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Somewhere in Neverland

What it's not there

It took us a good two days to get down to Georgia. The reason it took us so long is because, we had to take back roads. We would switch drivers every few hours and had to stop to eat. I wasn’t sure if we were going to actually find anything at the CDC. We hadn’t seen anybody for months before we left our house and all we saw was walkers on the way down.

“Chase, do you think that there will be any people down at the CDC? I haven’t seen any living person since before we left.” I was scared.

“Ariel, we will be fine and if there aren’t people there then we will figure something out. I love you.” He put his hand on my shoulder.

We have been in Georgia for about a day now. While we were driving down the road I could see smoke in the distance.

“Chase, I don’t think that we should go towards the smoke. It looks like a large fire.” I know that there would be walkers in the area and we have been lucky to not have seen too many.

“That is the area of the CDC, we need to, I’m sorry.” He continued driving down the road.

When we got closer we saw a building on fire. The closer we got, the more the reality set in. It was the CDC or what was left of it. It wasn’t there anymore, we made this trip for nothing.

“Ariel, I am so sorry. I really did think that this would be there and the cure would be here.” I could tell that Chase was upset about it.

“It’s fine babe. I understand that you thought this was the best thing for us.”

I wasn’t sure what we were going to do now, but we needed to find somewhere safe now. It was getting dark and I could see walkers in the distance.

“Chase, are you thinking what I am thinking?” I knew he could read my mind. He has always been able since the first time we met.

“If you are thinking about shelter for the night, then yes I am. Keep on the lookout for something.”

We looked for a good two hours before we found a building that was safe. Chase pulled the truck into the building and we locked it up. I knew that this place was going to be safe, I could feel it.

While Chase was unloading the equipment out, I was starting a fire and cooking dinner. We haven’t eaten all day so I knew he would be hungery.

“Babe, tomorrow I think we should look for a stream. We haven’t bathed in two days, and we are getting pretty dirty.” I told Chase. The last time we bathe it was back home.

“I know babe, I think the same thing. Tomorrow we will look.”

I don’t understand why we just don’t go back to the house. We knew the area and the house. I loved the house, it was protection and shelter. We lived there during the beginning of the outbreak and we made it this far.

“Babe, can I ask you a question?”


“Why don’t we just go back to the house? I mean we knew the area, the house, it was shelter, and protected us. I would rather be there and here. We don’t know this place.”

“There is a reason. When we were leaving, walkers took over the house. We couldn’t live there now. It was just a matter of time before it happened. I knew we needed to get out of there and the sooner we did the better. I heard about the cure down here and knew this would be good. I didn’t want to get bit and die in the house. You loved it so much. I didn’t want you to remember the house by that is where you had to kill me. I didn’t want to remember the house if you got bit. I love you so much and I couldn't stand to lose you.” Chase looked down at his hands.

I put my hand on his.

“Chase, I understand. Thank you. I love you too. Let’s get some sleep; we will be up early tomorrow.” I laid down and pulled Chase down beside me. This might be the best night sleep we have gotten since we left the house.


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Please continue! I just found this, read it all and want to know what happens next :)