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A Veil of Black and Gold

Ch. 15

Rael II walked out of his house in Raventon, and took a deep breath of air. ‘Today is going to be a good day,’ he thought as he walked to his Camaro. He hopped into it and turned it on, some dub step leaking out of the speakers. After lighting a cigarette, he set out in his car to visit Nicole in the hospital. Rael never really had someone stay in the hospital for an extended period of time and since this particular someone was his baby sister, he made an effort to see her every day.

Rael Jr. would usually make the trip along with Rael, along with Mike, Brian or T.J. but they were playing basketball, trying to pick up on some hooch and his father was out buying groceries to make dinner that night. Rael grinned as he remembered the conversation him and his old man had before he left.

“Now remember, my son, you are at that hospital to visit your sister. You are not there to flirt with all those young nurses.” Rael laughed at his dad as he switched Brave Heart off on the television.

“Pop, I can’t help it if they feel that they have to comfort me.” Rael Jr. swatted his son’s head and grabbed his car keys and headed toward the door.

“Give my love to the little outlaw, alright?”

“Sure thing, dad,” Rael smiled at the memories as he pulled into the hospital parking lot. Snuffing his cigarette out, he exited his Camaro, stuffed into some dark jeans, a white Metal Mulisha shirt and white Nikes, and barged straight to Nicole’s room.

Giving and receiving the usual greetings as he walked through the hallway it made him realize that Nicole has been in this creepy hospital for a very long time. It was going on three weeks and she hadn’t made a signal sign of coming out of it. He sat in the chair next to her bed, and took her hand.

Once they had gotten to the hospital that night, she woke up for only five minutes. She opened her eyes, and asked if the new episode of Adventure Time was a good one. Rael didn’t understand what she was talking about and leaned in a little closer to her.

At that moment, she punched him in the face and cursed him for pulling her to that stupid party. The energy she put into the punch was enough to break Rael’s nose and put her into a coma. That was what the doctors couldn’t figure out. She was healing slowly but she just couldn’t wake up. Thinking back on that night caused Rael to smile, he knew in his heart his little sister was a fighter.

If anybody could make it out of this, it would be her.

All of a sudden, there were screams and shouts coming from the hallway. Rael got up, and opened the door. There were people leaving the hospital in droves. Rael grabbed hold of a doctor and looked him on the eye.

“What is going on here, doc? Why are all of you leaving? I need help with my little sister, who is going to help me?” The doctor looked at Rael and vigorously shook his head.

“Nobody is going to help you, son. Something terrible is happening and you should leave. Get out of here and save yourself while you still can!” The doctor pushed Rael and took off down the hallway away from him. Rael swore as he punched the door and ran in the opposite direction. He heard from the other rooms, screams and shouts of people the doctors had left. These were people who couldn’t move on their own, who had no way of getting up and running out the door.

Rael stopped and looked at this small old man crying. He was all alone and he was hitting his legs as if willing them to move, thinking that if he hit his legs hard enough, he would be able to run away from this. Rael kept moving and found just what he was looking for; a gurney that he could use to take Nicole away from all this. Rael ran to it and saw some military talking to a few doctors and nurses.

He raised his hand to them, when all of a sudden the military started shooting the hospital personal for no apparent reason. Rael ducked at the noise and began to think rapidly. What was going on, why was this happening? Rael looked up and saw the military heading right for him.

Just when he thought he was about to get shot, the doors behind the army busted open and people came through. They grabbed hold of the closest man and began ripping into him. Rael looked at the scene in shock and ducked once again as man who got chomped on began to shoot his weapon involuntarily, taking the rest of the group out.

Rael didn’t stay a second longer. He grabbed the gurney and pushed it back to Nicole’s room. It wouldn’t fit into the room so he went to Nicole’s bed, and tried to pick her up. It didn’t work. He looked over at her monitors and tried to make out what they were saying.

“Nicole, what do I do?” He looked over at his sister, who looked so helpless and even a little bit dead. He heard footsteps approaching and he ducked down, hoping they wouldn’t shoot Nicole.

“This one is already dead. Hurry up; we have to go before the platoon leaves us.” A soldier said and Rael heard the footsteps depart and he slowly stood back up.

“Help me, Nicole, tell me what to do!” He began crying as she lay there motionless as ever. “Please,” Rael jumped as a tremor shook the hospital, causing the lights to go out and Nicole’s machines to switch off. He looked down at his sister, and saw she wasn’t breathing. “No, Nicole, don’t leave me. Nicole wake up, come on! Wake the fuck up!”

Rael screamed in Nicole’s face but she didn’t budge. Tears streaming down his face, Rael kissed his little sisters head and walked out of her room. Right across the hall, closing a door right across the hall was Officer Shane Walsh. He looked up in shock at Rael and Rael looked up in shock at him.

“Rael Montez? Son, we have to get out of here. I don’t know what’s going on but we need to leave.” Rael placed the empty gurney in front of Nicole’s door, and followed after the police officer, eyeing him warily as Shane drew his gun and slowly proceeded through the hospital.

