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A Veil of Black and Gold

Ch. 1

Nicole Montez carefully walked through the once happy streets of her small hometown of Raventon Texas. She saw nothing but cars, all stopped in the street facing some random direction. She kept her axe at the ready, not liking the eerie feeling this street was giving her. She continued the path she was on, heading in the direction of the outskirts of town. She needed to get to Dallas. The CDC was there and that meant he would be there. ‘That is the first place he would go.’ She thought as she hopped onto the sidewalk.

She continued walking, and then stopped next to a not so empty car to catch her breath. She sat against the tire, bringing her hand up to the bandage that was wrapped up around her body. She winced touching the still painful wound. Pulling a can of soda out of her bag, she sighed and tried to keep her thoughts from going ill, all this death and sickness, how could he have possibly escaped? How could he have made it?

All of a sudden, she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. She lay on the ground next to the abandoned car, trying hard to ignore the rotting corpse that was inside; the strong odor that assaulted her was not exactly what you would call helpful. She saw feet go by slowly in front of her on the other side of the car.

It was a walker, Nicole could tell. Its ankle was broken; the sight of the white bone sticking out of the still bleeding and punctured skin caused Nicole to give a small smile. It was sad that something that gave people a sense of loss and grief, brought a smile to Nicole’s face. She loved seeing fucked up shit. Whether it was people dying in hideous explosions, or just someone breaking a limb, Nicole would want to watch, to get the euphoric feeling she got when seeing real life gore happen right in front of her. She would never tell a living soul, but she absolutely loved the apocalypse.

The five minutes it took for the walker to walk by felt like an eternity to Nicole. Once it finally did, she stood up and walked behind it. The sneak attack she was planning was ruined when her foot knocked over her can of soda. Nicole swore under her breath as the dummy turned around and growled, walking toward her with hunger in its eyes and renewed vigor in its steps.

Nicole gasped softly as she saw the face on the dummy. It was her best friend, Marybelle Wesslin. She just lived right across the street from Nicole and had been in her life since the age of three. Now she was walking toward Nicole, with nothing on its dead mind except getting a bite out of her.

“Marybelle? Hey, can you hear me dude?” Marybelle continued forward, her growling getting louder and her hands getting closer. Well, one of her hands, Marybelle had only one arm, huge bite marks on her neck and abdomen and of course a broken ankle. Memories of Marybelle and Nicole’s time together passed through her head. She remembered going to the Avenged Sevenfold concert with Marybelle and Rael, not three or four months ago. They had all three gotten matching tour shirts, the shirt that Marybelle was wearing right now.

She was also wearing Nicole’s black and purple tutu. Marybelle had sworn up and down that she didn’t have that tutu. ‘I knew that bitch was lying’, Nicole thought as she started walking back and swung the axe right at her best friend’s head. The axe pierced the dummy’s head, splitting right in two pieces and Nicole grimaced as the spray of blood splattered her Calvin and Hobbes hoodie.

Her body fell to the ground in a loud thump, and Nicole walked over to the dummy. ‘Heh, now I can finally get my tutu back.’ Nicole thought to herself once again, with a smirk on her face, as she pulled the axe out of what used to be her best friend. She then reached down and pulled the tutu off of Marybelle, and put it in her bag.

She continued her original course, and hopped onto the sidewalk, a gleam of hope in her eyes and a renewed vigor to her steps, knowing that she wasn’t as alone as she thought, as she saw her partner catching up behind her.

Nicole sat happily on her bed and looked up at her T.V. There was going to be a Saw marathon on Stars: all seven movies filled with nothing but amazingly beautiful gore. She sat comfortably and proceeded to roll a blunt. She turned the volume up on the television and started to slowly dissect the skin. After she had it split, she dumped all the tobacco in a little baggie for her dad.

She opened up her grinder and proceeded to load the skin. She started rolling the blunt, just as the first movie started. All of a sudden, her brother Rael busted through her door and scared her, causing Nicole to break the almost completed blunt in half. “Rael, are you serious? That was the only skin I had.” She threw the pieces of the destroyed blunt skin at him, and he laughed, easily batting away the light projectiles.

