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Don't Think

It had been almost a month since we were welcomed into Woodbury, the people were friendly and caring. But our small group always kept to ourselves. As the days kept passing I tried to avoid Merle, even though it wasn't very hard. The Governor had taken a liking to him and it looked like, besides the friendly man named Milton, Merle was the Governor's right hand man. So Merle's time was pretty much occupied. It didn't surprise me. Merle was always the kind to make every situation benefit him in some way. I didn't expect him to stay in Woodbury this long though. But then again why would you want to leave?

More people started to show up. At first, it was about ten people or so. Now? Its almost twenty. To help out a little, my brothers and James would go on runs with the Governor's men to get supplies. We felt like we were kind of obligated to give back to the community. It seemed like this was home to us now. And that comforted me. We had actually found a place to call home. And it was a relief to be able to wake up everyday and not be terrified.

James and I were getting closer. He was starting to get too close. I still thought about Daryl every once in awhile, hoping he'd find me. But if he did, what would happen? He'd probably look the other way. He probably wanted nothing to do with the girl he left. So I started to train myself to think about other things. To focus my mind on James for once. He was a good guy, he took care of my needs. So why was I wasting my time on someone who wasn't even here?

What helped me a lot with getting my mind off of things was to train. I built up my strength and went out on runs. But I wished I could somehow go out and kill biters. But Marcus was against the Idea of me going outside the walls. He kept saying how the Governor wanted us to stay inside unless necessary. How it was unsafe for us. But I thought he told us we could leave whenever we chose to? I didn't waste my time on talking about it anymore though. I did what I always did, I broke the damn rules.

Believe it or not, there was a gap. A small hole I could barely fit through. I started going through the hole to the outside about a week ago, taking a bottle of water for the day, my knife, and a sandwich. That was all I needed. The first time I only encountered two of them, and that was easy. But as time passed, each day I would come across more. I decided to go the opposite direction today just in case I came across too many for even me to handle.

I walked down the highway for a long time, soaking up the sun and eating my sandwich contently. It was nice outside, the birds were chirping and for once everything had a sense of happiness. It was as if there wasn't any dead roaming the earth. In the distance I could see a figure, a dead figure making his way down the middle of the god damn road. I laughed to myself, wondering what it would be like to just run over the flesh eating demon.

"Hey! Asshole! C'mere!" I called after it and it was already headed my way slowly. Its arms extended, ready to dig under my skin and rip me from the inside out. I stared at it from a distance, It's jaw hung low, it's hair a matted mess. Dirt and blood and gore just smeared allover it's face. I'ts clothes were ripped and barely there. It was literally a walking nightmare.

I let the biter reach me, waiting patently. And right before it could sink its teeth in, I kicked it back.
"Sorry. I kind of like to play a little." I laughed, kicking it back again. This time it fell down and started to crawl after me. I ran around it and jumped on it's back legs with force. They snapped with an awful crunch. I crinkled my nose in disgust, "Gotcha'." I said. I was having way too much fun killing this thing. It still tried to crawl after me as I walked backwards slowly. I smiled at myself. If only Marcus could see me right now. He'd probably have a fit.

It crawled and crawled before I finally decided to stomp on it head. Over and over, smashing its skull into a pile of disgusting mush.

I made it back to Woodbury just in time for dinner. When I got to the table, I could feel all of their eyes on me. "What? Something on my face?" I asked them with a sarcastic tone. Marcus let out a breath and looked at me with frustration, "Where have you been going everyday?" I wanted to throw my fork at him but I held back the urge. I stared back down at my food and avoided eye contact. It was none of his concern. "Running." I stated, serving him as much attitude as possible. A knock on the door came to my rescue and Marcus went to answer it.

"Marco! Governor wants a word with lovesick over there."

I heard Merle's words and rolled my eyes. "Why?" Marcus asked, but Merle ignored him and walked in, looking straight at me. I stood up and laughed, somehow finding humor in this situation. Not even saying a word I walked out the door. Leaving my brothers to worry.

"Been here a little over a month and your already the Governor's little bitch boy?" I asked snickering. He grabbed my arm and started to laugh at my remark, dragging me along with him. For once he didn't have anything smart to say. I just let him drag me through the doors and down the endless halls and through the backs of buildings. At one point I completely forgot where he had taken me. Maybe that was the plan, for me not to be able to come back on my own. We made it into a garage looking area and he finally let me go.

I grunted and looked around, there was nothing but a table and a chair. And in that chair sat the boss man himself. "Thank you Merle, you can leave us now." Merle took his offer and left me there. I looked around, a little nervous and not at ease. He stared me in the eyes and the stood up, motioning towards the chair he had been sitting in. I let out a breath and walked over, sitting down. What was going on here? "Feel like I'm in the principal's office or something." I said. Trying to break the silence and get to the point of me being here.

He smiled sweetly, "This.. community was created to ensure the safety of our people." He walked around to the opposite end of the table, never taking his eyes off of me. I felt like I was being inspected, like I was under a microscope. "And.. when others tend to, risk their safety, It's my job to make sure that it stops." I didn't let my eyes leave his. I wasn't going to back down. His eyes never left mine. I could feel his creepy sense crawling allover me, "That's it. Your free to go." He flashed me a smile and led me out the door without another word.

"Come on! Get in the fucking truck!" Merle's face was hard and furious. But Daryl didn't want to leave, he wanted to wait. Macy was supposed to come back from her trip in two days, what if she came here in this outbreak? What if she died trying to find him here? He kept wondering this over and over. He had already left her once, he didn't want to just leave her again. He could hear Merle's angry footsteps behind him. And then his hand pulling his shirt back with force. "Stop being a little bitch, and get in the god damn truck! Before I drag your ass myself!"

I shuffled back into our home and went straight to bed. I didn't know if I should tell them or not, but what would I tell? "Hey he creeps me out, lets leave!" No, this place had been good to us. Where would we go from here? Back on the road? Back to the dangers of the dead surrounding us?So to keep my mouth shut and cower down was the only way to go.

I sighed and let the covers surround me in comfort, deciding that this was the place my brothers belonged. This was how we would survive.


Ok (: thank you so much for reading. The next chapter should be up by tonight!


I love it so good
Ceeekes Ceeekes

Yes, This next chapter will be from both sides, which i'm writing now. I just hope I can pull it off! I want to portray him in the right way. But thank you!!(:

Even if we already know what happens, I'm glad to see what happens next. Are you gonna do a chapter from Daryl's POV? I'd like to see what he is thinking. Great job!
Okgurl87 Okgurl87

@Death_to_Roses I wanted to stop so that it'd have more suspense. Yeah you guys all know what happens to Daryl and Merle, but not Macy (; The next chapter will be up probably tomorrow night. Maybe even tonight because I am already writing it now.

Why stop it there? It really makes no sense since we all know this happens so the shock factor isn't really all that effective. :/ I just want mooore.
Death_to_Roses Death_to_Roses