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I Ain't Gonna Let You Die

Now Leaving Atlanta

After a few moments of quick and quiet maneuvering, Merle and I crouched just a few feet away from the now empty van. It looked like it used to belong to a soccer mom due to the cheesy “I [HEART] Sports” sticker and the now dirty, blood spattered stick figure family on the back of it. I shook my head at the once innocent and poetic nature of the stickers.
Merle began to stalk towards the van, looking around cautiously as he approached it. He jerked his head towards the van, indicating for me to follow his movements. I did as his silent communication instructed, and followed him low to the ground. Merle was peering into the driver’s side window when I came up behind him. He was chuckling.
“Dumb asses left the damn keys in her.”
“Good!” I whispered excitedly. “Lets just take it and get the fuck outta here.”
“Das the plan, baby girl…” Merle muttered over his shoulder as he quietly clicked the door handle open. He jerked his head once more, telling me to get into the car. I did as such and he immediately came in after me. He shut the door without a sound and smiled at me.
“Some luck, huh?” He ironically asked me, gesturing to the dashboard with his one good hand. I just nodded and pointed to the keys left in the ignition.
“Lets go.”
“Ai’righ’…” He said, turning the key swiftly. The engine roared to life. It was much louder than we both had expected it to be, for we both jumped. Without hesitation, Merle shifted it into drive and floored it. The tires screamed in protest but soon took off spinning, sending us towards the outskirts of town in a massive hurry.
“Poor suckers.” Merle laughed as he weaved between cars and the dead remains of what were once people. I grinned at him.
“Lets go get Daryl and get the hell away from those fucked up people.” I suggested, looking at him.
“Naw…” He began, shaking his head and frowning. “We gon’ go back there, get our shit and tell Daryl that we leavin’ that place. An’ then, well, then Imma have a nice one on one friendly fuckin’ chat with dat asshole nigger.”
I sighed silently, and nodded in slight agreement. I looked out the semi dusty, grimy window and smiled softly. I must have made some sort of noise because Merle asked me what it was. I turned back to look at him driving and smiled again.
“Nothing really…” I began, “This is just the first time in a long time that things feel like they did a while ago. Just you an’ me, driving, bickering a bit.”
“I hate to break it to ya, but it ain’t never gonna be like it was before, baby girl…” He told me honestly, looking in my direction for a moment.
“I know, I know.” I responded in almost a whisper, seeing a ‘Now Leaving Atlanta’ sign, “It’s nice to think it might, though.”
“Ain’t nothin’ you can have now but your silly womanly hope, Bray. Jus‘ do your thang and do that…” He said, looking at me and trying to sound loving in his own way. He smiled at me, not looking from my eyes until I smiled back. I looked to my hands in my lap and then back to him with a small smile.
“You’re wrong though.” I started, he looked at me again. “I got my hope and your stupid ass.”
He chuckled lowly, staring at me again and not the road, “Course ya do. Yer stuck wit me, sugar. Ya can‘t resist this much Dixon charm.”
Just as I was about to give him a snarky comment back, I yelled at him to look out as a huge group of biters came stumbling and shuffling into the road at once. The fuckers came out of nowhere. Merle yelled “shit!”, tryint to slam on the brakes and swerve but it was too late.
Merle and I crashed into the crowd of dead going about 75MPH. The tires of the van squealed loudly as the brakes grinded into the hubs and glass shattered inwardly at our faces. We came to a stop after what seemed like minutes, smoke billowing from the front end. I looked over to Merle in a blurry, foggy haze who was now unconscious and draped over the steering wheel with a gash above his eyebrow.
I gasped for air from the seat belt that was imbedded into the skin of my neck. My vision was going in and out of focus, and my head was swimming with pain as I tried to undo the seatbelt. Once free from my belt, I tried to sit up but blackness began to overcome me even against my best efforts to stay away from its welcoming shroud.
The last thing that I could remember from the crash was seeing a whole ass load of biters stalking towards our vulnerable selves and a big Army jeep coming to an abrupt stop with a handful of men running towards the biters, weapons in hand.
Just as I was about black out into unconsciousness, I saw a man wearing all black look into the car and smile wide as he began to kill off the group of biters. Then everything went out.


Aaaand this is where the story will be left to my own devices for the most part.
It will mainly be AU with some accuracies to the show and comic.
Fingers crossed!
Comments = <3
Thank you for reading!


Thank you! I appreciate it lots n lots<3
i sure will^^

Dixon-Vixon Dixon-Vixon

This is some good stuff, bruh. Keep up the good work! :)


BossTrolling BossTrolling

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate both the kind words and ideas! I can definitely agree with how Merle is horribly under appreciated character. Yes, he is an ass but he is a good man and hidden hero(:
thank you for your feedback and opinion<3

Dixon-Vixon Dixon-Vixon

Very good, and although, I'm not the biggest fan of Rick, especially until season three - ish, I really hope both of them go back to the group. Maybe she can convince Merle to stay long enough for Daryl and them to get there. Ionno. I never really thought about Daryl having a best friend that was Merle's lover or anything. I think that'd probably hurt him more than just loosing his brother, but I'm glad that Merle got some love, too. I feel like he's a character that's majorly under appreciated. Keep up the good work, hon.(: <3