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Meeting the Not So Sweet Southern Belle


Kitty remembered waking up in the hospital and looking out the door of her room to see people jumping on one another, tearing their skin. She was horrified, but then someone spoke to her from the corner, "Its a sickness, it started awhile back. People just went crazy." Kitty eyed the nurse curiously and then noticed a note on the door,

I love you darlin'. I hope to god you are okay and that I shall see you again. I locked the door to your room when I saw all the mess happening. Be safe, sweetie.

Kitty felt her world fall as she realized she would probably never see her family or anyone again. She finally hits rock bottom and doesn't think she can get back up, that is until she hears a man's voice calling out.

Daryl Dixon/OFC, Merle Dixon/OFC, Maggie/Glenn

Main Characters:

Atlanta Group, Prison Group, Some Woodbury Group, (Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Merle Dixon, Andrea, Maggie Greene, Glenn, Michonne)


Charlaine Rayner

Charlaine Rayner

Older sister of Danny Rayner. She is two years older. She is Kitty's best friend. She helped Kitty get through all her problems when she was in school.

Chelsea Watson

Chelsea Watson

She is Kitty's little sister. She is 8 years younger. She is her half sister because their mother was a prostitute. She moved with Kitty to the Rayner's home. She is missing.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

The younger brother of Merle Dixon. Mid Thirties. Avid hunter. Likes his crossbow for a weapon.

Kitty Watson

Kitty Watson

A teenage girl that had a bad life. She is 18. She was taken in by her boyfriend's family. Her best friend before was Charlaine Rayner. Her fiance was Danny Rayner. She has a little sister named Chelsea Watson.

Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon

Older brother of Daryl Dixon. Mid Forties. Can be a sexist, racist asshole. Can sometimes do stupid things to draw attention. Uses any weapon available.

The Grimes Family (Rick, Lori & Carl)

The Grimes Family (Rick, Lori & Carl)

Rick was a sheriff and has taken Kitty in as his own. Lori, Rick's wife, becomes a mother to Kitty. Carl, the lost kid, becomes another person for Kitty to care for.




Thank you so much for liking my story!
Love it!
Love this! ❤❤❤
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I am doing some changes on it and then it will all be posted on here. I am slowly posting more.
Loved this stoey on mibba and excited this is here now:)
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