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Never Trust Love

New Surroundings.

I heard voices as I started to wake up. I heard three male voices and one female voice. “We can’t have her here! Are you crazy, we don’t know who she is or who she knows? She can get us killed!” one man said. “Her name is Jessica. I don’t think she can do us any harm, she’s just a girl. And I don’t think she’s been around people for a while” I noticed that, that was Rick talking. “She don’t look that much harm, and she also don’t look like she’s eaten much in days, poor thing.” A woman said. “She Don’ look like she do a damn thing’ but ya’ never know she could kill us in our’ sleep” I heard another male say. He had a slight southern accent. I then faded off again, falling back to sleep. I woke up, this time sitting up. I looked around and noticed that I was in a tent on an air mattress. I raised my hand to my head, it was pounding. “Ouch” I said to my self as I winced in pain from touching my head. I then heard the zipper to the tent and looked over toward the opening. In came a woman with brown hair, and chocolate eyes. She was very skinny, but looks nice. “Well hello, finally awake I see.” She said. I just looked at her, not knowing what to say or if I should say anything at all. I didn’t know her, or these people. I needed to leave. “I brought you some water and some aspirin for your head.” She said setting them on a little table next to the bed. I just looked at her and at the water. I took two of the pills and swallowed them down with some water. “Thanks..” I said, not wanting to say much. I haven’t been around people in a while; I kind of forgot how to interact with anyone. I was so use to being alone, just me and my thoughts. “My names Lori, it’s nice to meet you Jessica.” She said with a smile on her face. She looked nice, but I couldn’t trust her, I couldn’t trust anyone but myself. I didn’t say anything. “Well, I brought you some clean clothes, a towel, soap, and a brush. You can take a bath down at the river, but I have to go with you.” She said, giving me a friendly look. “umm..sure I guess. I do need to get cleaned up” I said. I now had a plan, I would get cleaned up, eat what they offered then plan my escape. I would see how many people are here and then leave when they sleep. I had it all figured, I would run into the forest after I stole one of their guns. “Follow me then” Lori said as she walked out of the tent. I grabbed what she had given me and followed behind her. As I stepped out of the tent, the sun hit me blinding me for a moment. I opened my green eyes to look around. There were several tents, an RV, and 3 cars. I looked around a little more, I then saw Rick talking to some other guy with a shaved head. Over by where the fire usually is, between two tents, there sat an Asian man talking to an elderly guy. Over by a tree there were two kids talking, a boy and a girl. They looked young, maybe 10 or 11 years old. I followed Lori farther away from the tents and saw one tent that was separated from the others. There sat a man that was cleaning his bow. Then I remembered that man saved me, his dirty blond hair covering his eyes as he looked at his bow. He looked up for a moment, hearing us walk by. His crystal blue eyes met with mine and I looked away, and kept following Lori. We finally reached a little lake. “You can bathe here. I’ll sit right over by the tree; just call me over when you’re done.” She said as she sat down by a tree. “Okay” I said walking away from her, and over by the lake. ‘I could escape now’ I thought to myself. ‘But I don’t have any weapons, or food. I would be helpless, I will need to wait and stick to my plan from earlier.’ I striped from my dirt clothes, not remembering the last time that I had actually used shampoo. I looked around, feeling dangerously open. I walked into the water, the coolness sending shivers up my spine. I washed up quickly, and got out. I got dressed in what Lori had given me. It was a pair of black cargo pants, and a dark red tank top, a fresh pair of socks, and my worn out black boots. I took the brush and ran it through my wavy red/burgundy hair. It felt nice to be clean once again. I walked over to Lori and said “I’m done. Thanks..” It felt awkward to thank someone. “Are you hungry?” she asked me. I looked at her then heard my stomach growl. I’m sure she heard it to because she laughed and said “I guess you are, well were starting dinner soon. My husband Rick would like to talk to you, by the time you’re done with that it should be time to eat.” She said with a smile on her face. I followed her back to the campsite where she walked me to Rick, then left to go cook I’m assuming. “Hello Jessica” Rick said with a smile. I couldn’t help but ask “Are you a real cop?” He looked at me for a moment the replied with a simple yes. “So I just wanted to ask you a few things so that we can get to know you.” “sure” I said, thinking if I should lie to him or not. “Well first off, how old are you?” I looked at him for a moment, almost forgetting how old I am, I haven’t thought about it in a while. “I’m um.. 20 now” I said with no emotion other than confusion. “Okay. Where you with your own group, or alone out there?” For a moment I thought that I should say with a group, but I couldn’t find myself to lie, that wasn’t who I was. “I was…alone.” Before he could ask another question, I popped off with my own. “Where’s my stuff? My gun, car, bag..?” I trailed off. Thinking about my knife, the one ‘HE’ had given me. “We have your shot gun, but we weren’t able to grab your duffel bag, a horde of walkers were coming through.” He said. My heart almost stopped my knife. That was the only thing that I was worried about. I’m not sure why I still held on to something so old, but it reminded me of him. “I need my things” I said with a needing look in my eyes. “You can go tomorrow; we will find someone to go with you. Today you need to rest and get some food in your stomach.” He said. “I will ask you more questions