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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 8: Teeth

It felt weird walking through my neighborhood. There wasn't very many walkers, so it was quiet. Almost like it used to be. Daryl walked beside me, his blue eyes scanning the area. The houses were all the same sizes. They used to be clean and white. Now, windows were were smashed or they were boarded up. Doors were crushed in their frames and the picket fences were torn down, scattered through the overgrown gardens. Sides of houses were splattered with blood and bullet holes.

The dead lay on the once lush lawns while others wandered around aimlessly. Cars were turned over, bicycles were abandoned in the middle of the street. Toys and dolls that were left behind by fleeing families made the place even more eery. Vivid flashbacks of the first minutes the world went to hell reeled through my mind. I tried to block out the phone call I had received from my grandfather as we past my house. My mom's house was still a bit away. Part of me wanted to go check out my grandfather's house, but we needed to find Rick and the others, quick. Or they will start to think both Daryl and I were killed back at the house.

I have to admit I was pretty pissed they gave up so soon. I went back for their son and not a single walker was near that car, I would've made it. I would have, and now we were walking through my past. If Daryl had seen this place before the end of the world he would hate me. To him, I would only be a weak, whiny, little rich kid that could buy anything I could ever dream of. I would hate him. Some hick, smelling of trees and dead animals. Now, in this world we had to rely on one another. Especially now that we were alone. We rounded yet another corner closing in on my mom's house. I led the way of course. Stopping outside I stared at the house I grew up in. I took a deep breath. This will be fine!

"Y'sure 'bou' this?"

"Yeah, my mom's boyfriend kept petrol in the garage for all his dumb cars," I mumbled.

I detested that man, in fact I hated everyone she brought home. It was a big fuck you to my dad, but if he wanted to go a day without a slap he would have to keep his mouth shut. Which he did. Anyone who could bring happiness to my mother was the devil in disguise. People like her should never be happy. When stuff like this happens in a home of a neighborhood like this, rumors spread like wildfire in a matter of seconds. I remember I was in class, this kid comes up to me, starts shit talking about how my dad was a pansy. He was a pansy because he wouldn't hit back. For a while I believed that kid. That horrible little boy.

We approached the house. I felt a bit sick. Was my mother's dead body still there? I pulled the garage door. Locked. I lead Daryl to the front door and opened it. I walked down the familiar, narrow hallway, Daryl had exited into the living room. The memories were clouding my mind. I felt worthless thinking about everything that had happened as I went to the kitchen to search for the garage keys. I spotted them hanging on a hook above the backdoor. I reached up on tip toes in an attempt to grab them. I heard footsteps behind me.

"Daryl, I can't reach the damn keys-"

There was a sickening, familiar gurgle behind me. My back stiffened. I turned around slowly. I was faced with a walker, an arrow still in her chest. I backed away into the corner. My eyes took her in. Her body was rotting. Her fluffly nightgown was stained with blood and rollers were caught in the nest patches of blonde hair that had faded to grey. She had been tanning her skin, now the orangey cream was brownish black and streaked with blood. Her neck had been chomped. I froze in fear. I couldn't even shout for Daryl. I watched in slow motion as my mother dived towards me. I felt like I was underwater. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back, but it was hopeless. Even dead and broken she was stronger than me. She leaned down and her nails dug into my leg. I let out a blood curdling scream as her rotten teeth pierced my skin, ripping a chunk of my flesh along with the fabric of my jeans. Daryl appeared at the door. He aimed at the walkers head and shot it.

"Daryl," I panted, starting to panic.

I leaned against the kitchen sink. Daryl pulled the body away from me.

"I'm bit, Daryl. The key is above the door, kill me and go."

He nodded. He crossed the kitchen and took the key off the hook. He crossed back over and stood opposite me. He raised his crossbow. I closed my eyes and waited for an bolt to shoot through my skull. I opened my eyes again and looked at him. My leg was burning up, the heat slowly rising into my lower abdomen. He lowered his crossbow, running a hand down his face. I nodded to him, reassuring him it's what I wanted. He raised his crossbow again. I shut my eyes and waited... and waited.

"Daryl, goddammit c'mon. You've wanted to shoot me since I got here!" I snapped at him.

I braced myself yet again. I was alive still when I opened my eyes.

"Can't do it," Daryl muttered, lowering his crossbow again, frowning.

Blood was seeping out of my wound, dampening my jeans.

"Daryl," I sighed.

"I'll do it when y'turn," he shrugged.

I nodded. I was going to die either way. He looked at my wound.

"I'm going to get the first aid-"

"NO!" I shouted, stopping him from leaving.

"Don't leave me like this," I begged.

He nodded. I slid down to the ground, holding my head in my hands. This is it, game over. You couldn't even last more than a year, you worthless failure. You deserved this after what you did anyway.

"There's one in the closet over there," I sighed.

He retrieved it and knelt down beside me.

"Ya're gonna have to.."

"Why are you wasting your time Daryl? If you can't do it, then leave me and find the others!" I yelled at him.

"This way I can think I tried t' help ya!" he shouted back.

I pouted at him. I opened my jeans, hooking my thumbs into the waist and shimmied them down to my knees. It was a tiny bit of relief from the fever already attacking my small body. I didn't look at him, I felt too exposed. He managed to stop the bleeding eventually. He then wrapped a gauze around my leg. I blushed slightly when his hand brushed against my skin.

"Can you get rid of her," I asked him referring to the corpse near the door.

Daryl nodded. I watched as he grabbed my mother under her arms and tugged her out the back door. I pulled my pants back up. He came back and sat opposite me. I stared at the wall above his head, trying to regain my breath. It wasn't happening, they were too short, shallow and fast. I figured it was effecting me this quickly since I was so frail and small lately. I feel the heat rising to my face. This was really it. I don't dare to look at Daryl until he breaks the silence.

"Are y'scared?" he whispers. I thought about it for a moment.

"Nah, gonna be an adventure!" I gave him a feeble grin. His forehead crinkled into a frown. I stopped smiling. He looked pissed.

"Why the fuck did y'go back, Leigh?!" he groaned, putting his face in his hands.

"For Carl," I croaked.

"Stupid kid. When I find him I'm gonna-"

"Tell him I found my sister and I'm with her."

He just looked at me shaking his head.

"What 'bou' Sam?"

"He's just a dog," I smirked at him weakly.

His eyes were attached to me, watching everything I did. I felt I was loopy on anesthetic.

"How long's this take?" I asked, impatiently.

I could feel all my muscles tighten. I groaned slightly. Shit, this is painful.

"Dunno, depends on the person."

"Have you seen anyone turn?"


"Oh so you're used to it," I smiled, flinching in pain.

My breath started to become more and more labored. My whole chest was tightening up.

"Not like this," he snapped. "Dammit, Harleigh, I was down the damn hall!"

I shrugged.

"Even when y'dyin' y'annoy me."

I smirked at him. "Hey, it's what I'm best at."

I paused.

"Hey, look after Sam? He's not a huntin' dog, but he will keep you safe."

Daryl just sighed.

"Oh and Carl, I kinda made a promise to Lori."

"I know."

"And be nice to Rick because he's gonna go cra-"



"Shut up."

I nodded. My eyes slowly slid shut. I'd never find out were my dad and my sister were, or my grandfather. Maybe this was one way of finding out.

I opened my eyes again a few seconds later. I was alone. Was I walker? Where was Daryl?

I blacked out.


heheh i remember this, fun times yo. comment and stuff ;) x


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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