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A Veil of Black and Gold

Ch. 5

“Hello? Are you idiots alive in there?” The voice said and Nicole stood up quickly forgetting she was in a small space and banged her head hard.

“Son of a bitch!” She yelled as she curled up in the fetal position and rubbed her head. Rick looked at her and hurried to the radio.

“Yes, we’re still alive.” Rick said as Nicole crawled to where he was.

“What about the woman is she alive too?”

“Yes, I’m here.” Nicole said.

“Where are you? Are you outside?” Rick asked.

“Can you see us?” Nicole yelled.

“Yes, yes and yes. You’re surrounded by walkers. What the hell were you thinking?”

“Look guy, we had no choice but to come in here. We would have been eaten like poor Phillip, so don’t tread on me!” Nicole yelled into the radio and Rick gave her a look.

“Alright sorry. Now, listen closely, we don’t have a lot of time. Thanks to Phillip going down, the walkers are distracted. You guys may be able to make it to me. You guys with me so far?”

“Yea, bud, keep talking.” Nicole said.

“Alright, all you guys have to do is take out the one walker still on the take and book it. How much ammo you guys have?”

“Hang on.” Nicole turned and saw Rick in shock.

“I dropped the bag outside!”

“Fuck! Now what are we going to do?” Nicole looked at Rick and he grabbed her arms.

“Calm down Nicole. Let’s look around here. How much do you have left?” She checked her bag and sighed.

“I still have a full clip. I think we can make it.” She said, with not a lot of confidence in her voice. She looked down as something hit her foot. It was a small grenade. She picked it up and put it in her bag. “Let me tell that guy.” She ran to the radio and talked into it. “Hey guy we have a full clip and is there any way we can get to that bag on the street?”

“Not if you want to live! Ok, all you have to do is get out off the tank, jump off of the right side and run in that direction for about fifty yards. I’ll be there.”

“Alright Rick, you ready?” Nicole asked as she tucked the gun in the waistband of her jeans and grabbed an axe that was leaning against the wall.

“Yea.” He opened the tank door and saw the one walker. Nicole got out quickly and swung the axe, and smiled as the walkers head split. They jumped off the tank and ran in the direction their mysterious savior told them to go. Nicole was swinging her axe and Rick was firing his gun. All of a sudden a cute Asian came out of nowhere and Nicole almost chopped his head off.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t kill me! Come on, let’s go!” He took off down the alley and Rick and Nicole followed him. Rick had Nicole run in front so he could shoot walkers that were running after them. They finally came to a ladder on the side of the building and the Asian quickly started climbing up. Nicole followed him right away but Rick was still shooting. “Dude, come on! What are you doing?!” The Asian yelled down and Rick started climbing. It took a little while but they got to a stairwell and took a break. “Well if it isn’t the Lone Rider and Tonto, riding into town.” The Asian said as he leaned against the rail.

“Tonto? Is that a crack at Mexicans?” Nicole asked the Asian, but Rick grabbed her shoulder.

“My name is Rick Grimes. This young lady is Nicole Montez. Thank you for saving us.”

“My name’s Glen and you’re welcome.” Glen led Nicole and Rick up the roof where they went into the store through another ladder.

“I do not like all these ladders.” Nicole said as they hopped off and continued running.

“It doesn’t look like you have the shoes for ladders.” Glen said, commenting on her sexy heels. “I’m surprised you can even run in them.”

“Oh, it’s not my shoes. I could run for miles in my heels. I just don’t like hanging on to things.” Nicole answered; making sure Rick was still behind her. She had grown accustomed to him and she would hate to lose him now. He smiled at her and she turned forward and noticed Glen had pulled a walkie talkie out of his backpack.

“It’s me, I’m on my way with guests and there are four geeks in the alley.” He put the walkie back and stopped on some stairs. There were for walkers headed right for them. All of a sudden, two figures in strange hockey gear armed with baseball bats came busting through the doors and started beating the walkers. “Alright let’s go!” Glen yelled and they all ran into the doors that the figures just busted out of. Once they were in, a blonde woman pushed Rick and put a gun to his head.

“You son of a bitch! I should shoot you!” Nicole pulled her gun out and pointed it at the blonde woman.

“It will be the last thing you ever do, bitch.” Nicole said, as she eyed this blonde with a hateful expression.

“Nicole, it’s alright. Just put your gun down.” Glen said, calmly walking towards her.

“This bitch has a gun pointed at my partners head. When she lowers hers, I’ll lower mine.” The blonde woman then turned to Nicole slowly and eyed her up and down before lowering her gun. True to her word, Nicole lowered hers.

“You two just killed us, all of us.” She walked away and stood next to a black lady, while a big Mexican and big black guy came back from inside.

“What are you talking about?” Rick said and the big Mexican grabbed his and Nicole’s arms roughly and led them toward the entrance of the store.

“Listen both of you; we only came here to get supplies. In this dead world you have to be quiet if you don’t want to get caught. You two stupid asses kept shooting up the place and all the walkers heard you.” He pushed Nicole and Rick once they got to the doors.

“Like Andrea said, you just killed us all.” The big black guy said.