“Whoa there, girl. You should know by now that I am always prepared.” Rael pulled a beautiful glass bong out from behind his back and offered it to Nicole. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow and took the device from him.

“You still owe me a skin, brother.” She said as she sat back on her bed and began to load the bong with the weed that had fallen all over the book in her lap.

“Oh, dear Lord! I hope I can find ninety fucking cents somewhere!” He replied sarcastically as he threw himself onto Nicole’s bed. She rolled her eyes and smiled as she saw the bowl was filled to her liking. She took a lighter from Rael, and set fire to the weed in the bowl. She inhaled, watching as the smoke filled every square inch of space in the bong.

Then she removed the bowl from the bong, and inhaled all the smoke, returning it to its natural state. After handing it to him, she asked her brother with a look of absolute seriousness, “What are you doing in my room? You are interrupting my Saw marathon, Number Two.” Rael looked at his little sister and knew she meant business. Nicole’s older brother was 21 year old, Rael Romero Montez II, thus earning the nickname from her, Number 2.

“We’re going to a party. I came in here to tell you to get ready because we will be leaving in a few moments.” He hit the bong as her jaw dropped in shock, looking at his content face.

“I’m not going anywhere. I have been waiting for this Saw marathon for months, so I am staying right here.” She stomped her foot just as her dad, Rael Romero Montez Jr. walked into the room.

“Dad, tell Rael that I’m not going to his stupid party. I have a very important date with my T.V. and he’s trying to ruin it!” Rael handed the bong to his dad, who hit it before answering Nicole.

“He really wants you to go to that party. Besides, I have alot of work to do and I don’t want you home alone.” Nicole and Rael’s dad was a very important lawyer. There would be nights when he would stay in his office to get all his extra work done. Lately, he’s been working on a very bad domestic dispute case and it wasn’t the first night that he had been away this week.

“Oh, please! I’m 20 years old! I am old enough and more than capable of staying home by myself.” She raised her eyebrows at her dad and threw an ugly look to her brother as she took the bong away from him and hit it as hard as she could.

“It’s because he doesn’t want Ray over here.” Rael said as it was his turn to throw Nicole an ugly look of his own. Ray was Nicole’s 25 year old crack head boyfriend. He was wild, reckless, and spontaneous but he loved Nicole more than life itself. He was a crack head but he was a man of strong morals and ideals.

He also did anything and everything he could to make Nicole happy. She wanted pot; he had a pound delivered to her in an hour. She wanted a new game, it was hers. Nicole didn’t love the material wealth that Ray possessed; she fell in love with him before all that. He used to be her drug dealer.

Her father and brother both disliked him with a passion but for some reason, Nicole found crack heads very attractive. She gave a small smile, and her dad caught it, confirming that she was indeed planning to have Ray come over.

“He’s right, Nicole. I don’t want that scumbag here in my house.” Nicole gave a sigh, as she exhaled the smoke in her lungs. If only they knew the real him, they wouldn’t mind having him come over. Ray had begged Nicole to not tell her brother and father about his nice side.

“At least, not yet, baby. I want to wait for the right moment.” He had told her once they first started dating. What he was waiting for, Nicole had no clue.

“You’re going to that party with your brother. Now, both of you get up and give me a hug.” Nicole and Rael both stood up and gave their father a hug. Nicole knew her father meant well. She couldn’t be mad at him and she couldn’t hate him no matter how hard she tried. “Go out, Nicole and have fun with your brother, alright?”

“Yes, Dad.” And that was the end of that discussion. Nicole didn’t watch her Saw marathon; she didn’t even make it to the end of the first movie. Her dad took off to work and Rael left to call his friends. Nicole sighed and shut her door. She told her brother the only way she would go to this stupid party quietly was if he went out and bought her a skin.

“What flavor do you want?” He asked as he checked himself in her full body mirror before turning to her.

