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A Veil of Black and Gold

Ch. 6

Nicole didn’t tell anyone her plan; she just grabbed her hoodie and took off. “Nicole!” Rick yelled after her but she didn’t stop. She booked it down the stairwell and stopped at the doors of the department story, where Rick, Andrea, Glen and Jacqui caught up with her. A walker had used a rock to bust open the first set of doors and was working on the second.

“We don’t have a lot of time!” Nicole yelled as she turned and ran to the door where she, Rick and Glen had gone in. She opened the door and ran to the nearest walker. She tried to pull it, but wasn’t able to. “Rick!” She yelled and he came out and helped her. Together they dragged the walker body into the department store. Once it was in, she took off again, not telling anyone what her plan was.

“What is her problem?” Glen asked Rick as she ran all over the store getting various items.

“She has a plan.” Rick answered. She came back with rubber gloves and smocks.

“Alright, I’m going to chop this guy up, and the rest of you are going to smother it’s goo on all over me. I’ll be wearing one of these smocks. Then, I will walk past the walkers and get a truck and come back for you guys.”

“That’s a terrible idea. How do you even know it will work? The walkers will eat you!” Andrea yelled.

“They will not. I’ll smell like one of them. It’s a fool proof plan.” She grabbed her axe and went out to where to the walker body was at. “There is a smell difference. That’s how they can tell us from them. If I smell like one, I’ll be safe.” She looked at Rick and already knew he was going to protest. “Don’t start Rick. You saw the walkers at the door; we don’t have a lot of time.”

“You’re not going alone.” He grabbed an extra smock and put it on. “You should know this by now Nicole.” She smiled and Glen stepped up.

“I'll go, too.” Nicole shook her head.

“I don’t want to risk you life, Glen.”

“Look, you need one of us to keep in contact with the store. Besides, I know my way around.” He grabbed the last smock. “I have your back.” He smiled at Nicole and she smiled back.

“What about Merle Dixon?” Andrea asked. Rick pulled the handcuff key out and gave it to Andrea.

“Give this to T-Dog.” He said. Andrea nodded and took the key as Nicole raised her axe over the walker. “Wait.” She looked at Rick and he knelt down, searching the walker’s pockets. “I want to know who this man is.”

“Well, I don’t. I want to live.” Nicole said as she put on a put on protective face gear and brought the axe down on the walker’s chest. Rick quickly jumped out of the way as she brought the axe down again and again. Nicole had a gruesome and eerie smile on her face as she chopped up the walker into unrecognizable mush. It didn’t go unnoticed and Glen, Jacqui and Andrea moved away from Nicole, worried about her mental stability. Once she was done, she donned a pair of rubber gloves and began rubbing the goo all over her smock. Jacqui and Andrea put gloves on and started helping out, rubbing the walker goo on Glen and Rick. The process took five minutes and Glen, Nicole and Rick walked out of the door and walked through the barricaded alley. Nicole’s plan seemed to be working, they had walked by a couple of stray walkers and they didn’t even look at the small group. “I told you, losers.” Nicole whispered as they got to the truck that had been parked in front of the alley. Once they crawled under the truck and emerged on to the street, the rest of the job was a cake walk. They walked slowly to the fenced construction zone. However, their victory was not short lived. It began to rain. Nicole swore under her breath as the water washed away any trace of walker from their smocks.

“Oh man, the smells washing off isn’t it?” Glen asked as a walker walked past him, but then turned right back around.

“No, it’s not.” Rick replied. A walker looked right at Nicole and started running. “Well maybe it is.” The walker charged and Nicole split its head with her axe.

“RUN!” She yelled as she took out another walker. Glen shot walkers coming in from the rear, Rick shot the ones coming right toward them and Nicole killed the ones who got to close. They finally made it to the fence and climbed over, landing roughly but having no time to dwell on pain, they were about to be surrounded. They needed to get the truck and fast. They threw off their useless smocks and ran to the trucks. They spread out, searching for one big enough for the whole group with the keys inside. “Over here, I got one!” Nicole yelled as she hoped into the driver’s side and started the truck. Glen and Rick hopped in and she took off, crashing down a fence on the way out.

“We need to go back! Nicole, turn the truck around!” Glen yelled.

“There are walkers all over that place, Glen! We need to drive the walkers away from there if we’re going to get your friends out!” Nicole said as she drove around looking for anything that could help them.

“How the hell are we supposed to do that?” Glen asked.

“Noise.” Rick said when he saw that Nicole had parked next to a very nice red Camaro. She got out and busted the window with her axe. Just as she had hoped, the cars alarm started blaring. She opened the door and hopped in, quickly hot wiring it. Once it started, she twisted the cords together and went back to the truck.

“Glen, you drive the car. Where that big loading bay is, that’s where your friends need to be waiting for us. That’s the area they need cleared. Use your walkie and get a hold of them to let them know to get down there now. Once you have the walkers on your tail, drive down that street in front of us, so we’ll know that the coast is clear.” He nodded and got in the car as Nicole got back into the driver’s seat. Glen took off, the car’s alarm deafening, and headed towards the store. She and Rick waited, for about five minutes, and then they saw the red Camaro drive by, with dozens of walkers’ right behind it. Nicole then drove the car toward the loading bay and as she backed up the truck, Rick went and opened the back end door and banged on the metal. The door rose up and Andrea, Jacqui, Morales and T-Dog hopped onto the truck.