Some of the people who had busted through the doors were slowly making their way through the hospital. Before they turned the corner to exit the hospital, Rael began to hear the blood curdling screams of the old man as one of those sick people barged into his room. Rael couldn’t get the screams of that old man out of his head for a very long time.

They finally made it to Rael’s car and hopped in. Rael and Shane decided that they would team up for the time being, just for means of survival.

They got to Rael’s house and they hopped out of the car very quickly.

“Shane, just grab some of the essentials you’re sure we’re going to need. I have to get some stuff from mine and Nicole’s room and look for my dad. He should be here his truck was in the driveway. We’ll meet back at my car.”

“Alright then,” Shane took off his way and Rael took off his. He walked into his room and grabbed his stash of guns, ammo and knives. He then went into Nicole’s room and grabbed her stash of the same. He put all his weapons into a duffel bag and ran into the bathroom. He grabbed from under the sink, Nicole’s small marijuana plant.

This little plant was something that she had put her whole heart into and it was in a very sad way, a way for Rael to cope with the death of his sister. He placed the bags of pot in his duffel bag and held the plant in his arms. Rael went into his father’s room and found him kneeling over something.

“Pop, we have to go. I have supplies packed already. I don’t know what’s going on but we have to get out of here.” Rael Jr. lifted his head up slowly, blood dripping from his mouth and a bite mark on his arm and looked right at his son. Rael couldn’t make out what he was seeing. “Dad? What’s the matter?” Rael just watched as his father stood up and slowly lumbered towards him.

“Rael, are you almost ready?” Shane walked into the room and looked over at Rael Jr.

“What’s the matter with him, dude?” Rael asked as his dad got closer to him, gnashing those bloody teeth reaching out to his son.

“He’s infected.” Shane drew his gun and pointed it at Rael’s dad.

“What are you doing?!” Rael got in front of Shane, not knowing why he suddenly had a gun pointed at his father.

“You have to shoot him, Rael! I don’t know what’s going on, but these people aren’t people. They’re something else, trust me.” Shane handed his gun to Rael. “You should take care of it.” Shane hurriedly ran out of the room and Rael looked back at him, unsure of what exactly he was talking about.

Once he turned around, his father grabbed a hold of his clothes and tried to bite down on him. Rael yelled and fell to the floor, trying to position the gun into his father’s open mouth. Blood and spit fell onto his chest and neck as he looked into his father’s eyes one more time.

“I’m sorry, old man.” Rael pulled the trigger. Brains, blood and pieces of skull busted through the back of Rael Jr’s head like confetti in a party popper. He looked down at the body of his father and felt a chill go up his spine.

He then grabbed Nicole’s plant and his duffel bag and turned around, running right into Nicole’s boyfriend Ray.

“Oh my God, Rael are you ok? You’re covered in blood!” Ray looked behind Rael and saw what had just happened. “Holy shit! Was he infected? I ran all the way from my house over here and saw a lot of crazy shit. I came to see if you’ve gone to the hospital to check on Nicole. Where is she?” Rael looked down at the ground and grabbed Ray’s arm and lead him out to the Camaro.

“Come with us, we have a lot to talk about.”

“What do you mean, Rael? Please just tell me what’s going on, where is my Nicole?!”

“She’s dead, Ray! Alright, she is dead! I went to the hospital to pick her up and everything was a mess.” The two men piled into the car along with Shane. “Look, I loved her too, she was my fucking sister. I tried to get her out but there wouldn’t be a point. She wasn’t breathing.” Ray got really quiet and didn’t say anything for the whole ride to Shane’s house.

“I’m going to go in here and get some things. I’m bringing two more people with me so you and Ray can follow me out of the city.” Shane went up to the house and disappeared for a good while. Rael didn’t say a word to Ray and Ray didn’t say a word to Rael. Rael lost his whole family in just a span of two hours and Ray lost the only thing he had ever truly loved.

Shane finally came out of the house with a woman and young boy. They went into a car and Shane walked over to the Camaro. “Alright, just follow me Rael. Stay close and if you have any problems, just honk and I’ll help you out, alright?” Rael nodded and started his car.

He waited for the officer to pull out of his driveway and followed him out of the city of Raventon to see if they could find any sort of relief from this dreadful nightmare.


As soon as those doors opened, Daryl pushed Nicole gently through them. She was his priority at the moment and with her injured hand, if they got into a huge mess, she wouldn’t be able to defend herself. Nicole looked around the gray building and knew, once again, that Rick had made a mistake.

Everyone slowly began to enter the building and Dale and T-Dog watched the doors for walkers. Shane walked ahead of the group and called out. “Hello? Anybody here?” The walls echoed his voice and the sound of a gun cocking.

“Just hold it right there,” A man hidden in the shadows held a very big gun to group of shaken survivors. They pointed their guns right back and Nicole just looked at this man as Bubba ran up to her. He turned the gun to the sound of the noise and she protectively got in front of him, comforting Bubba the best she could. “What are you doing here?”

“We came for answers.” Rick told the man. “We were told the CDC had them.” The man lowered his gun and walked out of the shadows that concealed him.

