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Merle and a couple of others had been called out on a run. But for some reason, Merle came back with no one and a cut on his face. I asked my brother, but he only shrugged. Saying that Merle and the boys had simply been attacked. But there was something different about Merle. He suddenly seemed more... determined then usual.

Merle had always tried to get what he wanted. And getting to his brother was what he wanted at this moment. "So.. They know Andrea." The Governor questioned him, concerned as to if this would complicate things. "But they don't know she's here." Merle complied. "But they do know your brother." The Governor stated. James stood quietly beside Martinez, knowing that there was a chance that Daryl was close upset him. He knew that if it came down to it, Macy would always choose Daryl.

"He does.. But I don't know about her, I've never seen her before." Merle answered. James could tell he wanted this to benefit him. He knew that Merle didn't take these people for the Governor, he took them because of his brother. "Their people may come for em'." The Governor stated. "Maybe. The kid and Andrea both say they went back for me." said Merle. James wanted to say something but thought it was better to keep his mouth shut. "So what, he won't break, say where his people are?" The Governor was only concerned about finding this group. Merle shook his head and Martinez finally chimed in, "He's a tough son of a bitch. Picked that walker apart in minutes." James nodded at his comment. "Maybe a winter in the sticks put some hair on his balls." James almost laughed but decided it wasn't the time. "We'll need him for leverage if his people come. What'd you try to kill him for?" Martinez asked, turning his direction to Merle.

Merle looked at him and said, "He pissed me off." He said simply. "What'd the girl say?" The Governor said, changing subject. "I was just about to go talk to her next." Merle said. The Governor nodded and started to walk away, "I'll take care of it." Martinez follwed after him. Leaving Merle and James to talk.

"I don't think I have to tell you to keep your mouth shut pretty boy do I?" Merle laughed, crossing his arms. James shook his head, "No. I don't want Macy knowing anything." James felt like it was a little demanding, but he didn't really care. He was concerned on keeping Macy to himself. Merle began to laugh, "Cause you know she'll leave you. I tell you what, if my baby brother finds out she's here, with you? You might as well say your prayers pussy licker." And with those words he was gone. Walking away to leave James to worry.

"So. What happened to Merle?" I wasn't trying to sound too concerned to find out what was going on. James looked at me nervously, "He was attacked by another group. We could be threatened thats it. Don't worry." I looked at him, skeptical. I didn't know what was wrong, but I did know if Woodbury was threatened, I would defend this town and these people with my life.


I know, short chapter. But I had to get this filler out before the next big chapter (: Comments? Please? I'm begging. :D


I love it so good
Ceeekes Ceeekes

Yes, This next chapter will be from both sides, which i'm writing now. I just hope I can pull it off! I want to portray him in the right way. But thank you!!(:

Even if we already know what happens, I'm glad to see what happens next. Are you gonna do a chapter from Daryl's POV? I'd like to see what he is thinking. Great job!
Okgurl87 Okgurl87

@Death_to_Roses I wanted to stop so that it'd have more suspense. Yeah you guys all know what happens to Daryl and Merle, but not Macy (; The next chapter will be up probably tomorrow night. Maybe even tonight because I am already writing it now.

Why stop it there? It really makes no sense since we all know this happens so the shock factor isn't really all that effective. :/ I just want mooore.
Death_to_Roses Death_to_Roses