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A Veil of Black and Gold

Ch. 10

Before Nicole could get into the van, Rael came running up to her. “Nicole, what the fuck are you doing?!” He yelled ignoring the concerned glances Rick and the others (minus Daryl) were giving him. “You’re honestly leaving just to go save that asshole Dixon?”

“Rael, how can you even talk that way about him? He was your friend remember?”

“No, he was never my friend! I never trusted that asshole or his fucking brother! They’re nothing but fucking crack heads that deserve to get eaten by walkers!” Daryl began walking toward the siblings and hopped off the ground to stare Rael in the face.

“You wanna repeat that last line, bro?” Daryl got really close to Rael, but he didn’t back down.

“Fuck you and your brother, Daryl Dixon! You’re going to get my little sister killed and I’ll be damned if I’m just gonna stand by here and let that happen! I just got her back!” Shane stepped in between them at just the right moment. Daryl looked like he was ready to charge, and Rael looked just the same way.

“Take it easy, boys. We don’t need any of this, alright?” He turned to face Rael. “Look son, I know we haven’t exactly gotten together on the best of terms in the past.”

“That’s the understatement of the year.” Rael said sarcastically as he crossed his arms.

“But, Rick is a good man and he’s had your sisters back this whole time. It’s going to take a lot more than the Dixon brothers and a city full of walkers to take that pair down.” Daryl scoffed at this and hopped onto the truck, positioning himself behind the passenger seat. “I mean, Nicole already looks like she could be eating nails for breakfast.” Rael turned to look at his sister and Shane winked at her in a very gross way. He then motioned to Rick, who hopped off the truck to talk to him. Shane looked at Nicole one more time and she made a severely disgusted face.

“Gag!” She yelled as she hopped onto the truck. She looked down at her big brother, who was looking down at the ground in a way Nicole knew all too well; he was pissed and he was also about to cry. Nicole bent down and she playfully ruffled his hair. He slapped her hand away, quite roughly and looked up at her with anger and tears in his eyes. He then took off running into the woods not even looking back when Bubba called out to him. Nicole hopped off the truck and ran to scoop Bubba up in her arms. “Hey there, big man. What are you up to, huh?” He giggled playfully and looked at her.

“Nothing.” He replied sounding awfully suspicious. She gave him a huge bombardment of kisses on both of his soft cheeks as she tickled him, savoring the sound of his sweet laughter.

“Oh, really? Nothing, huh?” She continued assaulting him with love, cursing Daryl for honking that damn horn in a rush to take off. “Ok Bubba, I’m going to go on a little trip and you’re going to need to stay with Uncle Ray for a little while, ok?” Tears suddenly started forming in his hazel eyes and she put him down. He grabbed a hold of her heel, suddenly stronger than any normal five year old, and started bawling his eyes out. It took all the self control she had, and more, to keep from crying along with her nephew. Sophia ran up to Bubba and she gently took his hand.

“Hey, don’t worry about your aunt, Rael. She’s going to be ok. Shh, shh, don’t cry.” She soothed Little Rael and his tears slowly stopped. “You want to play with me and Carl? We’re going down to the water to splash and swim. We can have all sorts of fun!” Thank goodness for the attention span of five year olds. Nicole made a mental note to bring Sophia a thank you gift from the city. Bubba smiled at Sophia and the pair took off running. Nicole whispered a silent ‘thank you’ to the wind. She took off running to the truck and hopped in. She looked over at Ray, who gave her the ugliest look she had ever seen him give anybody, and she pulled the door closed.

She sat in the corner of the cube van, not speaking to anybody. She thought about Bubba, Rael and Ray. She wondered if she made the right choice in coming on this expedition. She needed to calm down; she needed to get her head in the game. So she pulled a foot tall glass bong with her name written on it, out of her bag and placed it in between her legs. She pulled out the large sack of pot Officer Dickhead busted her balls about, and began to load the bong. She sparked it up, inhaling the sweet fumes and exhaling all the bullshit. T-Dog and Daryl, who were sitting in the back with her, turned to stare at her. Then Glen and Rick, who were sitting in the front, looked at her as well. She didn’t know they were looking, she didn’t really care. All she wanted was the pain in her heart to go away.

