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A Veil of Black and Gold

Ch. 4

Once they got outside, Nicole and Rick learned the first and only lesson on how to kill a walker: hit them in the head. It was something in the brain’s that made them come back. Nicole and Rick got a hang of the walker killing pretty easily and soon they were at Nicole’s house.

The stink had gotten worse and some walkers had found their way into the house. “I should’ve closed the door.” Nicole said after she took down the last walker which had wondered into Rael’s room. Morgan and Duane had gone into Nicole’s father’s room to respectfully pay their respects.

Then, Morgan and Rick wrapped the sheet tighter around the body as Nicole and Duane led the make shift funeral procession to the back yard. Nicole wanted to be the one who dug the hole with no help. It took her about an hour before Rick and Morgan finally lowered Rael Montez Jr into the ground. Nicole buried her father with the help of Rick, Morgan and Duane. It wasn’t even noon yet and Nicole got it set in her mind that she was going to look for her brother. “He’s still alive.” She said to no one.

“Who?” Duane asked curiously from his spot next to her under the big tree in her backyard.

“My big brother, Rael. He’s still alive, I know he is, and I’m going to find him.” She stood up and took a few steps forward. “I want to thank you, all of you, for your help. However, this is something I have to do alone, so I’m leaving.” She turned around and saw the shocked and confused faces of her three fellow survivors.

“Nicole, what chance do you think you have on your own?” Morgan asked.

“He’s right Nicole. I’m not letting you go anywhere alone.” Rick said, standing up.

“Rick, you don’t need to help me. I can take care of myself. I’m not your problem and you don’t owe me anything, alright!” She yelled at him. She walked into the house and Rick just pulled her back and held tightly onto her arms. “Let go of me, you pig!” She yelled, struggling against his iron grip.

“No! That’s not fair, Nicole. After all we have been through since running into each other at that damn hospital, how are you just going to leave? I told you, I would have your back and I do, even in this! I have to find my family too, did you forget? We can look together. We can protect one another, but even if you leave you’re not leaving alone. I would never let you go off alone!”

Nicole didn’t try to hide the tears, there was no point. He wanted to help, after all this time after everything he has already done for her, he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Without realizing it, she was hugging him, holding onto him as if he were her last and only lifeline. Which in a sense, he was. She knew that she would never get far without him and that she didn’t really want to be on her own. Her foolish pride was what put the idea of solo searching in her mind.

“I’m sorry Rick. I don’t want to be on my own, I don’t want to be left alone.” She cried hysterically and Rick just kept comforting her, not judging her or calling her weak. He comforted her, just the way her dad used to comfort her.

“You will never be on your own Nicole. I will never leave you, ever.” He looked her in the eyes and got down on his knees, holding her hands tightly in his. “I swear to you, on your father’s grave, with his spirit as my witness, that as long as I have air in my lungs, blood in my body and a heart beat in my chest, I will be by your side to protect you and help you find what you have lost.” Rick stood back up and hugged Nicole close, letting a few tears of his own fall.

She sobbed into Rick’s chest and he soothed her, caressed her and held her close. After about five minutes, Nicole gently pushed Rick away and she took a deep breath.

“Ok, we will find them Rick. We will find Lori, Carl and Rael. We will all be ok. I’m sure of it.” She looked up and smiled at Rick. He smiled right back at her and they went to join Morgan and Duane outside.

“Nicole, I may know where your brother might be at, your family too Rick.” Morgan said as they went back through the house to get to the front yard. “They’re probably in Dallas. That’s where the CDC is and the refugee center. Before the broadcast stopped they were telling people to go there, that it was huge and had all sorts of perks, like protection and food. We were on our way there ourselves.” Morgan motioned to Duane and he was by his side. “But after my wife died, we just didn’t leave, haven’t worked up to it yet. However, Dallas won’t be an easy trip. We need supplies if we’re going to set out and we’re down to our last crate of food.” Rick got a small smile of his face as he stepped out into the street.

“I know of a place where we can get supplies. The police station, it has guns and food. We just have to go to my house so I can get the keys.” He said as he gave a happy smile to Nicole.

