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A Veil of Black and Gold

Ch. 11

Nicole sat in the back of that car, blindfolded with tape covering her mouth. She could hear the voices of her captors, they were discussing how fucked up it was leaving the other man, whose name was Miguel, behind. “We shouldn’t have done that, we should’ve fought!”

“You know G had a mission for us. He shouldn’t have grabbed the bitch. We were there to get those guns and scavenge supplies. It’s his own damn fault.”

“Oye, Felipe, she looks good, no?” She gulped in fear, hoping that they wouldn’t try anything, praying that they would leave her alone. She pushed herself as far into the itchy seat as she could.

“Yea, she does. She looks familiar though. I have the strangest feeling I’ve seen her somewhere.”

“Well, let’s just get back to the hideout. Man, that stupid redneck better hope I don’t see him again. I’ll kill him for fucking up my grill.” Daryl. Nicole thought about what he was doing right now. Maybe he wasn’t going to help the others look for her; maybe they weren’t going to look for her at all. Daryl would be the last person she expects to see again, she has a feeling that he was going to go off, look for his brother and leave her to the disgusting fate that was soon awaiting her. She thought about Ray and if he would be happy that she was gone, that she didn’t come back. She also thought about Rael and Bubba, and who would take care of Bubba when Rael abandons him to host his pity party of one. ‘Carol probably would like to, but I’ve heard of what her husband was like so I can’t count on her. There is Amy as well. She’s good with kids; she will be the perfect person to take care of Little Rael.” The car slowly came to a stop and Nicole started crying. She let her tears fall and soak her blindfold. It still wasn’t enough to loosen it and the unknown vatos pulled her from the car, feeling her up whenever they got the chance, ignoring her muffled protests.

“Hey, G! We’re back and we brought something good.” The unknown man called out. Nicole heard some huge metal doors opening and it scared her death, causing her to struggle more, not caring if her attempts were futile. She fought and kicked, causing someone to pull her hair and drop her to her knees.

“What is this?” A different voice asked as it got closer to her.

“We didn’t find the guns, but Miguel stumbled upon something a little better.” Felipe said and she cried harder as someone lifted her up and grabbed her breast roughly. All of a sudden, a gunshot went off and Nicole saw flashes and glimpses of only one person; Daryl Dixon. She saw him kissing her, holding onto her looking into her eyes with love and not hate. She heard absolutely nothing as she laid on the ground, thinking about what just happened. She felt someone remove her blindfold and she kicked out and screamed despite the tape, scared of what was going to happen to her now. When the blindfold came off and the temporary blindness faded, she looked into the face of someone she never expected to see again.
Daryl closed off the fence to prevent the walkers from getting at them. He then turned his undivided attention to the man that caused Nicole’s kidnapping. “You fucking little prick, where did they go?!” Daryl reached across T-Dog and grabbed at the man, who tried to run off but was grabbed by Rick and Glen. “Where did they take Nicole?! Where?!”

“Fuck you!” He yelled, and Rick gave his shaved head a hard smack.

“You better answer him! You’re men took our friend and we need to get her back! She has people who count on her, people who need her…”

“People who love her, you stupid fuck!” Daryl yelled out, getting a sideways glance from Rick.

“Yea, she has a boyfriend, a brother and a 5 year old nephew!” Glen yelled, giving the kid a smack of his own. Daryl had forgotten about Ray. He was in love with Nicole and she was in love with him.

“Yea,” Daryl managed to say. “You better tell us where they went!”

“Maybe we can just talk to them, try to work something out. Trade you for our friend, who by the way, I see you tried to rape!” He scoffed and looked at Rick.

“There’s no laws, no rules. She was open game, so yea; I decided to try to fuck the bitch!” Rick held his tongue as he knelt down next to the man.

“What’s your name?” He asked, trying to get on this guy’s good side.

“Miguel. Look, I’ll take you to the hideout, but G’s going to want to get what we came to the city for in the first place.” He said as he stood up, warily eying Daryl and his crossbow.

“What was the reason?” Glen asked.

“This big bag of guns that my cousin found in the street, it was why G sent us out here.” Rick knew what bag Miguel was talking about. He was talking about the bag of guns that rightfully belonged to him and Nicole. The man known as ‘G’ might not give Nicole back unless Rick gave him the guns. This was going to be a real dilemma.

“Well, let’s go talk to him; see if we can work something out.” Rick pulled Miguel to his feet and T-Dog grabbed a hold of him, to make sure he didn’t run off. “Lead us to G.”
Rael sat at the edge of the water, watching Bubba splash and laugh at the little fish that swam up to him. “Did you see that, Daddy? Did you see the little baby fishies?” He yelled up, getting laughs from Carl and Sophia who were splashing along with him.