“Nicole?” She looked up; Daryl and T-Dog were around her now. She hit the bong again and blew the smoke in their face.


“Can I have a hit?” T-Dog asked, and Nicole handed the bong to him. That’s when Daryl caught sight of his name, written in purple on the bulb of the bong.

“Hey!” He called out, causing all eyes to turn to him. This caused him to get a little flush in his cheeks and Nicole smiled, thinking he was going to point out that it was the bong they used when they first spoke to each other, that night that seemed so long ago.

“What? What happened?” Glen asked from the driver’s side. Daryl didn’t want something so personal and private to be shared with a group of people he didn’t really like, or thought he didn’t like. He thought of what Merle would say and what his big brother would do in a situation like this. That brought the mean out of him and he expressed it.

“You shouldn’t be smoking that shit in here, Nicole! What the hell are you trying to do, get us killed by clouding our brains with your filth?” He hit the bong out of T-Dog’s hands and it fell to the floor of the truck, getting a huge and ugly crack right where he had signed his name. He crawled back to his spot behind the passenger seat with his back to Nicole and T-Dog.

Nicole didn’t even say anything, she didn’t scream or cuss. She picked the bong up, loaded it with fresh weed and sparked it again. She wasn’t going to let the asshole, commonly known as Daryl Dixon, get to her. She handed the bong to T-Dog and as he hit it, she pulled out a purple sharpie.

“Here, you hit it, so you get to sign it.” She flashed a friendly smile, and he smiled back as he took the sharpie from her.

“I don’t know if I told you this, but thank you for saving my life. I know kissing that crazy redneck had to be hard.” She laughed a little bit and nodded to him and he returned to work on the badass graffiti art he did of his name on the neck of the bong. “Finished, homegirl.” She took the bong from him and she admired his work.

“Wow T-Dog, that’s amazing!” Nicole hit the bong one more time before clearing the ash out of the bowl and returning the bong to her bag. Her mind was already more at ease and her pain now a dull throb. She was feeling a lot better than she did when they left camp and she smiled as Glen brought the van to a stop.

“This is where we get off. Get it? Get off?” He said in an attempt to be funny. It only got halfhearted smiles from the group, (minus Daryl) and Glen didn’t try to be funny again. Suddenly, Rick got an epiphany and he grabbed onto Nicole’s arm.

“Ow, Rick what the fuck, another imaginary helicopter?”

“Our guns!” Nicole’s eyes got wide as she realized what he was talking about. “And I didn’t imagine that helicopter for the last time.” Nicole just rolled her eyes.

“What guns?” T-Dog asked as Daryl impatiently wandered ahead.

“A bag of guns I dropped when Nicole and I first got into the city! There's a lot of guns and ammo in that bag. We need to go get it.”

“Hold up, we’re here for Merle, not your pussy pea shooters!” Daryl yelled.

“Glen, which is closer?” Nicole asked, keeping her distance from Daryl.

“Merle, we can get the guns on the way back. Let’s go!” They group took off running in the direction of the department store (ignoring the stream of curses and complaints coming from Daryl), ending up right smack in the middle of walker city.
The fact that they were now surrounded by walkers didn’t stop or hinder them in the slightest. They made it through unnoticed, thanks to the quiet of Daryl’s crossbow and Nicole’s axe and soon they were at the department store. They went in quietly, but once they were in, armed with Dale’s bolt cutters, they ran up all the way to the roof of the department store. Daryl ran ahead of everybody and once the group got to the door, T-Dog cut the padlock. Nicole pulled the chain and Daryl kicked open the door.