“Well, let’s go. I got your back.” She said as she held her bat at the ready.

“We do too, Rick.” Morgan said as he held Duane close. Rick nodded at everybody and they nodded back signaling that they were ready to go. At Rick’s house Nicole saw how the cop once used to live. He was a man of simple taste with a nice T.V. and decent living room set. ‘He’s got some style, I give him that much.’ She thought. He busted into the house and ran for a small door in the kitchen. He grabbed a ring of keys and called out.

“Nicole? Morgan? Duane?” Nicole came out of Carl’s room, admiring the kid’s impressive collection of video games. Morgan and Duane were in the living room, sitting on the couch. “You guys ready?” They nodded and Morgan grabbed Rick’s arm on the way out.

“Why don’t we drive? Let’s go back to my place. The station’s too far to walk to anyways.”

“That’s a good idea. I honestly don’t think I can walk that much more. My gunshot is killing me.” Nicole said.

“Alright, let’s head out.” Rick said. When they got to the police station, Rick wasn’t kidding when he said there would be food. Nicole’s eyes gleamed at the sight of heat able non perishable items. Rick then led them to the showers, where he turned the water on.

“It’s cold water. We haven’t had a hot shower in over a month.”

“Lucky for us, the station has its very own propane system.” He ran his hand under the water and smiled. “The pilots still on.” Morgan and Duane decided they would like showers in hot water, and Nicole wanted something to eat. Rick then lead her to the kitchens where there were microwavable noodles, soda pop, and different kinds of bags of chips. Nicole gathered up four of everything and set it down on a break table. “You like those noodles?” Rick asked her as she started filling one with water then popped it in the microwave. “I could never eat them. My partner Shane Walsh ate those things like there was no tomorrow.” She smiled then remembered Shane. He was that asshole of a cop who always pulled her over for no apparent reason, embarrassed her by searching her car every time he pulled her over and overall, she just didn’t like him. However, he was the one who was the closest to blowing her cover as the Raventon Drug Lord, so she gave him a little credit.

“I love noodles.” She gave him a smile as she saw Morgan and Duane looking clean and happy as they walked into the kitchen.

“Nicole, let me finish cooking. You go ahead and shower.” Morgan said as he began opening the rest of the noodles.

“Thanks Morgan.” She smiled at him and walked to the showers, giving Duane a high five on her way out. She got to the showers and found a shower stall complete with a curtain. She got behind the curtain and undressed, throwing her dirty clothes in the next stall. She let the hot water run over her body and she felt the past two days stress and worry seem to go down the drain with the water. She shampooed her hair, admiring that it had gotten a little longer in the time that she was unconscious at the hospital. After she rinsed, she conditioned, letting her hair absorb the moisture as she scrubbed the filth off of her body. She thought about Ray, she thought about how he was doing and if he was alive at all. She cried softly, she cried for her dad and all the bodies she saw at the hospital. She cried for Ray and Lori and Carl and Rael. She hoped they were ok, she actually prayed that they were ok, even though it looked like God was on vacation or something. She looked down at herself, content with how her clean body shone and rinsed her hair. She turned off the water and swore under her breath. She had forgotten to get a towel. “Rick? Hey Rick!” He jogged into the showers and saw Nicole hiding behind the shower curtain.

“Are you alright?” He asked, keeping his gaze down at the floor.

“Yea, I just need a towel.” He left for a few seconds and came back with a soft white towel. He threw it and it landed right on the curtain bar. “Thank you.” She said as she grabbed the towel. She quickly dried her hair as fast as she could then dry her body afterwards. She then grabbed her Jake backpack and pulled out her clothes. She pulled out a plain white tank top, a Calvin and Hobbes hoodie, a pair of knee high sexy heel boots with an x-ray skeleton design, a pair of white super skinny jeans, a red Crooks and Castles beanie and a her pink retro sunglasses. She put on a white bra with matching lace panties, then her skinnies and tank top. She then put on her gray socks and did up her boots, tucking her jeans into them and zipped and laced them up. She put her hoodie on, then her beanie and finally, her sunglasses. She smiled at her reflection and walked out of the showers to the awaiting smell of her noodles. After Rick had showered and everyone was full and satisfied, Rick led them through the police station, stopping at a huge cage like structure. It was almost completely full of guns and ammunition. Nicole smiled as she thought of her brother. She was glad that his love for artillery rubbed off on her.