“Look at all the walkers!” Andrea yelled. “How the hell are we supposed to get out now, huh?” Andrea pushed Nicole into Rick and Nicole turned around with a look that could kill on her face.

“Look, it wasn’t our fault!” Nicole said as she got in Andrea’s face. “My fucking bad if Rick had to shoot a few rounds to save our asses! He only did it to save us! He would’ve done it to save you too, I bet. That’s the kind of man he is.” Nicole got closer and tightened the grip on her gun. “I however, am not so holy. And personally, I would’ve shot your ass in the leg and let you get eaten alive!” Andrea and the rest of this unknown group looked at Nicole in fear. Rick gave a small smile and came up from behind Nicole and pulled her away.

“Nicole, calm down ok? She was just worried about her group. You would’ve done the same thing wouldn’t you?” She growled and turned away, but then sighed and turned back around.

“I’m sorry Andrea. It’s just; I’ve been though some crazy shit with this guy.” She looked at Rick. “I have his back.” Andrea seemed to understand.

“Don’t worry about it; it was the heat of the moment.” She smiled and Nicole and she smiled back. All of a sudden, shots were heard from the roof, and the big black guy swore under his breath.

“I’m going to kill that crazy asshole!” He said as he and the rest of his group began running toward the roof.

“What the hell is Dixon thinking?” The big Mexican said as they pounded up the stairs and pushed the door open.

“Dixon, what the hell, man?” The big black guy, whose name was T-Dog, yelled as he ran up to the redneck, who had been shooting walkers.

“What?” He chuckled and kept shooting. As Nicole got closer to this guy, she could tell he was lit. She had been around all sorts of drugs long enough that she could tell he just did a couple lines of that white girl.

“Dixon, come one man, stop shooting that gun, you’re just attracting more walkers.” The Mexican, whose name was Morales, walked up to Dixon and tried to calm him down.

“You don’t tell me what to do, you fucking beaner.” He said, as he put his gun down and walked toward Morales. Rick and Nicole looked at Glen and he shook his head, signaling them that this man was not one to be reasoned with.

“Hey, that’s a cruel thing to say!” Andrea said as she stayed next to the black woman, whose name was Jacqui.

“Nobody asked you, sugar tits. Why don’t you step away from the nigger and come on over here with me.” All of a sudden, T-Dog swung at Dixon and hit him in the back of the head. Dixon then turned around and punched T-Dog. T-Dog fell to the ground and Dixon kept hitting him over and over again. Rick and Morales tried to pull him off but were both punched and knocked to the floor. Dixon then pulled a gun out and pointed it right at T-Dog. Nicole gasped and ran to where Rick had fallen. They both looked over at Dixon and Nicole had to think fast. He looked like he was ready to shoot T-Dog in the face. Nicole then quickly whispered something to Rick and she stood up and walked to where Dixon was.

“Wow, I love a man who takes charge.” Nicole said in the sexiest voice she could muster. He turned around and saw who was talking to him. His eyebrows raised and a smirk came to his lips. She pulled her hoodie off, showing that she had a body under all the clothes. “How about you get off that guy and we have ourselves a little fun, right here in front of all these people.” The group looked at her and some of them realized what she was doing while others were looking at her like she was mental.

“Oh really?” He asked as he put his gun on the ground and walked toward her.

“Yea, just sit there and let me ride you home.” She brought her lips to his, trying hard not to let her disgust show on her face. He put his hands on her butt and sat on the floor, as he started undoing his pants. While he looked down, she pulled her gun out and hit him in the head hard. Rick then came out of nowhere and handcuffed him to a piece of metal. Once he saw he had been duped, he swung at Nicole and his fist collided with her face. T-Dog caught her and Rick punched Dixon, breaking his nose.

“You fucking pig, if I get out of here you and your whore are going to pay!” Rick ran over to check on Nicole and saw her eye was already starting to swell.

“Oh my God, are you ok?” He asked. She nodded, and threw a hateful glance to Dixon as he threw her one right back.

“I’m alright Rick. I’ve been hit harder. Personally, Dixon hits like a pansy bitch.” Dixon struggled against the handcuff, not liking the comment Nicole made about his punch.

“So what are two, a couple?” Morales asked.

“No, we ran into each other in the hospital we both woke up.” Rick explained.

“That’s intense.” Glen said.

“Sorry to break up your tea party, but we need to find a way out of here.” T-Dog said.

“You’re right.” Rick said. “Let me see those binoculars.” Morales handed them to Rick and he looked down at the city streets. “I think I found our ticket out of here.” He showed them what he was looking at; it was a construction site with vehicles in the lot.

“Of course! We can go to the construction site and get one of those cars! They always have keys on hand.” Nicole said as she realized Rick’s plan.

“Yea, but how are we going to get passed the walkers?” Morales asked. Nicole got an evil idea and let a smile just as evil come to her lips.

“I know just the perfect way to do it.”


Chapter 5!!!
Andrea is a bitch!!!
Nicole kissed Merle!!!
Nicole has a plan, but for what?!?!
Enjoy, darlings:)
~Intulo Star


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Please update soon. I love this story

racheljewell racheljewell

please update love this story

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