!"

I walked into the kitchen grinning. Lori and Carol laughed at us while they washed clothes. We turned as the back door opened.

"Well that would scare any walker away," Rick joked, walking into the kitchen from the garden.

Daryl followed, carrying more dead squirrels. Sam trotted in after him. I threw my arm around Glenn's shoulders.

"You're just jealous. We were born to sing the blues, right Glenn?"

He grinned and nodded. Rick laughed while I took a sip from my tea.

"Hey! Not inside the house!" Lori snapped at Daryl.

He was just about to put the squirrels down on the kitchen table.

"Fine," he grunted walking out of the kitchen.

"Is he PMSing?" I asked. The others laughed again. "I'll go help him"

I left the kitchen and walked out the front door of our house. The house... it's a house, not ours. I had to keep reminding myself that we would eventually have to leave. Daryl was sitting on a log at the side of the house. Sam lay beside the log. I sat crossed legged on the grass in front of Daryl and patted Sam's head.

"What y'want?" he asked picking up a squirrel.

"To help," I shrugged.

"Ever skinned anythin'?" he said, squinting at me through sunlight.

I looked at him while I unwrapped the towel from my head. My hair soaked through my t-shirt slightly.

"I dissected a frog once in biology," I shrugged.

He raised an eyebrow and passed me the scrawniest rodent. I took it by it's tail at arms length, crinkling my nose.

"I've torn apart dead people but I can't do this," I frowned.

Placing it on the grass, I took out my knife and pierced the skin. I knew Daryl was watching me so I was nervous that I was doing this wrong. I slit it from the chest down the middle. The ripping noise made me feel sick. I looked down at it's white tummy fur turning red. I let go of it.

"NOPE!" I squeaked holding my hands up and dropping my knife.

I looked up at Daryl who looked extremely amused. I heard footsteps behind me, turning quickly I saw it was Carl.

"Hey, kid," I smiled holding my hand up to shade my eyes from the sunlight.

He sat down beside me. I could feel Daryl's mood change. I knew he didn't like people around, he barely put up with me. We would argue a lot and call each other names, forget about it and repeat the next day. I liked being around Daryl. I knew he wouldn't burst into tears at any moment. We would sit in silence, I didn't have to hold a conversation with him.

"My parents are fighting again," Carl sighed.

"Oh," I mumbled. I stabbed the squirrel with my knife.

"Don't play with y'food," Daryl smirked. I frowned.

"I'd rather die than eat that."

"I'll throw ya to th'walkers."

"Like to see you try," I challenged getting up off the ground so I could help Carl out.

What happened next I wasn't expecting. Daryl dropped everything, grabbed me by the waist and threw me over his left shoulder.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"They're some hungry lurkers round, Leigh. Y'insulted my cookin'."

"YOU DON'T COOK!" I screeched as he headed off into the woods.

Carl hesitated by the log but desided to follow behind Daryl. I just looked at him slightly confused. Had Daryl been abducted by aliens?

"There's one right here," Daryl said.

I started punching his back, avoiding his wound of course. I heard the gargling behind me.


"Nuh uh!" I could feel the walker get closer.

"This isn't funny!"

"I think it is"

Carl looked extremely torn between being amused and being scared.

"I will eat the squirrels," I muttered.

"Can't hear ya."

"I said I'll eat the damn squirrels you redneck asshole!"

"Glad to hear," he said, lifting his crossbow with his right hand and shot the walker. He then put me down. I brushed myself off and sighed looking up at him.

"SIKE!" I yelled, punching his shoulder.

I ran past Carl, grabbing his wrist and pulling him back to the house. We reached the lawn when I was tackled to the ground.

"GET OFF ME YOU FATASS!" I said, laughing.

"What the hell is going on?!" Rick bellowed at us coming out of the house.

Daryl jumped up quickly, while I stumbled to my feet. I looked up to the porch to see everyone standing there with guns. I looked at the ground trying not to laugh. They gave us strange looks and went back to what they were doing. Rick gave us one last glare and returned to the house. I glanced at Daryl who nodded slightly and gave me a small smile, one that I would've missed if I blinked. I then looked down at Carl, unsure of what to do as Daryl made his way back to the log.

"What was that?" he whispered. I shrugged, shaking my head.


"Are you leaving?" Beth asked.

She, Carol, Maggie and Carl were in my room. I looked at my packed bags.

"No, just prepared," I shrugged, sitting on Daryl's bed.

Carl sat on the timber floor with Sam lying beside him. The others sat on my bed since they were afraid of going near Daryl's stuff. We were up here because Lori and Rick were arguing again. The others were out or were on watch.

"Are they done yet?" Carl mumbled.

It had been nearly two hours. Carol smiled sympathetically at him while Maggie shook her head. We could only faintly hear them.

"What do they argue about?" I asked.

Maybe I should be sensitive and shut up, but seriously, why argue in a world like this?

"About the baby, about what we're going to do..." Maggie replied.

I rolled my eyes. Can't these people just take it one day at a time? Enjoy that we have somewhere to stay at least. We all turned as the door opened.