“Alright, even though a lot of its missing, there is still enough for the four of us. Nicole, I already know you know how to shoot. You’re brother is a great shot, so I figure you have to be as good as him.” She laughed smugly as she accepted the handgun he gave her.

“I’m better than him, Rick, get that straight.” She said. Morgan and Duane laughed as Rick shook his head with a grin on his face. He separated the ammunition and with Nicole’s help separated it all into different piles, depending on the weapon they went with.

“Hey Dad, can I learn to shoot?”

“Yes you can, but you can’t take it lightly, son.” Morgan told Duane as Rick filled a huge bag with the rest of the guns and ammo.

“He’s right.” Nicole said. “My dad used to tell me, that when you pulled the trigger you had to consider not what you were killing but what you were letting live. I think he got that from a movie or something, actually.” Nicole just shrugged her shoulders and once again Rick was surprised by her strange nature.

“You have to respect the weapon, Duane.” He said after had gotten over Nicole’s weird statement. “That’s one thing you can’t forget.”

“Yes sir.” Rick, Nicole, Morgan and Duane all went out to the backside of the police station, where Morgan had parked his car.

“Here son, go put this in the car.” Morgan handed his bag to Duane and he took off. Rick gave Nicole theirs and she went to the police cruiser, popping open the passenger side.

“Morgan, are you sure you and Duane don’t want to come with us?” Rick asked as Duane and Nicole returned from the cars.

“Give me three days. That will give me enough time to take care of some things and Duane will be able to shoot.” Morgan said.

“I don’t like this.” Nicole said. “I want you guys to come with us.” She felt tears stinging her eyes and she looked at the ground.

“Don’t worry Nicole.” Duane walked up to her and took her hand. “Me and my pop will be ok; you go find your family. Then we will look for you, and find you.” He smiled at her and she took him into a hug. In the short hours she had known Duane, he became the little brother she never had.
“I will see you again.” Duane said as he walked back next to his dad. Morgan walked up to Nicole and hugged her.

“You’re a fighter, Nicole Montez. I know you will find what you’re looking for, and I know we will see each other again.”

“Thanks for not killing us.” She said jokingly, and he laughed, playfully swatting her head as she walked to the police cruiser. Rick and Morgan shook hands and said their goodbyes. Nicole was crying when Rick got into the cruiser. He placed a hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

“We will see them again.” She nodded and looked up at him.

“You’re right. Let’s be off.” She said and he started the cruiser and they drove out of the lot after exchanging friendly farewell honks with Morgan and Duane. They drove for two hours, exiting the town of Raventon, en route to the city of Dallas. However, just as they were about to reach the outskirts of the city, the cruiser came to a slow stop. Nicole, who was asleep in the passenger seat, bolted upright, not from the cruiser stopping but from the nightmare she was having.

“It’s alright Nicole. They car just ran out of gas.” He pulled the visor down and grabbed a picture that was hiding there. It was Rick with a woman and small boy.

“Is that them?” Nicole asked as they got out of the useless car. “Is that Lori and Carl?”

“Yes.” He said as he put the picture in his pocket. She looked around as she slung her backpack over her shoulders. They couldn’t pick a worse spot to break down; there was not a single house in sight.

“Hey Rick!” Nicole spotted something that may just be their ticket out of this mess. “There’s a horse.” Rick looked in the direction she was pointing at and sue enough there was a light brown horse, grazing peacefully. He started to walk toward it, but it backed away. Nicole laughed and walked past Rick, singing softly. “Drink up, beautiful, I’ve spiked your cup with angst and a heart attack.” The horse looked up and slowly started making its way to the gate. “I’ve got so much trapped, it’s all because of you so I figured you might like some back.” The horse got closer and Nicole sang softer. “And when I see her, I’ll tell her what’s been on my mind all these sleepless nights. She’ll recite her excuses; put my tail between these legs of mine, like I do all the time.” The horse was at the fence and Nicole was smiling, petting the horse and running her fingers through its mane. Rick looked at her in surprise as she opened the fence and got on the horse.

