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I knew something was going to happen tonight. I could feel it under my skin. My anxiety was high and my nerves were shot. You know that feeling in your stomach, the feeling you get when you just know something was happening? Well that was how I felt.

And the gunshots I heard proved my feelings right.

James had sworn nothing was wrong, that nothing was going on. But I could tell, Merle was on edge. And Merle was never nervous. He seemed determined more than anything. But on this night, I had known something was wrong, something was coming. And those gun shots only proved me right.

So I ran, through the street. Seeing my brother Marcus bark orders, "Get the ammo! Now! Macy, go!" My mind was blank, knowing that your home was under attack was something you aren't prepared for. Especially living in Woodbury. When your so used to being safe in this little place. Well. You're not. You're not safe anywhere anymore.

"Any sign of em'?" The Governor asked as Merle and Martinez walked into our gun supplie shed. Milton stood beside me, deciding to speak up. "Signs of what, what exactly is happening out there?" I looked towards Merle and he strolled in, "Some assholes want what we have." Well. That is a blunt way to put it. I thought. I looked over at James, who looked at his feet nervously. Andrea spoke next, "Well then what're we doing waiting around here?" Merle agreed with her, "Damn straight lets take these sons ah bitches out." I almost wanted to laugh, Merle was always the fighter. "But how do we know the perimeter was breached, did anyone actually see them?" Milton asked, Merle looked at him with a little annoyance, "They killed Warren, got up close, stuck a stake in his neck." The Governor seemed more alert, "We need patrols now. Can't take chances with these terrorists." He turned to Andrea, "You check on our people, make sure they're safe." But the blonde wasn't having it. As she started to argue, I looked back at James, who still seemed uneasy. "Hey. Are you alright?" I asked. He only nodded and looked away from me.

As the Governor walked out he called, "The rest of you split up, Merle will lead the search."
When he was done quieting the blonde and left, Merle spoke up. "Alright, Lovesick, Brownie and James you come with me. Marcus, Lead the others on the outside of the town."

We made our way out onto the street when smoke blew up everywhere. "Go! Go!" Martinez yelled and we took postions. I stood behind a picnic table and fired towards the running figures. I could see one woman in the group, one man who looked injured and another big man. The other two men I couldn't make out because of all the smoke. They made their way to the wall. One man in particular fell far behind. And ontop of all the gun fire, I ran out of bullets. I couldn't just sit here, I was like a neon target with no defense. I crawled toward the building and got up and ran as fast as I could, making it behind a post. The guns subsided for a moment as the terrorists hid in a doorway. "Damn it." I said to myself. How could I not fucking see where they were? How could I fire all of my bullets? Maybe my gun wasn't loaded properly.

More smoke was blown and the group made their way out. I tried to watch as best as I could without getting fired at. But James came out of nowhere. "Get down!" He ordered, grabbing me. I looked at him with confusion, get down? From what? He pushed me to the ground and stood infront of me. I wanted to fucking push him, "I'm not a damn baby!" I screamed. I heard a woman scream, "Rick! Rick!" in the distance. I looked at James, who wouldn't look back at me. "You need to get out of this." He said pulling me past the door, I tried to fight him. "Why?" His grip tightened, "You have no more bullets, there is no reason for you to be here! Get inside!" He pushed me and closed the door.

My mind was full of rage, I tried to look out the window but all I could see was smoke. And then I saw Merle's face standing with James. "Where the fuck did brownie go?! The group took off!" The gun shots subsided and I could hear men screaming. I opened the door and pushed James away. "Where is Martinez and Marcus?" I asked. Another man shrugged, "They dissappeared. The Governor is injured." Merle growled and walked off towards the clinic. I buried my face in my hands, this was all too much at once. Too many situations at a time. James took a deep breath and looked toward the other man. "Lets get Tylers body out from the street before people see." Before they walked away James looked at me, "I think you need to go home. Wait till me and Marcus get back. There is nothing left to do." I didn't want to agree, but I did as he said. There was nothing I could do until the Governor ordered anyways.

So I waited, I couldn't sleep or eat or do anything but sit there. I was worried, what if the intruders came back with more men? What if they killed Marcus or James? Or Merle? Or any of these people I have grown to know. The questions ran through me head for what seemed like hours. Until finally Marcus came in through the door and motioned me towards him, "Come on, The Governor wants us at the arena." I looked at him with confusion. But started to follow anyway. "Why?" I asked. He didn't even look at me just kept walking.

I stopped asking questions and sat down on the bench. Looking around at the rattled people. They were on edge, they were confused. And so was I. I could hear people muttering questions and talking to themselves. And I could see Merle standing with Martinez and a couple of others. He looked a little uneasy himself. James was no where in sight and I wondered. But Marcus remained close. Milton came up beside me, "Any idea?" I asked. He only shrugged.

The Governor finally appeared, showing the people his face. He had a new bandage aound his eye. I looked with a little bit of shock, who did this? He threw his arms up with doubt, "What can I say?" Everyone grew quiet. "Hasn't been a night like this since the walls were completed... and I thoght we were past it." He looked around at all of us with heavy eyes, "Past the days where, we all sat, huddled, scared infront of a tv. During the early days of the outbreak. The fear we wall felt then? We felt it again tonight." I could hear peoples silent whispers as he spoke with sadness. "I failed you. Promised to keep you safe. Hell, look at me. " He whiped his mouth and stumbled a little. "I should tell you that we'll be okay, that we're safe. That, tomorrow we'll bury our dead and endore, but I won't. Cause I can't. Cause I'm afraid. That's right... I'm afraid of terrorists who want what we have." His voice grew angry and he raised it slightly. I grabbed my brothers hand and held it tight. " Who want to destroy us! Or worse, cause one of those terrorists.. is one of our own." I looked around eratically. What?


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He had to be lying. He had to be. People around me were questioning out loud. A crossbow was stuck to his back and he looked at Martinez with disgust. "The man I counted on. The man I trusted. He led them here! He let them in." The Governor turned towards him, pointing at him with accusation. "It was you! You lied! Betrayed us all!" I could see out of the corner of my eye see James. But behind him was two other men holding another with a sack over his head. I looked at Marcus who wouldn't look at me. I felt something inside, something I couldn't explain.

"This is one of the terrorists!" The Governor grabbed the man, ripping off the sack.

My mind went blank, I couldn't think. I couldn't speak. I couldn't move.

"Merle's own brother!"

I coudln't rip my eyes away from the man standing there.



Let me know how I'm doing. Don't be a silent reader. (:


I love it so good
Ceeekes Ceeekes

Yes, This next chapter will be from both sides, which i'm writing now. I just hope I can pull it off! I want to portray him in the right way. But thank you!!(:

Even if we already know what happens, I'm glad to see what happens next. Are you gonna do a chapter from Daryl's POV? I'd like to see what he is thinking. Great job!
Okgurl87 Okgurl87

@Death_to_Roses I wanted to stop so that it'd have more suspense. Yeah you guys all know what happens to Daryl and Merle, but not Macy (; The next chapter will be up probably tomorrow night. Maybe even tonight because I am already writing it now.

Why stop it there? It really makes no sense since we all know this happens so the shock factor isn't really all that effective. :/ I just want mooore.
Death_to_Roses Death_to_Roses