“Let’s go Nicole!” Rick yelled and Nicole slapped on the gas and the truck sped forward. Walkers began following the truck and Morales closed the truck door.

“Hot damn, that was one of the best rescues I ever been in!” Nicole slammed the steering wheel with her open hand as she sped away from the city. “Oh sweet Satan, that was awesome, too awesome!” She gave a big grin as she looked at Rick and he gave her an odd grin. Nicole didn’t even notice that Merle wasn’t with the group. Apparently the group was looking at T-Dog and he looked at them right back.

“I dropped the damn key. I was going to get him out, but I tripped and it fell down the drain.” Nicole glanced at Rick and then looked back at the road. Nobody said anything for a long time; they were already out of the city when Andrea broke the silence.

“Where did Glen go?” Nicole looked in the rear view mirror and didn’t see him.

“He’s probably out driving that nice car around.” Nicole said as she took her hoodie off quickly to drive better.

“What nice car?” Jacqui asked.

“The one that saved your asses.” Nicole replied. She threw her hoodie in between her and Rick and a large sack of pot fell out of her pocket. Her initial reaction was fear that the cop next to her was going to confiscate her weed and right a ticket. “Oh, shit. That’s not mine, officer. I was holding it for a friend, they sneaked it into my pocket, I had no idea it was there!” Her hands got sweaty on the steering wheel and she started hyperventilating. T-Dog, Morales, Andrea and Jacqui all looked toward her as Rick picked up the pot and started laughing hysterically, like he was a mad man.

“Nicole, do you honestly think I have the authority anymore to get you in trouble for this?” He continued laughing as Nicole got a look on her face that showed she didn’t appreciate being made fun of. Rick kept laughing and turned to show the group her stash. “She thought I was going to arrest her!” Everyone joined in on the laughter and Nicole got even more heated.

“Alright, my bad! I made a mistake!” She reached over and took her pot from Rick.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to confiscate that!” He laughed harder and she threw him a death glare.

“Looks like you’ve had enough for the both of us.” She told him as his hysteric laughter calmed into giggles.

“I’m sorry Nicole, I really am. I just thought it was so amusing.” He leaned his head back and looked out the window.

“It was a trip.” T-Dog added. “Girl forgets the cops can’t bust her for weed.” He chuckled getting a little laugh from the rest of the group.

“Ok! I think we got the point that Nicole is a big retard for thinking this asshole pig could still bust me because a shit load of pot fell out of my pocket!” Nicole yelled as she sped the truck up going at least 80.

“Asshole pig?” He gave a smug smile as a familiar noise came up from behind them. It was Glen in the Camaro, the alarm still blaring and Glen having the time of his life. He was whooping and hollering, enjoying the time in the fast hotrod.

“Well, it sounds like Glens having fun.” Morales said as Jacqui and Andrea chuckled. Glen sped past the truck and Nicole stepped on the gas, eager to get to the quarry Morales said they were camped at. It took them about another hour before they finally got there. Glen was already there leaning against his new car. Andrea was the first one out of the truck then Jacqui and T-Dog. Morales placed a hand on both Rick’s and Nicole’s shoulder. “Come meet our people.” He gave them a smile and got out. Nicole opened the door and saw Rick wasn’t’ moving.

“You ok?” She asked as she placed a hand on his.

“Yea, I just need a little moment to myself, if you don’t mind.” She nodded and exited the truck. She walked toward the camp were Morales was telling his family and the other survivors about how The Lone Rider and Tonto rode into the city and got them trapped, but also got them out again.

“Her name is Nicole Montez. Here she comes.” Nicole looked up and saw the two people she had been searching for. They turned around when they heard Morales mention her name. She looked right into the eyes of her brother and boyfriend. Ray and Rael were alive. She took off running as fast as she could right as Ray and Rael ran to her.

“Nicole! I can’t believe it! Nicole!” Rael yelled as he ran next to Ray.

“Rael!” She jumped into his arms, hugging him tighter than she ever hugged her brother before. She then turned and saw Ray, and she grabbed a hold of him as well. “I can’t believe it, you’re here. You’re both here. I found you, guys. I found you.” She whispered as she held onto the both of them. She then looked up and saw two people she never knew personally but only knew because of a picture. She struggled in her brother’s arms and he put her down, looking at her in confusion. She took a deep breath and yelled, “Rick!” Just as she he had guessed, he bolted out of the truck and ran towards her. He saw Lori and Carl and reacted the same way Nicole had when she saw Rael and Ray.

“Dad! It’s dad!” Carl ran from his mother’s arms into Ricks and they shared an embrace as Rick ran to Lori, holding Carl. She gave him a huge hug and kiss as tears streamed down there face.

“Nicole, I have to show you something.” Rael said as he led her to his Camaro. A door was open and there were little feet dangling from the inside. “I found him.” She looked at him then looked in the car. There in the driver’s side was Rael’s 5 year old son, Rael Romero Montez III.


Chapter 6!!!
Rick found Lori and Carl!!!!
Nicole found Ray and Rael!!!!
Not to mention, Rael has his son with him!!!!
What will happen next?!?!?!
Read Chapter 7 to find out:)
~Intulo Star


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Please update soon. I love this story

racheljewell racheljewell

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