later, it’s my turn to take watch.” And with that he left. I stood there by the fire pit. It was starting to get dark so I knew that I would have to do my plan another night. Tomorrow I would get my stuff and leave. I stood by the fire pit, when a guy came over. “hey.” He said “I’m Shane” He didn’t look at me while he talked “If you do anything stupid to hurt me or this group, I will..make you disappear.” He said, now looking and me with dark eyes. I just looked away. He put some wood in the fire pit, and started it. The smell of gasoline filled my nose. Just like that the flames rose as he through a match in the pit. I stood there standing over the pit, looking into the fire. All I could think about was ‘Him’. I felt the need to cry, but stopped myself from doing it. I couldn’t show these people any signs of weakness; I didn’t know them or what they were capable of. I needed to get away, I wanted to get away. Some people enjoyed being with people, making them feel safer. I felt safer alone, knowing that no one would hold me back. “Hello” I looked over to where the voice had come from, it was a little girl. “My names Sophia” she said. “Hello, I’m Jessica.” The little girl was the one I saw earlier, the one next to the little boy. She had short dirty blond hair, and dark blue eyes. She was a small thing, skinny. “I brought you an apple” the little girl said holding a ripe red apple in her hand towards me. “thanks..” I said as I took the apple from her, as she walked away. I sat down on the dirt covered ground, being warmed by the fire. One by one everyone came and gathered around the fire with me, everyone except that one guy, the one who had saved me; the one with the beautiful eyes. I saw Sophia next to an older looking woman who I expected to be her mother. Lori was next to rick, who was her husband, with a young boy next to them. Next to Rick was that guy Shane, the one who had threatened me. I didn’t like him and he didn’t like me, I would need to stay far away from him. Next to him was a black man, followed by an elderly man next to me on my right side, and on my left an Asian guy, with a blond next to him. I was wondering where that other guy was, wondering what he could be doing at a time like this. “So let me introduce you to everyone” Rick said smiling at me. “Rick I don’t think it’s safe if she knows all our names” Shane said with darkness in his voice. “I’m sure it would be fine if she knew our names. What’s the big deal?” the elderly man next to me said looking at Shane with a hit of annoyance in his tone. “It’s fine” Rick continued. “I’m Rick next to me is my wife Lori; who u already met. This is our son Carl. To my left is Shane; next to him is T-dog.” “Hey” he said not really looking at me. “Next to him is Dale” “hello honey” He said giving me a nice smile. “Then there is Glenn.” “Hi” he said nicely.” Next to him is Andrea” She didn’t say anything. “Next is Sophia and her mother Carol” She just smiled at me. “Then there’s Daryl, he should be back soon.” I looked around the group. “Hello” I said quietly looking into the fire. I like that name Daryl. ‘I should thank him for saving me later’ I thought to myself. We all looked past the fire, hearing the sound of foot step. Then I saw him, Daryl. “Here” he said tossing the squirrels that he had caught to Rick. “Gutted an skinned dem’” he said. That accent gave me shivers; I couldn’t look at him anymore. He didn’t sit with the group, just leaned on a nearby tree. We cooked the squirrels and at them. The group chatted while I just sat quietly. “Jessica needs to go back to the highway to get her things that we couldn’t grab the other day.” He said as he finished eating. “She needs someone to go with her” He looked at me. “I’m fine I can go alone” I said looking at him. “No. No one goes alone anywhere.” ‘Damn ‘I thought, hoping that I could just grab my stuff and leave. “Daryl you mind going with her?” He asked looking at Daryl. “Why n’ the hell I needa’ go for?” he asked. ‘What’s so wrong with going with me?’ I thought to myself, wondering why I even cared. I didn’t even know this man. “She needs someone who can watch her back, Shane and I have to go into town tomorrow, so we can’t go.” “Fine.” He said with a hint of anger in his voice. “I’m goin’ to bed” He said. He took a glance at me then looked away and walked towards his tent in the distance. “Then its settled, tomorrow you and Daryl will go grab your things.” Rick said. “Lori, can you show Jessica where she will be sleeping tonight?” He was looking at his wife. I could tell they loved each other by the way they looked at each other. Love is stupid, never trust love. It only comes with pain. Lori nodded her head and walked over to me. “Follow me.” She said with a smile and walked towards a tent a few feet away from us, the one that I had woken up in earlier. I stood up and began to turn when I heard “Goodnight” I didn’t look back but said “goodnight” still walking towards Lori. She opened the tent and stepped in, I did the same. “You will be sleeping in here with Sophia and Carol, I hope you don’t mind.” Lori said giving me a grin as she motioned to the air mattress next to us. It had a black blanket and one pillow. “It’s fine, thank you.” I replied. “Goodnight, see you in the morning” She said as she left the tent. I sat on the bed, looking at me feet. My black boots were all worn out, I would need a new pair soon. I untied them and put them next to the bed. I went under the covers and turned to face the wall of the tent. I let out a sigh, and then yawned. I closed my eyes, then thought of the kids here with the group. I then started to think about my brother, he would be 4 now. I let a tear roll out, as I slowly started to drift off.


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Valdez3283 Valdez3283
Love this!
amazing <3
can't wait for more
tetralibria tetralibria
Just...amazing. There are no words as to how fantastic this story is so far! It gave me all these Daryl feels<3 I can't wait for more XD
WhoLocked34 WhoLocked34