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Never Trust Love

The Failed Escape.

I woke up to Lori gently nudging my arm. “Hey Jessica wake up, it’s time for breakfast.” I rolled over opening my eyes to see Lori standing over me. “Okay, just give me a minute.” I replied. She walked out of the tent, as I sat up in the bed. I looked around and grabbed my socks and shoes, putting them on along with my sweater. I opened the tent and stepped out, the sun blinding me. I looked around and saw Carl, Sophia, and Lori sitting around the fire. I walked over to Rick, noticing that Daryl was standing next to him. He was tall, well taller than me. His hair all scuffed, his facial hair defining his face, his blue eyes.. I had to stop. “Hey.” I said, mostly to Rick but I was looking at Daryl. “Hey. Good morning. You and Daryl will be leaving in about 20 minutes, so be ready.” Rick said looking at me. “Do I get a weapon? My shotgun?” I asked “No, I’m sorry. Not trying to keep your stuff away from you, but we can’t quite trust you yet.” “WHAT? YOU bring me here, and take MY gun away from me?” I said not yelling but raising my voice. “I’m sorry but we don’t feel safe with you walking around with a gun when we don’t know you” he said. “Whatever.” That my only reply as I walked away. Daryl then walked away, towards a truck. “you commin’ or not? He asked. I didn’t say anything, just walked towards the truck. It was a blue, old Chevy truck. I jumped into the passenger seat and shut the door. Daryl jumped into the driver’s seat and started the truck. We were driving for about 10 minutes when he turned and looked at me. “you goina’ put yur seat belt?” I looked at him confused. “No? Why would I?” “Just wondern’” he said looking at the road. I looked at him, memorized by how perfect his lips were. ‘What the hell am I doing!’ I thought to myself. I looked away and out the window, and then remembered I wanted to thank him. “Hey Daryl?” I asked, saying him name gave me shivers on my arms. “Yea?” he asked, surprised that I was asking him a question. “I just.. wanted to thank you for saving me.” I said looking out the window. “Yeah, whatever” That was all he said. I was kind of hurt, that’s all he had to say? About 10 minutes later I saw my van. “There it is!” I said pointing at the van a few cars away from us. He pulled over; I jumped out of the truck running over to my van, Daryl walked slowly behind me. I opened the van door, and saw my bag. I quickly opened it and grabbed my knife and hid it in my boot. By the time I had it hid Daryl was behind me, I could smell him. He smelled like cigars, whiskey, sweat, and oil, he smelled wonderful. I looked in my bag again and saw my cigarettes. “Yes!” I said out loud but lowly. I grabbed one and looked for my lighter but couldn’t find one. “Here If ya’ give me one, ill light yurs’” He said holding his lighter up. I handed him one and went for the lighter and he pulled away. “Hey! You said that if I gave you one I could use your lighter.” I said angry. “I’ll be lightn’ it for yu, I aint ever let no woman touch my lighter” he said smirking. “Whatever” I replied. He lit my cigarette, and I took a long inhale, letting it flow from my mouth and nose. It felt so good to smoke one again. Then I remembered my plan, to escape. “Hey Daryl?” “Yea?” “I kind of gotta pee.” I said smiling. “Well, go over by dat tree and squat.” He said “I’ll be right here watching.” I ignored him, grabbed my ciggs and put them in my pocket. I didn’t care about anything else that I had, only my knife. I walked over to the tree, and stood behind it. I heart was racing. I finished my cigg, and tossed it on the ground, stepping on it. I looked ahead of me and to the sides, it was all forest. “Hey Jessica, yu done doin yur business yet?” I heard Daryl, he wasn’t that far from me. I took a deep breath, and then ran. I was running as fast as I could “HEY” I heard Daryl yell. ‘Shit’ I thought. I was dodging trees and running as fast as my feet could carry me. I heard his footsteps behind me. My heart was racing as I was starting to run out of breath. “ugh” the breath ran out of my lungs as I slammed against the ground. “Now why in the hell yu gon do that?” he said flipping me over and sitting on top of me, holding my arms down. “Get the fuck off of me Daryl” I said struggling. “why the fuck yu go off runnin like that? Yu tryin to get killed?” I was quite “No..just get off” He got off, and stood up.