“Yea, big man, I saw them.” He turned to Ray who was smoking a cigarette a few feet away. “Hey Ray, watch the boy, I’ll be right back.” Ray nodded and Rael took off up the quarry, heading into the woods. He thought about Nicole and if she was still alive. ‘I shouldn’t have been such a dick to her,’ he thought as he walked farther into the woods. Being this deep in the green, lush, dense forest reminded him of that night that he lured Rachel away from Little Rael, because she had decided not to give her son up.
~~Rael’s Flashback~~
“Look I’m sorry, Rael but I can’t let you take Bubba. I’m on my way to my parent’s house. It’s safe there, the safest place for me and my son. I don’t know where you plan on going, but I’m not going to risk the life of Rael, do I make myself clear?” Rael listened to Rachel talk, scheming and thinking of a plan because he already decided he wasn’t going to leave without his only son.

“Yea, I understand Rachel. Can we take a walk? I want to hear about what’s been going on before I take off.” She smiled at Rael and she took off walking into the woods, and Rael followed her, gripping onto the pocket knife that was in his back pocket.

“So, Bubba’s been doing really well in school. He’s one of the smartest in his class and he was going to get a reward at the end of the year.”

“Wow, that’s amazing. It’s safe to say he has your brains.” Rachel blushed at his complement, and they walked deeper into the woods, farther than the average shouting distance. Rachel continued talking and Rael finally decided this was the perfect spot. He got behind Rachel and threw her down on the ground.

“Rael! What are you doing?!” He stood over her and kicked her every time she tried to get back up. “Rael, stop it please!” He pulled his pocket knife out and her eyes grew wide with fear. She tried screaming but Rael punched her in her throat, killing her chances of calling for help. She coughed and gasped trying to get her breath back and Rael knelt down next to her, looking right in her eyes.

“This is for taking Little Rael from me, this is for all the shit you put me through since the moment he was born. I’m taking my son back and we’re going to survive without you.” He raised the knife and Rachel let out an extremely hoarse scream as he brought it down. He punctured her lungs, causing blood to spurt from her mouth. He brought it down over and over again, all over her torso, well over 50 times. Once he wore himself out he looked down at Rachel’s body and for some unknown reason, he began to laugh. He laughed hysterically and he stood up, grinning all the way back to the road his Camaro and Rachel’s Mazda was at. Once he got there, he pulled Little Rael from his car seat and put him in the front seat of his Camaro. He then got in and drove to where he said he would meet Ray and Shane, a few miles away.
Rael shook his head as he made it to the edge of the forest. He walked back down to the quarry and saw a commotion going on where the girls were washing clothes. One of their husbands was yelling and pulling his wife away. All of a sudden he saw him slap her and he ran the rest of the way down. He saw Shane grab him and start beating the shit out of him. Rael then started kicking him over and over. Shane punched and Rael kicked, beating the man pretty bad. Shane stopped and said something to the man, but Rael couldn’t hear what he said, he was too pumped, too much adrenaline was pumping through him and he looked up and saw Bubba, looking at him with an unknown look. He then wiped his face and took off once again into the woods, to the place where he felt at home and most comfortable.
Nicole sat at the small table with a cup of hot chocolate and pan dulce (sweet bread) in front of her. She felt like she was in the twilight zone. One minute, she’s imagining terrible things happening to her and the next she’s sitting at a table across from her cousin, Guillermo. She tore a piece of her bread and dipped it in her hot chocolate, wondering what to say to the man she hasn’t seen in years. “How’s your dad?” He asked.

“He’s dead.” She answered. He looked down at his own hot chocolate, thinking of what he could possibly say to his cousin.

“Rael?” He asked.

“He’s alive, back at the place we’re camped at.”

“I’m sorry about my men and what they did. I told them to just go and get that bag of guns, and to not make any side trips.” He sipped his chocolate and she munched her bread.

“Well, it was that one little punk. He beat the shit out of me.” He reached across the small table and grabbed her hand.

“I’m so sorry, that’s why I shot that one puto who was grabbing you. Once I saw it was you, I wasn’t going to let them do my familia like that.” She smiled and nodded her thanks. All of a sudden, one of Guillermo’s men whistled, signaling him that someone was coming. They both got up from the table and took off. Nicole went back however, to get her chocolate and pan dulce. She hasn’t had her grandma’s hot chocolate and homemade pan dulce in a long ass time, and there wasn’t no telling when she would have it again. She then took off after her cousin and ran to the main doors. What she saw she couldn’t believe; Rick, Glen, T-Dog and Daryl were leading the same asshole that fucked her up and caused her to get caught in the first place. A lookout from up top yelled down in Spanish if he had the order to take them all out and save the man, whose name was Miguel.

“No!” Nicole yelled and she ran to meet them, being careful not to spill her hot chocolate. She got to her group of friends and smiled at them, taking a bite out of her bread. “Sup guys, want some?” She offered her bread to them and the group just stared at her. Miguel scoffed and hit her bread into the dirt.

“You stupid bitch, I’m surprised G didn’t fuck your shit up!” Nicole smirked at him as G came from behind her and pulled Miguel to the side. “Yo, G, what do you think of her man? Did I deliver or...”
Guillermo shot Miguel in the head and everyone but Nicole jumped back. He then turned to face her and he nodded at her.

“Thanks cousin.” She said. He then turned to look at her friends.

“You must care about my little prima Nicole, if you tried to come and save her. She’s in no trouble here; this is where some of her family stays. If you’d like, you’re more than welcome to stay a while and get something to eat before you go back to your camp.” Rick just nodded slightly, still in shock about what just happened and G turned to head back into the building. Nicole looked at her group and she smiled.

