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Never Trust Love

Remembering The Past.

BANG BANG BANG. I hear the shots being fired off in the distance, not too far. I was rummaging through a little liquor store. Hearing the sounds of gun shots frightened me, knowing that walkers would be all over the place in a matter of minutes. I grabbed what I had managed to gather and put the items in my duffel bag. I would search through the contents later. There wasn’t much here anymore, I had been here many times and it was starting to run low. I grabbed my duffel bag and ran out the store, holding my 12 gauged shot gun, ready to shoot one of them dead motherfuckers. I walked down the road of a little town, a small town outside of Atlanta. It was a nice looking town, or it was before the zombies over ran everything. The town was called Grayson. It had nice homes, not rich people homes, more like middle class people. There were 2 liquor stores, 3 grocery stores, a tiny strip mall with about 5 different clothing stores with one tinny mom and pop restaurant. There were a few other stores but not much. I passed the Arco gas station, and then turned left. The only way I knew how to get home was by landmarks.

I’ve lived here for about 2 years, but who can really tell these days. I walked up to a blueish-gray house with white windows, though you couldn’t see through them anyway, they were boarded up with plywood.The lawn was way over due for a cut, and the white fence had been broken and torn apart from the horde of zombies from the last few months. I walked up to the white door and took the key out of my pocket. I unlocked the door and walked in, closing it behind me and locking it. I was greeted by the darkness and only little light shown through the boards. I walked over to a little brown desk and lit my candle, also the one a few feet away to give me more light. I sat down on the old sofa and put my duffel bag in front of me. I started to think again, I hated thinking. Remembering how this all started for me and how I wish I would have died with my family. I was about two years ago and I can still remember every little detail, every little smell.

“Jessica, get down here NOW!” I heard my mother yell as I ran down stairs to meet her in the kitchen of our small apartment.
“What’s going on?” I asked wondering why she was yelling and panicking. My mother never acted like this, she was always calm and composed. Something was wrong.
“Honey.. I..I need you to go pack some stuff, not a lot only a little. Clothes, socks, shoes… necessary items..”
“Mom? I…I don’t”
“JUST DO IT” she yelled. I looked at her, she was staring out the window, I turned and went towards my room, doing as I was told.
I felt this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, something bad. I was in my room and grabbed a backpack, and a duffel bag. I grabbed clothes, not thinking that I was going to be gone for long, I packed stuff that wasn’t very necessary. I packed t-shirts, some pants, a pair of shorts and a brush. I put socks, undies and shoes in my duffel bag. I also grabbed my lucky knife, the only thing I had to remember my best friend, and boyfriend. I never went anywhere without it. I walked out of my room to see my mother holding my baby brother Austin. The look on my mother’s face was horrific, something was seriously wrong.
“Jessica follow me and here take this” She handed me a shotgun.
“Mom why the hell are you handing me this gun?” I asked her, worry now over taking me as my body began to shake.
“Look I need you to take care of your brother if anything happens to me” She said with a serious look on her face.
“Mom I’m only 18! I can’t take care of a baby, and what do you mean if something happens to you!?” she didn’t look at me only grabbed her backpack and opened the front door.
I heard yelling down the way, I looked at my mother. She didn’t look at me just kept walking holding my brother in one hand and a pistol in the other. I followed behind her unsure of what the hell was going on. We went down two flights of stairs and out an exit leading to the back of the apartments.
“Run for the car and start it, the keys are in the visor” she said to me.
I ran towards the black minivan, jumping into the driver’s seat and starting the car. My mother ran towards the other side of the van when I heard screaming. I jumped out of the car running to find what was going on. I stood frozen, the metallic smell of blood drifting through the air. I looked at my mother, my brothers cries coming from the ground where he had fallen from my mother’s arms. This guy, this thing was on my mother chewing on her like she was some sort of food. “MOM” I yelled
“grab…your brother and run. Go to Atlanta.. I… love you..”
I grabbed my brother, and as I turned around to get to the driver’s seat another one of those.. things.. where in front of me. His arm missing, the smell of rotten flesh coming from his mouth. He lunged at me grabbing my arm, I screamed trying to get him to let go of my arm. In doing so he grabbed my brother, I looked in horror as he bit my brother’s arm. My brother screamed the sound ringing in my ears. I got us free and ran towards the driver’s side and grabbed my shotgun from the seat. I put my brother in the car and shut the door, not knowing what would become of him. I turned around and shot the gun at the zombie closes to me, throwing him to the ground.
I ran over to where my mother was, she was standing there; blood dripping from her open wounds. She made this grunting sound and looked at me. Those where not my mother’s eyes…it was something much worse.
“Mom..? mom! Answer me!” I screamed at her.
That’s when I realized that she was no longer my mother, but one of those monsters that I had shot. Tears brimmed my eyes as I took the shot gun and pointed it at her.
“I love…you” I whispered.
BANG. She fell to the ground, the tears now over flowing. I then remembered my brother in the car. I ran over to the driver side and opened the door. Just as I feared.. he had become one of them.. A zombie. The blue eyes that I had known where now black. BANG. I was now numb, the pain of killing my 2 year old brother and my mother had not set in yet; the tears stopped. I grabbed my brother’s lifeless body from the car and laid him on the ground. I got into the car, started it then remember what my mother had told me.
“Go to Atlanta” I started the car and began to drive; leaving everything I knew and loved behind.