"Are we havin' a meetin' here or somethin?"Daryl asked walking in followed by Glenn.

Daryl sat on the other end of the bed as Glenn leaned up against the wall. We waited in silence then. Listening to Rick and Lori's muffled argument. I picked at my boots awkwardly hoping someone would talk soon.

"Do you guys think aliens will come and help us?" Glenn asked out of the blue.

We all looked at him. I laughed, crossing my legs.

"Glenn, for the last time there's no such thing as aliens!" Maggie sighed in frustration.

"What?" I gasped. "The dead are walking and you don't believe in aliens?"

I shook my head at her.

"See? She get's it!" Glenn laughed.

Maggie just smiled slightly. We noticed the arguing had stopped when silence fell again. We heard footsteps climb the stairs, the door opened and Rick looked in. He saw we were all sitting there, he looked at the ground as if embarrassed that we had hidden from them. He gave a small nod.

"Pack your bags, we have to leave," he told us.

We stared at him for a couple of seconds before we got up. The others left me and Daryl and we gathered our bags in silence. I folded up my bed. Rick came in again and took my bags with one curt nod to me. I took it as a "go help Lori nod." I walked ahead of him down the stairs. I went to Lori's side and took her bags.

"What's going on?" I asked her quietly.

"Walkers are heading this way," she sighed. "T-Dog saw them from the roof"

I nodded and carried her bags out to the pickup truck, it's bed was already half full. I chucked them in and then patted it so Sam would jump up.

"Stay," I said to him, leaving to go into the house.

"Guys! Hurry!" T-Dog yelled, climbing down from the attic.

I grabbed a rucksack and rushed to the bathroom, emptying everything into it. I ran to the pick up truck and threw that into the bed. Sam was growling loudly.

"Stay," I repeated. I went back into the house.

"Y'alright Lori?" I asked. She nodded sadly.

"I'm sorry you guys had to hear us fighting," she sniffed.

Not now woman. I pulled her into a quick hug.

"Hey, it's fine. Let's get out of here first and we can talk later, yeah?"

Please don't talk to me.

She nodded and wiped a tear away. I heard gunfire outside and knew we had to move. I pushed her in the direction of the front door, then I ran upstairs, into my room and grabbed my weapons. I followed Maggie downstairs and out to the cars. I hopped into the back of the green hyundai. Lori, Beth, Hershel and Rick sat in it. Rick started up the engine. The car peeled out the gravel drive and down the dirt lane to the main road.

"Wait," Lori said. I looked from the window to her. Her face was pale. "Where's Carl?"

"Stop the car," I said. I unbuckled my belt. "If I don't come back in time then leave."

I got out of the car before anyone could argue. I raced back to the house. Why the hell was I risking my life?... again. I hoped karma still worked in this world. I reached the porch.

"CARL?!" I yelled.

I heard groaning and hungry moans from inside the house. The house would be a wreck soon. My heart was broken, this really had become my home. I shook my head and kicked the door open, which we had fixed. Their yellow eyes shone in the dark, their broken limbs were outstretched, yellow and brown teeth snapped hungrily at me. I took out my gun and started shooting at their heads, hitting them between the eyes. Once the hall was cleared I called out to Carl again. He appeared beside me on the stairs. I jumped and nearly punched him in the face.

"You are one lucky bastard," I said to him grabbing his wrist and pulling him out of the house.

As we reached the front door a walker lunged at Carl. He screamed as I pushed the walker off him. Using the butt of the gun I smashed it's head in. Walkers were starting to close in around us.

"Run towards the car!" I told Carl.

He nodded, wide eyed. I followed, shooting any walker who came close him. A clammy hand enclosed around my wrist. I squeaked and smacked it in the face with my gun. It pushed me to the ground, I could smell it's foul breath as it grunted like an animal. I reached down and clasped my knife. Struggling, I reached up and jammed the knife through it's eye. I pushed the corpse off me and found my feet.

I looked around to see Carl open the car door in the distance. He turned to look at me, hesitating before a hand pulled him into the car. I scrambled towards the car. By the time I reached the end of the lawn, the car had rolled out of the lane. They had given up on me. I didn't dare look behind me because I would too. I raced down the graveled drive and along the dusty lane. Finally my feet hit paved ground. I had made it to the road! But there were no lights. Breathing heavily I ran a hand through my hair. I was done for. I turned to face the walkers. I was going to take out as many before I died. I raised my gun, as I was about to pull the trigger I heard a familiar rumble. Turning back around Daryl slowed down beside me on his Triumph Bonneville. I felt like throwing my arms around him.

"What y'doin'?" he asked calmly.

"Gettin' the fuck outta here!" I muttered, putting my gun in it's holster and hopping onto the back of his motorcycle.

I wrapped my arms around his waist as the engine roared. We took off with great speed after the others.

We had driven for hours but there was still no sign of the group. Finally, Daryl stopped. My muscles hurt from clinging on for dear life.

"Out of gas," Daryl said, punching the bike's side.

"Where in hell are we?" Daryl asked as I got off the bike.

I looked around. I knew exactly were we were.

"This is my hometown."


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I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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Amazing writing, as always.

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