I got up. “I just want to leave, to have my own place.. to be alone again.” I trailed off, feeling embarrassed. “after I save your ass, yu go an try n’ runn off? I don’t get it. Dumb woman” he said stepping back. “Not like I care or nuttn, you wanna leave? Go on leave then.” I looked at him for a moment, kind of sad that he didn’t care if I left or not. “I just-“I was cut off as a walker came up behind me and grabbed my hair. Daryl pulled out his cross bow and hit the walker on the head, making him fall backwards, and then shooting him in the head with the bow. “fuckn’ walker” he said spitting of the rotting corps in front of us. “Look I don’t care if you stay or go, if ya wanna leave then do it now” he said as he started to walk away from me. “If I were you I would stick around, aint nuttn out there for u but a bunch of damned walkers.” I stood in silence, not knowing whether I should follow him and take his advice, or leave on my own. I decided that I would stay; I didn’t know where I was, or where the next town would be. It was almost 4 by now. I caught up to him and followed him to my van where I grabbed my stuff and then got into the truck we came here in. We sat in silence, neither of us saying anything. We got back to the campsite and I quickly got out of the truck. I grabbed my bag and walked over to the tent I was staying in; I stepped inside, and then zipped it up. I sat on the bed, taking the knife out of my boot. I stared at it for a moment, and then hid it under the mattress. I opened the duffel bag and found the bottle of Irish whiskey that I hadn’t finished. There was about a half of bottle left. I hadn’t eaten anything all day; I skipped breakfast because I was eager to get my stuff. I took a huge swig, loving the feeling that it was giving me, going down my throat. I took a few more swigs, and then decided to join everyone outside. I stepped out of the tent, seeing the fire being started. It was about 5 or 6 pm. I looked around, not noticing Daryl anywhere. God I couldn’t get him out of my mind, he’s always the first one I look for when I come out of my tent. I walked over to the tree by the fire pit and took another swig, I was becoming buzzed already. My hand went to my pocket looking for my cigarettes, that’s when I noticed. “That bastard took my smokes” I said to myself. I walked over to Dale; he was sitting by the RV. “Hey where’s Daryl at?” I asked him. “He’s over at his tent, that way.” He said pointing towards the edge of our campsite. I walked towards in holding my bottle of whiskey in one hand. I was a bit liquored up, thinking in my head what I was going to say to him. I started to see his tent, when I said “Daryl! Where the hell is you” I got to the front of his tent, he wasn’t outside, so he must have been inside. It was starting to become dark out, but I didn’t care. I walked over to his tent and opened it, closing it when I got inside. He was sleeping on his bed, no shirt on. I stood there for a moment staring at his perfect body. “Are you just goina stand there, or say sumtin’” He moved his arm from over his eyes to look at me. “I.. You took my cigarettes!” I said. “Yea, so?” “Well give them back!” He sat up in bed and grinned at me. “I was wonderin’ how long it would take ya to notice. Here” he said tossing the pack to me. He looked at me, then noticing I had the whiskey in my hand. “Thanks.” I said, turning around to leave the tent. Before I could reach the zipper he grabbed my arm. “Hey now, why don’t you share that drink of yours with me, ya know for savin your ass an all.” The feeling of him touching me was strange, in a good way. “Fine, Here” I said thinking that all he wanted was the alcohol, then for me to leave. “Why don’t you sit down, and play a little game of ‘if’?” “What’s ‘if’?” I asked him. He sat down on his bed and looked at me. “Well you goin to sit down or what?” I blushed, noticing that I had to sit on the bed with him. I sat down on the bed across from him, then asking again. “What’s ‘If’?” “Well ‘If’ is a game where you say something and if you have done it, you take a drink.” He said with a smirk on his face. Already a bit buzzed I wasn’t going