“So, are you guys coming?” Nicole bent down to pick up her bread and dusted it off before taking a bite. “My grandma made some food.” She looked at everyone and she looked at Daryl a little longer, thinking about what went through her head when she thought she had died. He shrugged her backpack off his shoulders and handed it to her. She took it and smiled, turning back around toward the building. Rick suddenly grabbed her arm.

“Nicole, what the hell is going on here?” He asked in a harsh whisper.

“We thought something terrible was happening to you!” T-Dog added.

“Not to mention, that dude that your cousin shot painted a really scary picture of what goes on here.” Glen said coming from behind Rick to inspect Nicole. She shook out of their grip and sipped her chocolate.

“What he said about my cousin is probably true. Look, let’s go get some food and we will explain everything ok?” Rick hesitantly walked in front of her, followed by Glen and T-Dog. She looked to Daryl and motioned for him to go ahead. He started walking but once he got to where she was, he took her into his arms and held her. She was never more surprised in her whole life.

“Nicole, I never got a chance to tell you, that I was happy that you made it out of the city. I didn’t mean it when I told you to go to hell; I wouldn’t want you anywhere else but here.” Nicole couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What did this mean? Surely there was no way that Daryl was in love with her, right? After all Daryl Dixon didn’t believe in love. “Once they took you away, I couldn’t imagine my life without you. I know you’re with Ray, I understand that, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t keep you safe. I see the way you look at me, through that veil of black and gold and it makes my heart speed up. It lets me know that maybe, just maybe, you want me in your life as well.” He suddenly let go of her, and walked to the building leaving Nicole to ponder what he had just told her. Her biggest problem was she had no way of interpreting it.
Daryl waited with Rick, T-Dog and Glen for Nicole. Once she walked into the building she led them to the kitchen, where a little old lady was cooking for a bunch of old folks. There were some younger, gangster looking people as well and it caused Daryl to raise his eyebrows. ‘What the hell is going on here?’ He thought as Nicole walked to the head of the table and took a seat next to her cousin. There were four more empty chairs and Daryl decided to take the one next to Nicole. Rick sat on the other side of G, T-Dog sat next to him and Glen took the seat next to Daryl. Nicole started helping herself, putting beans and rice on her plate and grabbing two flour tortillas that the old lady had just threw down. “Gracias, abuelita.” Nicole said, causing Daryl to give a slight shiver. Her Spanish seemed to have a deep affect on him and he couldn’t figure out why.

“Ok, now I believe I owe you folks an explanation.” G loaded his plate the same as Nicole and ripped a piece of tortilla, using it to scoop some beans and rice into his mouth. “I’m in, or should I say I was, in the mob, the only reason I’m here, is because my abuela was here, with no one to help her or the others. All those men down there,” he motioned to the young guys sitting amongst the old ones. “Are my crew. We came here and we stayed here, eager to protect the old folks who had no one else to save them. We were hoping that with those guns,” He motioned to the bag that was at Rick’s feet. “We would be able to protect ourselves a little better.” G continued eating and it looked like he was done talking. Daryl looked over at everybody and they gave him the same unknown look. They then all looked at Nicole but she was eating away, spooning hot sauce all over her food and drinking a glass bottle of coke. The group just decided to go ahead and eat, to get their strength up for the journey back to the camp.
Outside of the building, Rick had decided to give G some of the guns and ammo, despite the protests of Daryl and T-Dog. “We don’t have a lot to spare and you’re giving it away?” Daryl whispered.

“It’s Nicole’s family.” He then turned to where she was hugging her grandma goodbye. “I figure you would want the girl you love to be at ease when it came to her family.” Rick looked over at Daryl and Daryl’s heart stopped.

“What are you talking about? I’m not in love with Nicole. You better get your facts straight, cop.” He walked away as G walked toward him.

“You be careful, Rick. It’s a dangerous world out there and you’re carrying precious cargo.” He turned to his cousin who was talking with Glen, laughing about something. “You watch out for her, ok?” Rick nodded and began giving G some of his guns and ammo. “Why are you doing this? You need them to protect your people.”

“You have people to protect as well. Look Guillermo, I believe what you are doing here is justified and worthy of being protected. I wish you all the best of luck.” G whistled and one of his men came and took the guns while he and Rick shook hands. Nicole walked up at her cousin and shrugged.

“I wish I could’ve had a chance to get to know you better before all this happened.”

“Me too, prima, but don’t worry, it’s going to be ok.” He pulled her into a big hug and she hugged him back.

“Thank you so much, Guillermo.” She whispered into his shirt.

“Don’t worry about it, you go Nicole and survive and tell your brother me and abuela said hi.” She nodded and carefully put the bags of pan dulce, leftover food and homemade tortillas into her backpack. She waved and turned to leave with the group, smiling as she thought that her cousin and grandma were going to be alright. She looked to Daryl, who was walking in front of her. ‘We will all be alright.’


Chapter 11, going to try to get myself caught up so prepare for plenty of updates:)


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