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A Veil of Black and Gold

Ch. 8

Nicole’s eyes opened suddenly. She blinked a couple times, adjusting to the brightness of the late morning sun. She sat herself upright and sighed, running her fingers through her long hair. “What the fuck was that?” She said softly as she held her knees to her body. She hit herself in the head, and winced. She touched her eye and noticed it had swelled up a little more. ‘Fucking Merle Dixon, stupid asshole,’ she thought to herself stretched.

She then began to debate with herself, wondering if she wanted to forget the dream she had, or put it in her vault. She decided to forget about it, it couldn’t possibly mean anything, could it? ‘Don’t be dumb, Nicole. You were tired. You’ve never been that exhausted or emotionally drained, not even when Mom took off. You fell asleep with a stray thought of him in your mind, that’s the only explanation to what you dreamt of last night.’

She sighed and stood up, looking through the mesh of the tent out to where the rest of the survivors were going about their daily routines. Nicole had to admit, it was almost as if the world never ended at all. It was like a huge camping trip that strangers could sign up to take with police escorts for security and protection. Nicole chuckled to herself as she looked for her heels and jeans.

Covering the reality, masking it did no good to anyone. If you go about looking at things in your own way instead of the way they really were, you might as well just put a bullet in your head. She pulled her skinnies on and did up her heels. She threw off her tank top and searched in the small box of clothes that was marked, ‘Nicole’. She smiled, recognizing Ray’s flawless script and pulled out an old faded Nirvana shirt. It was too big for her, but she enjoyed the feel of the cool fabric on her skin.

She exited the tent and walked through the camp, giving friendly hellos to all she walked by. She saw Rick talking to Lori and she walked past a woman ironing. “You must be Nicole.” She looked toward the woman and nodded. “My name’s Carol, I just wanted to tell you that I washed your sweater. Sorry I couldn’t get the blood stains out, but I did the best I could. It’s not dry yet but just give it a few more minutes.” She smiled a sort of sad smile and continued ironing.

“Thanks, I really appreciate it.” Nicole smiled at Carol and walked to where she saw Rael. Ray was a little further away, reading a book to Bubba. She smiled but walked over to her brother, thinking about how she was going to say this.

“Well, if it isn’t Sleeping Beauty.” Rael joked as Nicole walked up to him. She flipped him off and he laughed, looking back down at the small stew he was cooking. Rael always had a knack for scavenging. Nicole remembered times when she was five years old; Rael would stay out in the backyard for days, living off the small garden their dad would tend.

Nicole would also remember that she never thought of what Rael was doing could be considered as surviving, especially when Rael would run into the house, scared to death of the neighbor’s cat. However, as he got older he took longer trips out into the woods and mountains that were nestled all around the small city of Raventon. He got good at not only hunting, but gathering as well.

He could tell which plants were poisonous and which plants you could eat. Nicole had no doubt in her mind that everything in Rael’s stew was foraged from the forest. However, it smelled delicious and Nicole sat next to her brother.

“Rael, I have to ask you something.” He stopped stirring and sighed, as if somehow already knowing what was on his sister’s mind. He looked at her, his hazel eyes hiding torment but not hiding annoyance. “Where’s Rachel?”

“I don’t know.” He continued stirring, not really looking at the stew in front of him. Nicole looked at her older brother, and for the first time in her life, she was afraid of him. She kept calm and kept asking about Rachel.

“How do you not know, Rael? Was she not with Bubba when you found him?” He stood up and exhaled sharply, turning toward her.

“Nicole, I …” Before he could finish, screams were heard from the forest. Nicole saw Rick take off and she bolted after him, especially when Carl and the other children began screaming. Rael ran to stay with his son and Ray took off after Nicole. She ran into the woods, pausing only to catch her axe when Ray tossed it to her. Nicole, Ray, Morales, Shane, Rick and Lori were among the group that ran into the forest.

Once they got to the tin cans, Jacqui ran up to them with Carl and Sophia. Carol and Lori stayed with them as Rick, Morales, Dale, Jim, Shane, Ray and Nicole ran a little farther into the woods. They came across a walker, ripping the throat out of a dead deer which had arrows sticking out of different parts of its body. Rick turned around and shushed the group and Nicole walked up to him, positioning herself on his right side. She held her axe up as the assault group slowly surrounded the walker.

It looked up from its breakfast, slowing standing up. It looked right Nicole and she was just about to swing her axe into its head, when Rick starting beating it with the stick he had. The whole group then started beating the walker with their weapons, until Dale hit it on a soft spot on its neck and its head popped right off. Nicole rested her axe on her shoulders and she felt Ray come up from behind her.

“This could be bad.” Dale said as he walked over to where Rick was standing. “The walkers must be moving from Dallas into the forest.”

“Their food supply is getting low.” Jim said. Some rustling leaves caused everyone to raise their weapons again. Shane was the closest and he held his huge shotgun in the direction the rustling was coming from. The sound got closer and Ray moved protectively in front of Nicole, when all of a sudden Daryl Dixon walked into view.

“What the hell’s going on here?” He asked, and Nicole gasped. She remembered a part of her dream, where Daryl had asked her what the hell was she doing.

“This walker found its way up here. We just took it out.” Ray said, as he walked to his drug dealer.

“The son of a bitch chomped on my deer. You know long I’ve been tracking this damn thing?” He asked Ray as he walked up to him. The group started to slowly disperse and Nicole was just about to leave as well, when her eyes met Daryl’s.

She quickly looked down at the walker’s head, whose eyes suddenly popped open. It began squirming and chomping and Nicole brought her axe down on it, a little more forceful than she anticipated. Ray and Daryl looked in her direction and without looking at either of them; she turned around and headed back to camp.