to back out, no matter how nervous I was. “Alright then little lady, since you’ve never played I’ll go first.” He took the bottle cap of the whisky and handed it to me, then pulled a bottle of Jack Daniels from his bag and opened it for himself. “Ok. Take a drink if you have ever killed a walker.” I looked at him, then said “You know I have” “then take a drink, damn woman I already told you how to play.” We both took a swig. “Good now your turn.” “Okay, um. Take a drink if you have ever owned an animal.” I said “that a dumb question, but whatever.” We both took another swig. “Let’s have a little fun, take a drink if you ever touched yourself.” He said with a smile on him face, his crystal blue eyes looking at me. “What no that’s personal!” I said objecting. “Come on now don’t be so stuck up.” I took a swig, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks. “Well, well, we got a dirty girl.” “Shut up. Take a drink if you’ve ever watched porn.” I said He took a drink, but I didn’t. “What no way you’ve never watched porn?” “Nope” I said with a smile. We did a few other stupid, random questions. Not long later we were both drunk. “Okay, take a drink if you’ve ever had sex in a car” he took a swig, but I didn’t. “What, damn girl your no fun.” He said slurring his words a bit. “Well I’ve only had sex once.” Letting it slip out before I could think about what I was saying. He looked at me, taking another swig then putting him bottle down. “Oh really, well we should change that.” He said leaning in as he said it. I could feel his breath on my skin as he spoke, sending shivers down my spine. I blushed as he ran his hand over mine and up my arm. I pulled back, and then he came in closer. He whispered in my ear, feeling his breath on my next sent shivers down my spine. “ya know you got really perrty eyes.” “Thanks.” I said my voice cracking, not really knowing what else to say. He was real close to me, his hand on my shoulder. He gently pushed me backwards, laying me down with him on top of me. “We shouldn’t.. your drunk..” I said. “So? Its not like it will mean sumtin, just fun.” He said. I looked into his eyes, and could tell that he meant it. I felt a pain in my chest after what he said. Before I could say anything his lips were on mine, my heart jumped. I looked up at him, his eyes were closed and he kissed me. I closed my eyes, letting the alcohol and hormones in my body take control as I kissed him back. The feeling was unreal, something I thought I would never feel again. My arms slowly went up to rap against him next as we kissed. He pressed his hips against mine; I could feel his bulge against me. I let out a gasp as his lips traveled to my neck, kissing gently. “Say my name” He said in a husky, deep voice. “W-what?” I said, full well knowing what he said. He pressed harder against me, biting my neck he said it again. “Say my name” “D-Daryl.” I said with a slight moan to it as he moved one of his hands from my hand to my belly, slowly climbing under my shirt to my breast. He slipped under my bra and grabbed them with a force to it, but gentle not to hurt me. I moaned his name again. He then crept his hand down towards my pants button; I put my hand on him whispering “No”. “Come on” He replied in a wanting tone. ‘It’s only for fun’ the words he said ran through my mind. “No- I have to go..” I said pushing him off of me. I stood up off the bed and pulled down my shirt. I looked back at him, and then left the tent. I ran towards my tent, thoughts running through my head; pain in my chest. I opened the tent and stepped in, closing it behind me. I saw Sophia and Carol sleeping and quietly slipped off my shoes and into bed. I laid there, heart pounding. ‘It’s not like it will mean anything, it’s only for fun.’ His voice and words replaying in my head, over and over. ‘I can’t like him’ I said to myself. ‘I can’t..’ and with that I fell asleep.


Please update

Valdez3283 Valdez3283
Love this!
amazing <3
can't wait for more
tetralibria tetralibria
Just...amazing. There are no words as to how fantastic this story is so far! It gave me all these Daryl feels<3 I can't wait for more XD
WhoLocked34 WhoLocked34