“Answers? In this day and age, that’s asking a whole lot. To be honest with you, I don’t think I have what you’re looking for.” He looked over at the group, his eyes stopping on Sophia holding onto Carol and Little Rael, who was hiding behind Nicole. The man sighed and stepped down to meet the group. “If you’re infected, you can’t come in. I’ll also have to do a series of blood tests to double check. These doors are about to be sealed so if you have anything to bring in, I suggest you do it now.”

Nicole looked over at Daryl as he ran outside to get her backpack. Rick, Glen and T-Dog brought the rest of their supplies inside and the man sealed the door. “Vi, seal it up and shut it down.” A monitor next to the door beeped and a huge metal door slowly came sliding down, sealing the group inside the CDC.

“My name’s Rick Grimes. Thanks for letting us in.” He extended a hand and the strange man just looked at it.

“I’m Dr. Edwin Jenner.” He looked over at the group and walked though them. “Well if you’re going to be staying here, follow me.” He led the group up some stairs and into an elevator. They all piled in and took a slow, quiet trip down into the bowels of the CDC.

“You look like you’re ready for war, packing serious heat like that.” Daryl said from his spot behind Nicole. He kept a hand on her shoulder and Nicole gingerly placed her hurt hand on his. She looked at this strange doctor, who didn’t look like a doctor at all. He was wearing and old used off white tee shirt, and old doctor slacks.

“Well, when that’s all there is around here, you learn to use what you got.” He looked around once more at the group of survivors. “I don’t think you folks are going to give me any trouble.” His eyes suddenly turned to Little Rael who was hiding in between Daryl and Nicole. “You, however seem strong enough to take me out if you wanted to.” Bubba gave a little laugh and raised a tiny fist to the doctor, getting a laugh from Carl and Sophia. Bubba blushed and hid behind Nicole. The doctor grinned and turned back around.

The elevator doors opened up and they walked through a short hallway then walked through a huge set of doors into area with computers all around them. “Vi, turn on the lights in here.”

All of a sudden, lights from above brightened the whole room and Nicole squinted as her eyes adjusted. “This is Zone 5.” Nicole turned to Rick as she saw him step forward and looked around the huge room. There were all alone.

“Why isn’t there anybody working? Surely there should be somebody doing something.” Rick asked. Nicole looked over at Daryl who walked toward her.

“There isn’t anybody else, there’s just me.”

“You were talking to someone else, Doctor, at the door and just now.” Lori pointed out getting the whole group to look back at the doctor.

“Vi, we have guests, say hello.” A loud booming computer voice came over loudspeakers hidden somewhere in the room.

“HELLO GUESTS.” Jenner shrugged and looked at the expression of the group as they realized that Vi was just an inanimate object, just artificial intelligence.

“I’m all alone.” Jenner walked back toward the door they went in through and had Vi turn the lights off. He then led them to a small room where he began to draw blood from the survivors. He started with the children. Carl and Sophia were easy enough to draw from, but Bubba was a whole different story.

“Bubba, come on, just sit still for a few moments. It doesn’t hurt that bad.” Nicole tried to sit him with her so Jenner could take a sample. He squirmed in her arms and he jumped to the floor. Nicole sighed and shrugged at the doctor. “I’m sorry, doc. Here,” She extended her right arm and the doctor took blood from her. Once he was done, she stood up and walked over to Bubba once again. “See, baby,” She held her arm out to him. “It doesn’t hurt at all.” Bubba still wasn’t convinced. He shook his head and kept crying, clinging onto his dad.

“Alright, look here Tres,” Rael looked down at his son and picked him up. “I’m going to show you that it’s all ok.” He walked over to the doctor and sat down, extending his arm to the doctor. Jenner took blood and Rael looked down at Bubba. He had his eyes shut tight and his little hands over his ears. “God dammit!” Rael screamed scaring Bubba really bad that he nearly fell off his lap. “Just go to Nicole, son.” Bubba ran to Nicole, crying his little eyes out.

Nicole glared daggers at her brother and he glared right back. He sauntered away from the rest of the group and hid in the shadows. Daryl looked over at Rael then down at Bubba. He knelt to his level and scooped him up. Bubba stopped crying and looked at him. Daryl gently rocked him and walked over to the doctor. He sat Bubba on his lap and extended his arm to the doctor.

The whole time Daryl looked straight into the little boy’s eyes. He didn’t flinch or blink, not until the doctor was done. When he was, Daryl took his arm back and quick as a flash, Bubba extended his. He looked up at Daryl and only flinched a little when the needle pierced his skin. When Jenner was done, Bubba smiled big at Daryl and hugged him around his neck. Daryl chuckled and stood up, walking back to Nicole. She grinned at Daryl and playfully punched his cheek.

As the rest of the group went to get their blood drawn, nobody noticed the looks of downright hatred and cold blooded murder that Rael was giving the man who was holding onto his son.


Okay so I know it says it has been a year since I have uploaded and I am sooo sorry but I am going to update more I promise. Here is chapter 15 for those who still stuck around to see what became of Nicole and Daryl and if there is no one, I don't blame you. I still love you guys <3 <3


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