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Somewhere in Neverland


We didn't have good luck while hunting. Chase and I got into a fight, we weren't even talking to each other. I had yelled at him for bring us down here. We should have stayed in West Virginia. We had shelter, food, hunting areas, and we knew where everything is.

I still made dinner though, but after I was done eating I walked into the tent and went to sleep or at least tried to. Every noise outside the tent I would end up being wide awake.

I heard Chase come into the tent and I knew that his back would be away from me. When we were back home and we would fight he would sleep in the spare room, but it didn't happen a lot.

The next morning Chase got up without talking to me. He packed the things and went to the truck. I followed him and got in the truck. I wonder where we were going but it didn't matter.

"Chase, could you tell me what we are doing?"

"Why? So you can tell me what to do and make me fell like shit?"

"No, I just want to know the plan." I still can't believe he was mad at me.

"Hopefully, we will be able to hunt something today." he went back to looking at the road.

After a couple of hours, Chase pulled off the road. He got out of the truck and I followed him again.

More hours went by before we saw anything. It was a little animal. Chase shot it. The shot rang for a good while.

I was hoping that there weren't any walkers around us.

Chase and I went to walk back to the truck when I heard the noise. I turned around to see if I was right and there was a herd of walkers coming our way.

"Chase, Run. There is a herd." I yelled at him as I started to run.

"Oh Shit, Ariel back to the truck, lets got" Chase grabbed my hand and we starting running.

I wasn't ready to die. I didn't want the walkers to get us. As soon as we got into the truck Chase took off.

We drove for hours hoping to get away from the walkers and needed to find a safe place to stay.

We came across a town I think. I saw lights on us and people shooting.

"Please stop." Chase said

"Get out of the truck. Hands up." People came over to us.

Oh great we are going to die.

"Who are you?" A guy asked us.

"I'm Chase and this is my wife Ariel. We were just passing though. Didn't know that there was a town here. We aren't from here. Please just let us leave." Chase was telling the guy.

"Well, we don't let people just pass us by. But if you don't tell anyone about us then we might let you leave later. But for now you are coming with us."

We had to follow this guy. Guns were pressed up against our heads as we headed into the town.


Please continue! I just found this, read it all and want to know what happens next :)