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Never Trust Love


I sat down on his bed, him sitting next to me. He continued to kiss me as I kissed back, the feeling was incredible. The feelings of his soft lips against my slightly chapped ones. He moved his hand to my waist then to the small of my back, pulling me closer to him. I winced in pain as his hand went over the cut on my side. He pulled back looking worried.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"It's the cuts-they still hurt a lot." I told him, looking down for a second.

"What cuts?" He looked at me with a look of anger and worry.

"I uh-I'll show you." I said, lifting my shirt and pulling it over my head. I put it on the bed next to me. I looked down, my black bra was getting old I needed a new one.

He looked at the cuts on my waist, and then saw the bruises around my hips. "Pull down your pants, did he do anything else?"

"He...” I was holding back the tears as I saw what had happened in my head. The events that had made my life a living hell. "He raped me and beat me, then left me to die...” I said as the tears started to come freely, the images of the man burned in my head.

"I wanna see your legs." He said with darkness in his voice, the sound of hate.

I stood up and gently pulled down my pants, not feeling embarrassed in front of him, I knew he wouldn't do anything. He looked at my legs seeing the cuts and bruises; he then saw something that made him go over the edge. 'MINE' was carved into my skin on my inner thigh. He gently ran his fingers across it, as I flinched.

"He goina fuckn pay for what he did. No man should ever do that to a woman." He was really angry.

I pulled up my pants as I started to cry more, I never want to cry, but this was too much. "I-I should leave, I'm disgusting...” I said as I reached for my shirt.

"Fuck no, you aint goin nowhere without me." He pulled me down to where I was sitting on his lap, my back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around my waist then said "You aint disgusting either." He laid me on his bed, the smell of him on his blankets. He had a plain black blanket, with gray sheets. His bed was unmade, and the pillows were sprawled apart. We laid facing each other, his crystal blue eyes staring into mine as my eyes traveled over his features. His hair was dirty, greasy, but I didn’t look bad. No he looked good dirty, almost irresistible.

"Do you have any alcohol?" I asked, needing the liquid to make me smile.

"Yeah I got some." He said as he reached next to the bed where there was a small duffel bag, and pulled out a bottle of cheap vodka, and he handed it to me.

I sat up and took a swig, the burning feeling making me feel alive. As it hit my stomach I shivered in delight. "You want some?" I asked handing him the bottle. He took it and took a swig, a bigger one than mine.

After drinking for a while I started to talk about my past, telling him everything. "I had to kill my mom and my brother; it was the worst thing I have ever had to do. I don't understand why I had to go through all this, why my life has to be so horrible. Even before the break out, it was horrible."

"How so?" He said, listening.
"Well, I had a boyfriend. The only one I've ever had, his name was Jack. I was with him for 5 months, he took my virginity." I looked down; I didn't want to see the look on his face. "I thought I loved him, and I thought he loved me. He had been cheating on me the whole time; also sending photos I had sent to him that were, well private to his friends. I kept the knife he gave me to remind me to never trust love, because it's not real."

"What's wrong with guys these days don't they know how to treat a damn woman?" Daryl said sitting back taking another swig of the vodka. "By the way, when's your birthday?"

I looked at him then said "July 29th."

"That's coming up soon, we should celebrate." He said winking at me, I blushed.

I grabbed the bottle of vodka and took a swig. I felt better than I had in days, safer too. He was looking at me, a look of want and need. "Kiss me" I suddenly said. He looked shocked for a moment. Then his lips gently touched mine, my eyes closing. "Daryl, do you care about me?" I said stopping the kiss.

"Yeah, more than I have ever cared about anyone. You're mine now, aint no one goina take you from me. I'll protect you from everything, and everyone."

His lips pressed on mine once again, this time I let myself go. I kissed him with force, as he returned it. I lay on my back as he climbed on top of me; his hands were holding mine above my head. He moved his lips to my neck, gently kissing and sucking. I moaned out, letting him know I was loving the way he made my body feel. He then moved his hands to my shirt, lifting it above my head. I lay below him as he stared at my body.

"You're beautiful." He whispered, almost to himself.

He ran his hand over my body down to where my shorts met my hips; slowly he put one finger in between the fabric and my skin, slowly slid his finger around, teasing me. I put my hands in his hair and pulled him to me, kissing him again. I lowered my hands, playing with the button to his pants.

"Don't tease me." He growled as I then unbuttoned them.

I then raised my hand to his shirt, pulling it off his body and throwing it to the side of the bed. We were kissing violently as his hands traveled my body, exploring every inch that he could reach. He growled as I bit his neck, and then kissed it. He couldn't take it anymore; he sat back and pulled of my black shorts, leaving my underwear on. I wrapped my legs around his hips, pressing me against him, feeling his bulge press against me. I flipped him over and pulled off his pants, making sure to leave his boxers on. I climbed slowly back on top of him, kissing from his waist band up to his lips, and then reaching his lips; kissing him. He wrapped his hands behind me, unclipping my bra as he tossed it to the side. He began kissing my breast, sucking gently on my nipple, making me moan in pleasure. I slowly went down, pulling his boxers down with me. I went back up looking at his penis and I gently wrapped my hand around it. I kissed the tip as I slowly let it enter my mouth. His head went back in pleasure and I began to go faster. He grabbed my hair bringing me back up to him.

"Now." He growled. He flipped me over so he was on top, and pulled down my underwear, flinging them across the tent. He put the head of his penis at my entrance teasing me as he slightly put it in then pulled it out.

"Please, I need you." I whispered, my eyes closed. He then pushed it in, making me gasp in pleasure. He thrusted in and out of me, making me gasp in pure ecstasy.

"Say my name" He said. I didn't say anything so he stopped.

"No don't stop."

"Then say my name." He repeated.

"Daryl." I moaned as he thrusted deep inside of me. He grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to him and he kept going. "Oh Daryl, I-I think ima **." I said moaning between words. He kept going; I wrapped my arms around his neck, as I felt him shudder. He fell next to me, pulling me close to his body.

"Stay with me." He said, his eyes were closed and I could tell he was going to fall asleep.

"As long as you want me." I replied as we both slowly drifted to sleep, not knowing that a nightmare would enter my dreams, showing me all my fears and worries.


Please update

Valdez3283 Valdez3283
Love this!
amazing <3
can't wait for more
tetralibria tetralibria
Just...amazing. There are no words as to how fantastic this story is so far! It gave me all these Daryl feels<3 I can't wait for more XD
WhoLocked34 WhoLocked34