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Somewhere in Neverland

The Governor

After we were in the town the guys had moved us into a building. The people who took us, put Chase and I in separate rooms. They took all of our weapons. I was worried about Chase. I knew that he wasn't going to be happy about this. These people also don't seem very nice. I hope that we are able to get out of the place. I was worried about our truck. I didn't want anyone taking our supplies. I knew that we should have gone back to West Virginia, I knew that we couldn't go back to our house but still we could take over some other house that hasn't been over run.

The door opened to my room and a man walks in. I can just tell by the look of him that he is probably the leader.

"I'm the Governor. My men told me that they found you and that guy out in the woods. What were you doing in the woods?" He didn't seem like a nice guy.

"Your men should have just left us alone. We weren't hurting anyone or bothering anyone. We were hunting animals for the meat. We needed the meat. You should let us leave."

"That isn't going to happen. Where are you guys hold up at, where is your camp?" I don't know what he is talking about.

"We don't have a camp and we weren't hold up anywhere. We have been traveling and never stayed in the same place longer than a night." I don't know why he is telling me these things.

There was a knock on the door and a guy popped his head in. The Governor walked out of the room. A few minutes later a girl was shoved into the room.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"My name is Ariel. My husband and I were taken my the Governors men. He keeps asking me stupid questions. He just left."

"Oh. Well my name is Maggie. My boyfriend and I were out on a supply run and this guy who use to be in our group took us here. By force."

The door opened back up.

"Well, your boys aren't telling us anything, so it looks like I have to get the answers out of you. First though I want you to take your shirts off."

"Umm. . I don't think so." I told him.

"You are going to do as I say or something will happen to your boy."

Maggie and I did as we were told. We were now shirt less. I was worried that we were going to get rapped. After what seemed like a long ass time we were taken to where the boys were.

Chase looks like crap. His face isn't normal. It looks like he was beaten almost to death. There was a walker in the room. Chase gave me one of his shirts to put on and the other guy in the room looked worse. He gave Maggie his shirt also.

The Governor came back into the room and put a gun to the guys face and was asking Maggie questions. She said they lived at a prison.

The Governor seemed happy and left.

Later that night we were coming up with a plan to get out of here when we heard shots.

Two guys came into the room and looked very happy about seeing the guy and Maggie. They looked at Chase and I.

"Do we take them also?"

"Yes, lets go!" One picked up the guy and one picked up Chase and we were on our way out.

The guy who had Chase stayed back to proved cover and Chase wanted to do the same.

When we were out of the town we looked behind us and didn't see the guy or Chase.

"We have got to go back in for Daryl."

They made up their minds. I was worried about Chase. I wasn't ready to lose him yet and I don't know if I could handle it if he didn't come back.

A couple of hours later the people came back. Chase wasn't with them.

"Hey, where is the guy that was with you?" I asked the man who had Chase when we left.

"I'm sorry, the Governor killed him. Sent walkers after him and they got to him and killed him. I made sure to shoot him in the head so that he didn't turn. I'm so sorry for you lost." He looked down at the ground.

I didn't get to say good bye to him. I didn't get to tell him that I loved him or anything else. I don't even get to bury him.

I started crying. I didn't know what I was going to do without him.

The guy who broke the news to me, came over and patted my back. I turned to him and cried on his shoulder.


What do you think?


Please continue! I just found this, read it all and want to know what happens next :)