“Strawberry Swisher and it has to be a Swisher!”

“Alright I’ll be back, you better be ready, Nicole!”

“Don’t forget to knock before entering!” She yelled as he slammed her door. She turned to her radio and pushed play on her iPod. Falling in Reverse began blaring out of the speakers and she sang along to beautiful Ronnie as she quickly undressed. “So why do good girls like bad guys? I’ve had this question for a really long time. I’m a bad boy and it’s plain to see, so why do good girls fall in love with me?”

She put on a white shirt with a middle finger and weed plant design, a pair of bright yellow skinnies and a pair of white lacy chunky heels. Once she was dressed, she walked over to her door and locked it. She knew Rael wasn’t going to knock, that kid had no sense of privacy. As Falling in Reverse changed into The White Stripes, Nicole kept singing along and looked down at her phone. The picture of her and Ray leapt out at her and she smiled. She unlocked her phone and found his name in her contact list. It didn’t even finish ringing the first time when he answered it.


“Hey baby, what are you doing?” She laid out on her bed and sighed, lighting a cigarette.

“Nothing, just smoking a bowl thinking about you.” She blushed at this and smiled, her love for Ray stronger than anything else. “I know you’re blushing, Nicole, and I bet you look so cute.”

“How do you know I’m blushing Ramon?” She laughed as she sat back up in her bed.

“You always blush when I say something sweet about you. I’ve been with you for five years, honey bun, I would know these things.” She smiled and sighed.

“Well, I have to go to this stupid party with stupid Number 2. I wish you would let my family know the real you, then I wouldn’t have to go to these stupid parties.” Nicole heard the spark of a lighter and the inhale of Ray’s breath before he answered.

“I want things to be perfect before I do, babe. Trust me, it won’t be long now.”

“I’ll call you when I get home baby, let you know I’m going over.”

“Alright, doll. I love you.”

“I love you too, bye.” She hung up the phone at the exact moment Rael came banging on her door. She opened and saw Rael, decked out in a black Koopa shirt, with faded jeans. He had his Batman hat with an LMFAO bracelet, Wolverine belt, and Legend of Zelda necklace. He was also sporting his awesome Charizard Nikes.

“Are you ready?” He asked and Nicole nodded, grabbing her Pikachu bag and dropping her wallet, cell phone, a bag of pot, her cigarettes and lighter and house keys. “Here” He threw her his car keys and she looked at him with confusion. “I have to take a shit, go start the car.”

“Gross, Rael I didn’t need to know that.” She squished up her face as she exited the house and walked to Rael’s precious black late 60’s model Camaro. She hopped into the car and started it, plugging in her iPod and blasting ‘Ich Will’ by Rammstein.

She banged her head and drummed the dash board, the music so loud it caused the apartment buildings windows next door, which had been empty for months, to rattle violently. Finally, Rael came out of the dark and empty house already drinking a forty. She sighed as he got in the car and turned the radio down.

“Are you ready to fucking party?!” He yelled right in her face.

“No!” She yelled right back.

Nicole impatiently sighed and looked toward her brother with a lazy look. The gentle breeze ran her dark black hair gently across her brother’s neck. He looked down at her with a look of irritation. She looked up at him, through platinum blonde bangs, and he glared at her viciously. “Rael, this party is boring. Let’s go back to the house.” Rael just chugged the rest of his Budweiser Tallboy and let out a belch.

“Nicole, I came to this party for some action. I heard from a very reliable source that the entire police force is helping the next county over end a high speed chase. They have been trying to stop that crazy fucker for hours! Officer Rick Grimes is nowhere to be seen today.” He walked passed Nicole, bumping her shoulder roughly. She sighed and followed him, having no other choice. He walked to the makeshift shooting range that was set up by a couple of Rael’s friends just earlier that day.

