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Never Trust Love


The next morning I didn’t was to get of bed; I wanted to just lay here forever. My head ran with the thoughts of what happened last night with Daryl, I quickly pushed those thoughts away. I sat up in bed, looking around the empty tent. Carols and Sophia’s bed was made, that’s when I noticed a pile of clothes on the side of my bed with a note.
‘Jessica, I got these clothes for you I hope they fit. –Carol’
I would have to thank her later, but decided to go bathe first. I looked at the clothes, it was black sorts; kind of too short for my likening, with a dark red tank top. I grabbed the clothes and exited the tent. I looked around outside, there was no one around. ‘That’s kind of weird’ I thought, thinking nothing of it as I walked to where the lake was. When I got there I stripped down, looking at the beautiful inviting water before me. I left on my underwear and bra, to wash them in the water while I was there. I walked into the water, dipping my head under to refresh myself. When I was done washing myself I walked towards land when I heard something from the bushes. I walked backwards, deeper into the water. I watched being as quiet as I could be. Out from behind I saw a tall white man, black hair with brown eyes. My heart stopped as I saw him scanning over my stuff. “Hey you! Sweet cheeks, out of the water.” He said looking at me. “Why should I?” “because.” He said pointing a gun at me. “I have a gun.” I slowly walked out of the water, covering my soaking wet bra with my arms. “Well hell, you’re sexy.” I looked away, not wanting to see his beating eyes stair at my soaking wet skin. I felt goose bumps crawl over my skin as he touched my arm. He then grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. I pulled away, pushing him in the process. “Dumb bitch you should have done that.” He said as I ran as fast as I could towards the camp site. When I was in the camp site, I saw Daryl. I went to scream his name when I felt the butt of the gun hit the back of my head, knocking me out and sending me to the ground. I opened my eyes and noticed I couldn’t move my arms, they were tied behind me. I then heard the man’s voice talking to someone. “Damn fucking bitch ran. She got some guys attention now he’s tracking us. It’s only a matter of time until he finds us.” I looked around I was in some kind of shed; I looked to the left and saw a rotting corps with a gun wound in her head. It was a child, couldn’t have been more than 7 years old. I couldn’t look. To my right I saw a table with ammo on it, but no guns. I looked down and noticed I was still basically naked. I wanted to cry, the feeling of giving up overtook my body. The man then entered the room, the one who had taken me. “So your awake, thanks to you that man is looking for us. You’re going pay for running away from me.” He said with this horrible look in his eyes. He walked towards me picking me up from the ground and slamming me over the table that was to my right. I cringed in pain as he pressed his body against mine. “If he’s going find us, I might as well have some fun with you before he gets here.” Tears started to fill my eyes as his hand reached around me grabbing my neck. “Don’t yell.” He said in a dark voice. The tears fell as he moved his hand to my chest, grabbing my breast; hurting me. He then moved his had to my undies, pulling them down to where they fell around my ankles. When he did that I jerked backwards out of instinct, he didn’t like that. He grabbed something out of his pocket, I heard the sound of a pocket knife opening and my heart started to race. I yelled as his knife slit the side of my back, I could feel my blood pour out of the wound. “I said to not fucking yell!” he said as the knife slit my inner thigh. I didn’t yell this time; instead I let the tears flow quietly. I wanted to die, I wanted him to slit my thought and get it over with. He then undid his pants and let them fall as he entered me from behind. I let out a gasp, as the pain shot through me. I’ve only had sex one other time, and this time I didn’t even want it. I could feel his hands pressing against my back, into the table; it was getting hard to breath. He grabbed my hair pulling my head back then slamming my head against the table; I felt my teeth enter my lip, as I tasted the blood run from my lips. I started to thrust faster, my body went numb. He turned me over so I was facing him; the he punched me in the stomach, throwing me to the floor. I hit the floor with a thud, pain shooting through my side. He walked over to me, grabbing me by the hair and pulled me up to my knees. “Suck” he said I looked up at him with tears, realizing what he wanted me to do. “No” I said before I thought of the consequences. He slapped me across the face, still holding my hair I could feel the burning sensation on the side of my face. I did what he told me and put my lips around the head of his penis in front of me. He put both hands on my head and started to thrust in my mouth, I couldn’t breathe. My head started to become dizzy, and my vision blurry. Before I was able to pass out, he stopped and pulled me up, again slamming me on the table so he was behind me. He entered me again, this time his hands were around my neck as he choked me. I could feel my lungs fight for air, everything started to go black. I went limp as I could feel my life leaving my body; right before everything went black he finished inside me. I felt him pull out as my body fell to the ground. I saw him look at me with his disgusting eyes. He bent down towards me and took his knife out once again; he spread my legs then engraved ‘MINE’ on my inner thigh. I wanted to let out a scream, but I couldn’t. I lay there, tears still flowing as I watched him fix himself and leave me there. I slowly started to fade as my eyes became heavy; I used the last of my energy to curl up in the fetal position. Before everything went back, I saw Daryl. I thought it was a dream, I whispered “Daryl?” before everything completely went black.


Please update

Valdez3283 Valdez3283
Love this!
amazing <3
can't wait for more
tetralibria tetralibria
Just...amazing. There are no words as to how fantastic this story is so far! It gave me all these Daryl feels<3 I can't wait for more XD
WhoLocked34 WhoLocked34