“Merle! Merle!” Only Merle wasn’t there. He had escaped in the most gruesome of ways. He had managed to get a hold of Dale’s hacksaw and cut his own hand off. Daryl screamed and cried, and Nicole shook her head. She couldn’t believe that a crazy redneck could actually cut off his hand with a hacksaw. Then again, the dead had risen to devour anything with warm flesh on its bones, so the idea that Merle had cut off his hand to escape wasn’t as hard to believe as she had initially thought.
Daryl suddenly and swiftly brought his loaded crossbow to T-Dog’s head. Just as quick, Rick brought his gun to Daryl’s head and Nicole brought hers to his heart.

“If you don’t think I’d shoot you Daryl, go ahead and fire.” Nicole said in a voice that even freaked her out, but it worked and Daryl slowly lowered his crossbow. He walked past T-Dog and bumped his shoulder on the way out. The group slowly followed Daryl. T-Dog and Nicole where in the center, talking about nothing and Rick and Glen in the back working on a way to get that bag of guns, and they finally had a plan.

“I don’t know about this.” T-Dog said once they had stopped to hear what was going down.

“Me either, Glen. It sounds really risky.” Nicole said as she paced the floor.

“Look, it’s a very easy plan. Trust me on this, alright.” They group agreed, really having no other choice.
Glen took Nicole and Daryl to cover him in one alley as he went to get the bag of guns. Rick and T-Dog were in a different alley up the street, just in case he couldn’t get back to Daryl and Nicole.
Daryl sat with his back against the dumpster and Nicole sat on the other side.

“I’ll be right back.” She told Daryl.

“Where the hell are you going?” He asked, standing up from his spot.

“I have to go to the bathroom, fucker.” She said as she walked off. She came to a little secluded area, out of Daryl’s view. She was just about to drop her drawers when all of a sudden; a young Mexican boy around the age of nineteen came out from around the corner. She gasped as he looked at her with a hungry look in his eyes.

“Ohh, sexy mamacita, you look really good. Just what me and the homeboys were looking for, fresh pussy” He reached for her before she could grab her axe. She was just about to scream until he covered her mouth roughly. He spoke to her in an ironically smooth and sweet voice, which would’ve made what he said sound very nice, if he wasn’t threatening her. “Don’t do that, ma. I don’t want to have to bruise your pretty face more than it already is.” She struggled against his grip as hard as she could until his hand slipped from her mouth and she chomped down on it, enabling her to get out a good scream.

“Daryl!” A fist came out of nowhere and collided with her jaw. She fell to the floor and two more Mexicans came out of their hiding place and started wrapping duct tape around her body, while the one she bit got his jollies out by kicking her in the back and legs while she was down. That didn’t stop her from using the greatest weapon at her disposal; her voice. “Daryl, help me! Help me, please! Daryl!” She continued screaming and saw Daryl running as if all Hell was at his heels. He kicked one of the men in the face and Rick, T-Dog and Glen grabbed a hold of the first one that had gotten the jump on her, before he could hurt her anymore. In all the commotion the third man pulled out a long knife and held it to Nicole’s throat, using her as a shield. The man that Daryl kicked ran from them and jumped into a seemingly nonworking car. He started it and the man holding Nicole walked backwards to the car. Nicole looked into Daryl’s eyes and she let her tears fall freely as these strange men took her away to an unknown place and her unknown fate. At those moments when Nicole got shoved into that car, the moment he lost sight of her beautiful brown eyes, Daryl regretted everything he did to Nicole that day. He had let her down; he didn't even tell her how happy he was to see that she wasn't dead, to see that she was alive. He had lost her again and that pained him more than anything, and it was in that very moment, as the car sped away with walkers chasing after it, that he realized he had loved Nicole all this time, and she had to get stolen away from him for Daryl to finally see the truth. He was going to get her back. If she could make Daryl Dixon believe in a thing called love, she was worth saving, even if his own life was on the line.


Chapter 10, hope you guys enjoy this chapter:)


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