Rael and his friend Jonas began placing bets on who was a better marksman. Nicole was surprised they could hear each other; she could barely hear herself think over the gunshots and shouts. Nicole tossed her brother a hateful look when he threw his jacket on her, getting ready to shoot a few rounds of a very big handgun. “Hey Nicole, go get me another Tallboy from the car. The keys are in the jacket.”

Nicole then smiled mischievously and started searching threw her brothers jacket pockets. She hugged herself mentally as she gripped onto his car keys, having no intention on bringing him back his alcohol. ‘Let him find his own way home. He usually does anyways.’ She put his hoodie on and walked away from the commotion. She walked through a huge crowd of drunken idiots and assholes’, smiling when she saw the car was in close proximity. She was just about to take off running.


Nicole stopped; dead in her tracks, looking down at the blood staining her hands and her favorite shirt and fell to the ground. Everyone ducked at the sound of the gunshot. Rael smacked his friend Jonas, for being stupid and looked over his shoulder, toward the direction the bullet went, and his grin faded.

There was a group of people looking down at the ground. “Jonas, you dumbass! I think you shot someone.” His friends T.J. and Mike began yelling his name and his heart dropped. ‘Where is Nicole?’ He thought. He looked toward his car and saw she wasn’t there.

‘Oh fuck! Please no, please no!’ He took off running faster that he has ever ran before in his life. He finally got to the crowd and pushed his way through. His worse fears were realized when he got to the center. His baby sister was on the ground, shot and bleeding bad. “No, no, no, no, no, no! Nicole, hey baby. It’s ok, I’m here ok.” He took the jacket off of her and used it to put pressure on her wound.

“Rael…” Nicole could barely get the word out. Her eyesight was going dark and the pain was unbearable.

“I’m here, baby girl, don’t worry. You!” He stood up as his friend Mike continued applying pressure to the still bleeding gunshot and lunged at Jonas. “You fucking asshole! You shot my little sister!” He kept punching Jonas over and over again until T.J. pulled him off.

“Dude, stop! You have to get Nicole to the hospital. My mom’s working and I already texted her. She knows we’re coming now let’s go!” Mike scooped Nicole up in his arms and started booking it to Rael’s car. Rael took off after him and T.J. grabbed Jonas roughly by his shirt. “You’re ass is coming with us! If she dies, it’ll be on your hands!”

The next thing Nicole remembers was warped and blurred. It was like she was in a dream state and everything was lagged.

“Hey Nicole.” Rael walked into the hospital room with a bouquet of flowers. “Dad sends his love and Mike, T.J., Brian; everybody helped buy you these nice purple roses. I told them they had to be purple.” He smiled and then sat in a chair next to the bed, his smile fading rapidly. “I’m sorry Nicole. I never should’ve dragged you to that stupid party. It’s the same thing over and over again. Just don’t forget that we’re here for you.”

“I can’t believe they got flowers. They probably stole them; my guess is from old lady’s Winfred’s house.” She laughed coarsely and looked around. Rael was nowhere to be seen. “Hey Rael? Where are you, in the bathroom?” There was no reply.

She looked over to her flowers and saw them, not fresh and beautiful but old, dry and dead. She winced as she touched the bandage on her side and checked the time on the clock. It had stopped at four fifteen; it gave Nicole an uneasy feeling as she removed her IVs. She tried to get off the bed but fell hard onto the cold ground below. “Oh shit! Hey, nurse please help!” She removed the last painful IV and tried to upright herself. “Nurse! I need fucking help!”

No one came to help Nicole and she laid out on the ground for five minutes, trying to get the feeling back in her legs. She finally stood up and shakily walked to the bathroom. The lights didn’t work but luckily the water did. She drank and drank until she got her strength up a little more. She walked to the door and pushed, tripping on a gurney that was pushed in front of her door.

She jumped as she heard a noise and saw a ragged man who was dressed in the exact same robe she was. He looked at her, and she looked at him. The realization of who the man was nearly knocked her to the floor. “Officer Grimes?”


Chapter One.
Who doesnt love the Walking Dead?!
It's one of my favorite shows!!
Hope you guys enjoy chapter one:)
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