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A Veil of Black and Gold


Nicole Montez woke up to the end of the world. Without her family, she travels with Rick Grimes, hoping her family and boyfriend were still alive. She finds solitude and comfort in a man who doesn't even know if he could offer such things to her, a lost girl with no hope of survival in a land full of walking dead.


Nicole Ramie Montez

Nicole Ramie Montez

Nicole Montez woke up after the downfall of civilization along with Officer Rick Grimes. They stayed together to search for their lost families and friends. She is the younger sister of Rael Montez II. Her specialty weapon is an axe.

Rael Romero Montez II

Rael Romero Montez II

Nicole's older brother Rael, who tried to rescue her from the hospital once the apocalypse hit. He managed to escape the city with Officer Shane and the others. He believed Nicole to be dead and secretly snapped, his mind just not where any normal person's should be.

Ramon Gregorio

Ramon Gregorio

Nicole's older crack head boyfriend, he mourns Nicole's apparent death and leaves the city with Rael to try to learn to survive.


  1. Ch. 1

    In which Nicole runs into someone very unexpected at a very bad time...

  2. Ch. 2

    In which Nicole and Rick make shocking discoveries and are hit in the head...hard

  3. Ch. 3

    In which Nicole learns her captors names and makes a realization about Rick...

  4. Ch. 4

    In which Rick swears to Nicole and they make it to the big city but are trapped like rats...

  5. Ch. 5

    In which Nicole and Rick run into more survivors and Nicole kisses a redneck...

  6. Ch. 6

    In which Nicole hatches a plan and Nicole and Rick find what they have been looking for and more...

  7. Ch. 7

    In which Nicole worries about her brother and she thinks about a certain person in a very naughty way...

  8. Ch. 8

    In which Nicole gets angry and stands up for a friend...

  9. Ch. 9

    In which Daryl remembers something and Nicole gets reminded of her past...

  10. Ch. 10

    In which Nicole and the group head back to the city and Daryl realizes something a little too late...

  11. Ch. 11

    In which Nicole sees someone she never thought she would see and Rick figures out what's going on with Daryl...

  12. Ch. 12

    In which Daryl hurts Nicole then sweeps her off her feet and Nicole loses someone she loves...

  13. Ch. 13

    In which Nicole and Daryl finally realize their feelings for each other and act on them...

  14. Ch. 14

    In which the group loses something but possibly gains something more...

  15. Ch. 15

    In which Rael remembers certain things, and sees red for a certain Daryl Dixon...

  16. Ch. 16

    In which Doctor Jenner tells his story and Carol sees red for Nicole...

  17. Ch. 17

    In which Rael gets drunk and lets something slip and also almost kills someone...

  18. Ch. 18

    In which Daryl and Nicole realize the worst about Rael and Jenner locks them all up...

  19. Ch. 19

    In which Nicole feels like all hope is gone...


I love this story please update soon

racheljewell racheljewell

lol please update love this story

Blakeray Blakeray

Please update soon. I love this story

racheljewell racheljewell

please update love this story

Blakeray Blakeray
I like it keep it up
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