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Waking up

I felt like my world was frozen. All that mattered in that moment was getting to him, saving him. How could the Governor do this? I tried to will myself to move, but for some reason I couldn't do a god damn thing. My brother squeezed my hand, "Don't. He'll kill us. Me, you, James." I listened to his words. But what was I supposed to do? Let Daryl die? Right infront of me? No. No, I wouldn't stand for this.

Daryl didn't see me, he was to worried about his own life. He looked scared and alone. His chest rapidly moving and his face full of fear, all I wanted to do was take him with me. The Governor asked the crowd, "What should we do with them huh?" People started to speak up, "Kill em'!" I looked around eratically, "N-No! You can't!" I finally made my mouth fucking move. The Governor kept asking over and over. And each time he asked everyone got louder and the volume grew. I tried to get free of Marcus' grip. Going straight for him. "No!" I tried to scream but another set of hands were on me. James.

"Calm down." He said sternly. I shook my head, the tears were trying to fight there way out. Everyone continued to yell their horrible fate. The Governor approached Merle, but I couldn't hear his words through the people's cries. I looked at Marcus, "Marcus, stop him please!" I pleaded. But Marcus didn't do anything but look at me apologetically. How could he stand for this? He knew Daryl! Was he sensitivity completely lost? Had he grown that heartless? I saw Andrea on my right trying to get the Gov to change his mind. Why was she so concerned? "He's my friend!" She claimed. Friend? How did they know eachother.

"The people have spoken. I asked you where your loyalties lie, you said here, well prove it. Prove it to us all. Brother against brother. Winner goes free, Fight! Till the death!" The Governor backed away. Andrea still arguing. I kept trying to get free of my brother and James, but it was no use. Merle and Daryl shared eye contact, right before Merle complied, "Ya'll know me! I'm gonna' do, whatever I gotta' do to prove," He shot a fist into Daryl's abdomen. "No! Please no!" I cried out. Daryl fell to his side, "That my loyalty is!" He sent a kick flying which only made my cries louder. But not loud enough to quiet everyone elses. "To this town!" Daryl rolled, while Merle sent kick after kick. I cried, letting the tears flow. How could that son of a bitch do this? Out of nowhere biters strode in on leashes. I cried even louder.

Merle bent down, but Daryl finally decked him in the face, making Merle stumble. Merle was choking Daryl now. "Marcus! Let me go now! I have to save him!" I cried, but Marcus only ignored me. I looked at James, "I will never forgive you." I said with as much hatred as I could. Merle and Daryl were back to back now against the biters. They were inches away from the dying flesh and clamping teeth. Daryl pushed one back and Merle hit one. But they didn't stop.Their desire to feed was too great. I screamed louder, "STOP!" But nobody was listening to me, no one was paying me any attention. It was driving me crazy. He was there, he was right there. And I couldn't do a damn thing.

I made a final attempt to scream, "DARYL!" And what happened in five seconds seemed to last five minutes, in my last attempt to scream his name, Daryl looked in my direction. And I swore he saw me, for the smallest moment we made eye contact. It was the sweetest bit of contact I'd had in almost a year. I elbowed my brother and ran to him, but not before pain shot through me. The last thing I heard was guns being fired. The last thing I saw was fire and sparks, radiating all around me. My brother Marcus was above me, carrying me, and then everything went black and numb.

I woke up in a panic. "Daryl!" Was all I could manage to say before blacking out again. The second time I woke up, Andrea was there beside me, "You were shot.." But I didn't hear anything else, because I passed out again.

When I finally became alert, No one was around me. I was alone and confused. I looked at myself, feeling material on my side. It was a bandage. Someone shot me? Why? I wasn't a threat? The door opened and it was James. I suddenly grew furious. "Get. Out." I ordered. He tried to speak, opening his mouth but he never got the chance because I screamed, "Get the fuck out! " And he nodded quietly, walking out the door. I buried my face in my hands, I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I heard the door open again and I began to yell again, "I said-" But it wasn't James. It was Andrea. "Oh. Is Dary-" She answered right away, "He escaped." I let out a breath of relief. He was okay. I started to sit up, "I have to go to him." But pain shot through my stomach and I sat back down again.

"So, you knew Daryl and Merle.. before all this?" She asked, sitting down in the chair beside my bed. I looked at her, a little skeptical on if I should talk to this broad. "Yeah. We were.. close. How do you know him?" I asked urgently. I needed to make nice with this girl, she could help me find him again. I needed to find him. Andrea sighed, "I was with a group before Michonne, he was part of it. Daryl wasn't the most.. sociable but, he was a friend. A good man. Listen, I know you want to go find him, you probably want to take off right now but that isn't the best Idea." I looked at her like she was crazy. What was I supposed to do? Sit here in Woodbury? Fully knowing that the man I used to know and love was out there? Hell no. That wasn't Macy Emmerson.

"No I have-" Andrea interrupted me, grabbing my hands. "No, you can't. For one you were shot, and are far too weak to go out there and two? The Governor isn't going to let you." I let out an angry breath, "So what do I do? Just sit here? No." But like just like I guessed this woman was persistent. "Leave it to me, I'm going to handle this. I will get him to see another side of things and everything will be okay. It will work out if you just have the patience to wait for me to handle it. Please." I pondered over her words, "Why are you so concerned?" I asked. She smiled sadly, "These people are good people. They were my friends." I nodded, "But wait how do you know you can fix it? Where is this group?" She let go of my hands and stood up. "They are set up in a prison not far from here. Just focus on healing yourself, I will handle this." And with that she was out the door.

As much as I hate to sit here and be patient, I put my faith in Andrea. And I just hoped I was making the right choice.


SO. There are so many views but so little comments? Come on guys! You are such silent readers. smh. Makes me sad :( AND FOR THOSE WHO HAVE COMMENTED: Thank You! You, are amazing and this is me showing my love! As for the rest of yah, I love that you read my story. Thanks! But uh... you're slackin ;) Till next time! -Bri


I love it so good
Ceeekes Ceeekes

Yes, This next chapter will be from both sides, which i'm writing now. I just hope I can pull it off! I want to portray him in the right way. But thank you!!(:

Even if we already know what happens, I'm glad to see what happens next. Are you gonna do a chapter from Daryl's POV? I'd like to see what he is thinking. Great job!
Okgurl87 Okgurl87

@Death_to_Roses I wanted to stop so that it'd have more suspense. Yeah you guys all know what happens to Daryl and Merle, but not Macy (; The next chapter will be up probably tomorrow night. Maybe even tonight because I am already writing it now.

Why stop it there? It really makes no sense since we all know this happens so the shock factor isn't really all that effective. :/ I just want mooore.
Death_to_Roses Death_to_Roses