I wanted to stop thinking. I opened my duffel bag and began looking at the items that I have gathered. Then I saw it, the beautiful candle light flickered off a bottle of Irish whiskey. I opened it and took a huge swig, feeling my stomach grow warm. I took the other contents out of my bag and laid them in front of me. A can of fruit, a box of crackers, a pack of Marlboro Red 72’s, another bottle of alcohol, Gray Goose vodka, a lighter, and a can of tuna. I looked at the stuff I got; at least tonight I will have something in my stomach. I took another swig, my stomach growing increasingly warmer. I grabbed my knife of the desk next to me and looked at it, the candle light bouncing of the sharp silver edges.
I picked up the can of tuna and used my knife to open it. I ate in silence, only hearing the groans and sounds coming from the walkers outside. I finished eating the tuna with some crackers, and then took another swig of my alcohol. I looked around my “home” and began to worry. I had no more food, the stores that I was raiding were becoming bare, and my house was no longer safe. I had no clean water, only the 1 gallon I had left. The wood on the windows began to come loose and my car was almost out of gas, I needed a new place. I took another swig, and decided that tomorrow I would gather what I could and leave to try and find a safer place. I put the cap back on my bottle, and put it on the desk. I stood up, grabbing my blanket from the chair next to me then blowing out the candles. I laid down on the couch, my shotgun right next to me if need be and drifted off into an unpleasant sleep.

I woke up just as the sun was starting to shine through the boards on the windows. I stretched and rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand. I grabbed my socks and boots from beside the couch and put them on. I looked around for a minute and then grabbed a cigarette and my red lighter and lit it. Taking the first inhale, I can hear the sound of the cigarette burning. As I finished smoking I started to pack. Grabbing all the things I owned and stuffed them into my duffel bag. I didn’t own a lot, 3 shirts, 2 pants, a pair of boots, and 2 pairs of undies. Only one pair of sock, none of my clothes had been washed in a long time. I grabbed my bag and before I left I looked at the place that I had called home for the past two years. The dusty old torn up pink couch; the old fashion kitchen that I never used because of the lack of power; The bathroom that I had used to bathe when I had enough water; and the bedroom that I never slept in or touched. The thought of being in someone’s bed, someone who use to own this house. Someone who had a family, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
I grabbed my shotgun with my bag in the other hand and headed out of the house. I opened the door looking around before I went out completely. Nothing or no one in sight, I walked out and turned around to close the door, leaving the keys in the key hole. I walked over to my van, taking the keys out of my pocket. I started up the car, not knowing where I was going only knowing that I had to find a safer place to stay. I drove out of the town, seeing a few walkers as I drove past the sign that read “Now leaving Grayson”. I felt a small ting of pain, knowing that I was leaving the place that I had called home for the past few years. I got onto the freeway, just driving until I felt the need to stop. The summer sun was warm; I rolled down my window to feel the cool breeze of the summer air.
It was about 10am, and I started thinking again. This time I was thinking about why I’m alone, why did god put this burden on the world and leave me alone in it. I grabbed the bottle of whiskey out of my bag on the passenger seat and took a big swig. I wasn’t old enough to drink, but who cares the world was ending anyway, might as well make myself feel better. I was on a highway when my van suddenly stopped and just peddled along. “Fuck” I said out loud.
I didn’t pay attention to how much gas I had, and ran out. I stopped my car and put it into park, stepping out of my car into the warm summer day. My green eyes blinded by the sun as I looked up into the sky, my red hair shinning in the sun. I looked around and decided to syphon gas out of the nearby cars. I took about 2 hours, but I got almost a half a tank of gas. I was putting the gas in my car when I heard someone behind me, I grabbed the pistol that was on my hip and turned around. There I was standing face to face with another person, guns pointing at each other.
“I advise you to put your weapon down” a man said.
“No fucking way” I spat back. I didn’t trust anyone; no one could be trusted now days.
He was a tall man, black hair, with blueish-gray eyes. He was also wearing a cop uniform. ‘I bet he stole that off of some dead guy to gain peoples trust’ I thought to myself about the uniform.
“My name is Rick. Rick Grimes” The man said. “What’s you name ma’am?”.
I looked at him not sure if I should tell him my name or not.
“My names Jessica…Jessica Jean Thornton” I said.
He lowered his gun and extended his hand to me. I backed away, not having human interaction for 2 years. “Im not going to hurt you” he said, noticing how I backed away from him.
I put my gun down and shook his extended hand.
“what are you-“ he was cut off as a horde of zombies approached us from the side.
He lifted his gun and shot one in the head. He grabbed my arm and pulled me away telling me to run. I started to run, turning around to shoot a walker. Rick was behind me , only by a few steps . It wasn’t a large horde, only about 13 or so. I looked ahead and screamed as a walker slammed into me from the side and I fell to the ground. I hit my head on the concrete really hard, I felt the blood rushing to my head, I was dizzy instantly. My vision blurred as I was fighting the walker above me. As I thought that this was the end for me, I saw an arrow go through the walkers head. The walker then fell on me, as I used the last of my strength to push the zombie off of me I heard Rick say nice job. I looked up to see a man with dirty blond hair and crystal blue eyes next to me grabbing the arrow from the walkers head, I then fell into darkness as I passed out.


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Valdez3283 Valdez3283
Love this!
amazing <3
can't wait for more
tetralibria tetralibria
Just...amazing. There are no words as to how fantastic this story is so far! It gave me all these Daryl feels<3 I can't wait for more XD
WhoLocked34 WhoLocked34