Rick caught her right when she walked into camp, and asked her what they were going to tell Daryl.

“We left his brother handcuffed to that roof. This is on us, not T-Dog, but us.” He looked at her and she sighed. “I’ll tell him, I was the one who handcuffed him.”

“Yea, but I was the one who put him in the position to get handcuffed in the first place.” She whispered as Ray and Daryl came out of the woods, Daryl walking toward the camp and Ray walking toward his tent. “I’ll tell him.” She walked over to where Daryl had started yelling his brother’s name, going on about cooking up the squirrels he had caught since the deer ended up getting eaten by something else.

“Hey Daryl?” Rick called out. Daryl turned around and looked at Rick. “I need to talk to you.” He walked over to where Rick and Nicole were, keeping his eyes on Rick.

“About what, I need to get these squirrels skinned.” He glanced over at Nicole, and she didn’t let her gaze waiver, she was going to tell him about what happened to his brother, how it was her that did it.

“Merle.” She said softly. His eyes got soft and he looked back up at Rick.

“He’s dead, huh?” Nicole looked up at Rick, who looked down at her.

“I wouldn’t say that.” Rick said, as people started to slowly gather around what was taking place.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” He yelled and T-Dog got a little closer in case a fight broke out.

“Daryl, look I know how this is going to sound but it’s not as bad as it seems.” T-Dog came up from behind Daryl and he turned to look at him. “Merle is handcuffed to the roof of a department store in Dallas. I had the key to get him out, but I dropped it in the drain when I went to unlock him.” Daryl’s expression was unreadable, and Nicole stepped toward T-Dog.

“Look Daryl, your brother almost killed T-Dog, he was out of control.” Rick tried to explain.

“Not to mention, coked out of his mind.” Nicole added. “Look, it’s not all their fault. I seduced Merle.” The rest of the group looked at Nicole like she was nuts. “I had to do something or he would’ve killed T-Dog. I kissed him and sat him down, giving him the impression that we were going to have sex. While he was distracted, I took my gun out and hit him with it, giving Rick the chance he needed to handcuff him. He didn’t like it and gave me this.” Nicole pointed to her swollen eye. Daryl just stood there for the longest time before he charged at T-Dog.

In a flash Nicole was in between Daryl and T-Dog, with a gun to Daryl’s chest. She was breathing hard, scared to death. She didn’t like all this fighting, Daryl didn’t seem to understand the necessity of handcuffing his brother up there, he was a threat and he would’ve gotten them all killed. She would’ve understood if her brother had to be handcuffed to a roof, if there was a chance that they could go get him. Merle had that chance and Daryl wasn’t seeing logic in that. So Nicole stood there, with her gun pointed at his heart as T-Dog continued to try to explain the situation.

“Look, I didn’t leave him there to get massacred by walkers, I stopped long enough to chain the door shut. The geeks that I saw running into that store aren’t enough to get to him.” T-Dog put his hand on Nicole’s shoulder as he took a step forward. “What I’m trying to say is that your brother’s alive and still on the roof of that store, handcuffed to that pipe.” Daryl wiped tears from his cheeks and turned back to Rick.

“You all go to hell! You hear me?” He turned back to T-Dog and Nicole stood her ground again. He then looked right into her eyes. “You can for first for all a care!” He yelled into her face and turned around. She looked at him as he walked away and tried not take his harsh words to heart. T-Dog gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze and she nodded, putting her gun back in the waistband of her jeans. “Where is he, pig? I’m going to go get him, so tell me.”

“I’ll show you.” Nicole said as she marched toward Daryl and Rick. Daryl turned around and rolled his eyes.

“I thought I told you to go to hell.” Nicole was getting really tired of his attitude.

“We didn’t do that to Merle for just any fucking reason Daryl. He would’ve gotten us all killed, and I’m sorry, I get the whole big brother thing, I have one of those. I just wish you wouldn’t be so fucking stupid!” He was shocked by her screaming, the whole group was, but she wasn’t stopping anytime soon. “If I were in your fucking position, I wouldn’t try to fucking hurt the person who for all you know saved your brother’s worthless life! If it was my brother, I would understand the need to put him in a time out, I would also be grateful for the fact that he’s still alive! You though, are so fucking stupid and you can’t admit! You know what, fuck Merle and fuck you! Have a nice trip going to save your fucking brother, I hope neither of you ever come back!” She walked past him and shoved her shoulder into his, causing him to stumble a bit.

She walked past Rick who put her hand on her shoulder but in her angered state, she shrugged it off, grabbing her axe as she passed by it. ‘Why is he so stupid?’ she though as she walked to the outskirts of the camp. ‘His brother’s alive, I offer to show him where he’s at, and he tells me to go to hell.’ She gripped her axe and started swinging at a dead tree.

She swung over and over again, not going unnoticed by the group; even though she could’ve sworn she was hidden from them. “Stupid…piece…of…fucking…shit!” She yelled in between swings. “Doesn’t…know…how…to…be…fucking…grateful! Fuck…him…and…his…brother!” She finally calmed down and stopped swinging, exhaling softly. She shook her shoulders out and turned around, startled to see the entire camp looking at her. She looked down at the ground then looked up at Daryl. He smirked at her and turned away. She growled and walked into the woods, wanting to escape from the stares of uncertainty that even her partner was giving her.


Chapter 8!!!
Daryl Dixon in the house!!!!
Whoo whoo!!!!!
He's mad about is brother!!!
And Nicole is mad at him!!!!
What will happen next?!?!


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