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Sometimes I wonder what he's doing. If he made it. If he's... wandering in some endless stretch of wood stuck in an uncontrollable craving of flesh. Or maybe he survived, he was always good at that. He was always in the woods, it's almost as if he was ment to be in a world like this. I checked his hometown, Lucky for me my group was passing through. His house was infested completely, I barely made it through alive. Taking out five dead on my own, none of them were him of course. That put my mind at ease for awhile, But time passes on.. Leaving us behind.

It's been almost five months since the beginning of all this. Since the biters started to roam the earth and the death took over. My group consisted of me and my two brothers, Marcus and Luke, along with my brother Luke's friend, James. I don't mind being the female, most annoy me anyways. I was never the kind to stick with the girls. Don't get me wrong I had girlfriends, I took my night out with the girls every once in awhile. But I didn't get involved in their petty arguments. I think it was mostly because I wasn't raised by a mother of my own. So it wasn't something I was used to. We plan on finding a quiet place somewhere, we plan on surviving, because that's all we can do.

"Hey Macy! When are you going to stop writing in that notebook? It's a waste." James was always picking with me about my notebook. But I couldn't help it, it was important for me to write down a daily input on what has happened. Somebody needed to record our history. "I tell you whats a waste, sitting here. We need to make a run." I chewed my lip listening to my brother Luke, we had managed to stop traveling for a day. Luke had a condo he was trying to rent out in Atlanta, and with a lot of killing dead and running, we made it to safety. The city was insanely full of dead, but we were smart we had set up grenades allover the far end of the city, catching the suckers curious gaze and leading them away from us. It was amazing the things we found in that army tank. Guns, a bag full of ammo and grenades.

Luke wanted to take the whole tank, but Marcus of course called him an idiot and decided against the idea. "I'll go, I'm better with my knife anyways and the city is getting worse.. We'll be forced to leave soon." Marcus entered the room putting on his shirt, we had all been taking showers as soon as we got here.

"At least take James with you, it will get dark soon alright? Just make it quick." I sighed, Marcus was always trying to baby me. James winked at me and I smiled leading him out the door. "You think we can make it quick this time?" Out of nowhere James was on me and I was pressed against the wall. I laughed and pushed him away, "Not tonight James." I had been thinking about him way too much to do that lately. We were struggling to keep our little deal a secret anyways. He grunted at my sudden coldness, "Well, okay." I let out a breath and led him down the hall and into the main lobby. I was surprised we hadn't run into any dead yet.

Sure enough I jinxed us, two came into the lobby around the main corridor. I bit my lip and dived into action, kicking one down to distract it while stabbing the other in the head, he was finished. The other I'd kicked down was trying to grab for my feet, I laughed a little and landed my foot repeatedly on his head.

"Damn Macy can't you let me practice a little?" James huffed and walked passed me out the door. I followed him, but out of nowhere I heard a strange noise. Kind of like a helicopter? I looked into the air and caught a glimpse. "James! James!" I whispered harshly. He turned towards me, "What?" I pointed upwards, "Do you hear that? There's a helicopter!" He shook his head at me with a look of uncertainty. "You're seeing things honey. Come on we have to hurry."

I know what I heard and I know what I saw. If James believed me or not didn't matter. We came across a clothing boutique and I made James stop. "I need new clothes, follow me." He grunted and we ran quickly and as quietly as possible. I know it doesn't seem that important, but when you've been wearing the same handful of clothes for five months you go crazy. I grabbed a bag behind one of the counters and started filling it with underwear and clothes, for me and the group. T-shirts, and boxers and any type of workout clothing we might need. I certainly didn't need to be running in high heels.

"Alright now we need to be getting food and things like that. Hurry your little ass up." James was getting too bossy for my taste, besides, I was in charge here. When I was done grabbing things we made our way outside again, we found one dead walking down the side walk. I ended him quickly.

"If I remember right, there is a convenient store down there around the corner. If we hurry, we'll make it!" I ran as fast as I could with James right behind me. Why weren't we seeing any dead? It's like they were all completely gone. Maybe they were distracted by something.. Like that helicopter.

We made our way to the store. I got a couple of bags and filled them with boxes of debbie cakes and crackers and any food I could find. With the other two bags I filled them with bottles of water. I looked to my left to see James downing a can of soda. I gave him a look and shook my head, idiot.
"Grab some meds from that aisle over there will you? In case one of us gets sick or something." I ordered and waited for him to finish. I found a liter of soda, I shrugged to myself, what would it hurt? It was just one sip. I opened it, watching the fizz pour out just a little before I took a big gulp. The warm, sweet soda exploding with taste. I savored it, with the world ending things like this were a rare treat.

James came around the corner and held up his bag. I smiled and we walked out, again there were no walkers in sight. "They must be distracted by something." I stated. He ignored me and kept walking.

When we made it back, the guys insisted on teasing me about the helicopter. "I'm being serious! James. Come on! We came across three of the dead! THREE. That means something." He laughed a little, biting into a cracker, "We got lucky Macy. That's it" I growled and decided to pout. I know what I saw.

I walked out of the living room and shut the door sitting in the main bedroom alone. I locked the door just in case one of those assholes tried to come in without permission. I stared out the window and noticed that they were starting to show up again, little by little. And then it started to rain. I sighed heavily, watching the stupid things walk along, hardly being dragged down by the endless fall of water. It reminded me of when me and him got stuck in the rain.

"Daryl!" I ran after him quickly, the rain falling allover my eyes. I could hardly see anything, but all i was focused on was him. He grabbed my hand and we ran through the trees and onto his back porch. Before he walked inside I stopped him. "Lets dance." I winked at him and led him back out there. "Are you crazy? It's about to storm!" I pulled him harder, "You said you'd make me happy right? Well this will! Like in the movies baby come on." We started to dance and he spinned me around awkwardly. I laughed a little and just stared at him, stopping my twirl."Damn, this is bad isn't it. Good thing I didn't take your ass to prom." I agreed by nodding. And we just stood there in silence, staring at each other and growing even more in love than before.

Cutting me out of my trance I heard a faint alarm. And it wasn't stopping. I shot up from where I was sitting and opened my bedroom door in a hurry. "You guys hear it?" They all nodded in unison and we hurried over to the window. "Sounds like a car alarm." Marcus whispered. It started to grow louder and louder and then we saw a red dodge challenger speed down the road. We all didn't know what to say. "Some stupid asshole. Probably led every one of those things near here."
I growled. Whoever that person was I hated them. Luke shrugged turning around and sitting back on the couch, "Guess we will have to wait them out. Or maybe they'll follow out of the city, go into the mountains." I shook my head and sat beside him. This was bad. This was very bad. How are we going to get out of here if we are surrounded by those things.

"They are coming from everywhere now. Macy, don't look outside. James, lets go sit down. Don't want to attract any attention to ourselves up here. They'll pass through by morning."

I hoped Marcus was right.


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I love it so good
Ceeekes Ceeekes

Yes, This next chapter will be from both sides, which i'm writing now. I just hope I can pull it off! I want to portray him in the right way. But thank you!!(:

Even if we already know what happens, I'm glad to see what happens next. Are you gonna do a chapter from Daryl's POV? I'd like to see what he is thinking. Great job!
Okgurl87 Okgurl87

@Death_to_Roses I wanted to stop so that it'd have more suspense. Yeah you guys all know what happens to Daryl and Merle, but not Macy (; The next chapter will be up probably tomorrow night. Maybe even tonight because I am already writing it now.

Why stop it there? It really makes no sense since we all know this happens so the shock factor isn't really all that effective. :/ I just want mooore.
Death_to_Roses Death_to_Roses