“How did you do that?” Rick asked as she stopped the horse right next to him.

“My grandpa had horses. He showed me a few tricks.” She said with a smile.

“Well alright, then.” He said as he hopped on the horse behind her. She gripped onto the horse’s mane and got more comfortable.

“Better hold on.” She said as she gave a loud ‘Hiya!’ and the horse took off running down the road. Rick had to grab onto Nicole before he got thrown off. They rode like the wind and were at the city limits in an hour and thirty minutes. Nicole smiled to herself as she saw the skyline of Dallas Texas. She urged the horse forward and at a steady pace, they entered the city. As they rode through the city, Nicole couldn’t make heads or tails of the city she and her family used to come Christmas shopping or out to eat to celebrate a big win for her dad. There were no people, no pushy street vendors or sidewalk entertainers. The city was dead. Nicole sighed softly as the horse passed by a burnt out bus. Something inside caused the horse to rear up in fear, almost knocking Rick to the ground again. “Sshhh, Phillip! It’s ok.” Rick looked at her like she was insane.

“Phillip? Did you just name the horse?” He asked.

“Yes I did, Rick Grimes. Don’t tread on me, or I’ll have Phillip drop you.” She threatened and Phillip neighed as if agreeing with Nicole. All of a sudden, Rick looked up hearing a very familiar noise. Nicole didn’t seem to hear it and he looked all around the sky for any sign of the helicopter. He saw it and grabbed Nicole’s arm roughly. “Ow Rick! What the hell?”

“There’s a helicopter!” he said as he pointed to the sky. “See it?” She looked up, shielding her eyes from the sun seeing no sign of a helicopter.

“Rick your crazy!”

“Let’s go Phillip!” He kicked his heels into the horse’s sides and he took off, running in the direction Rick had seen helicopter going.

“Rick, there wasn’t a helicopter.”

“Yes there is. It’s right around the corner.” Once they turned the corner, they didn’t find a helicopter, but a huge horde of walkers. Nicole screamed and Phillip reared up neighing in fear. “Run Phillip!” Rick yelled as Nicole led him the other way, running at full speed down the street. They didn’t get far when another horde came out of nowhere and blocked them off. In a matter of seconds, walkers were all around Phillip biting at his legs and body. He threw Rick and Nicole and the walkers brought him down, feasting on his flesh.

“No! Phillip!” Nicole started shooting walkers in the head trying to get to the lost horse. Rick grabbed her before she got too far and threw her on the ground next to a tank.

“Crawl Nicole! Get under the tank!” He covered her and she covered him, as the crawled under the tank. Nicole spotted a life line that saved her and Rick’s life.

“A door! Rick, there’s a door! Come on!” She shot a walker that was just about to bite Rick. “Hurry!” She crawled up into the hole on the belly of the tank and pulled Rick up after her. Once he was in she slammed the door. Rick and Nicole leaned against each other in the tank, both covered in gore and breathless. Nicole then turned to Rick and started hitting him. He took the blows with a confused look on his face. “You got Phillip killed!” She yelled in between blows. “There wasn’t a helicopter, Rick!” he grabbed her wrists and she struggled and kicked, knocking the boot of a dead soldier that was in the tank.

“Nicole, I’m sorry alright, but there was a helicopter. I saw it.” She turned away from him and saw that the dead soldier wasn’t exactly dead. He lunged for Nicole and she screamed, firing the gun on instinct. The shot reverberated in the tank and Nicole and Rick covered their ears. The ringing was painful and terribly unbearable but it didn’t last long. Nicole and Rick sat on opposite sides of the tank, not making eye contact or speaking.

“Rick, what are we going to do now?” Before he could answer the radio in the tank crackled and a voice came through.

“Hey dumb and dumber. How’s that tank? Pretty cozy, huh?”


Ermahgerd!!! Chapter 4!!!!
They found a horse! They named him Phillip! He died!
Aww how sad!!!
They're trapped in a tank!!!
What will happen now?
Can't tell ya, so read to find out:)


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