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I Ain't Gonna Let You Die


What I can only assume was a good amount of time later, I came to from my blow. Merle was staring at me intently; he looked more pissed than I had ever seen him in the ten years of us being together. I forced a smile at him as I tried to reach for my throbbing skull but was unable to. I heard a clink and felt something tugging on my wrist.
“What the--?”
“Easy now, darlin’.” Merle cooed as he gestured at our handcuffed wrists. “Aint no use fussin’.”
I glared at the cuffs that laid on our wrists, threaded between a decent sized metal pipe. There was only the black fuck, T, on the roof with us, looking very uneasy. I tugged at my wrist despite Merle’s words and yelled out. I started pulling harder and harder until I realized that I was only jerking Merle’s hand around with mine. I stopped abruptly, glowering towards the stupid man.
“Are you fucking kidding me?!” I screamed at him. “Get me the fuck outta these!”
“Would ya just stop your damn yellin’, girl?” T angrily scolded.
“S’cuse me?! Don’t you fuckin’ talk to her like that, ya fuckin’ piece of nigger shit!” Merle hollered defensively.
“No, you stop talking you damn bastard!” I fussed loudly. “Give me the goddamn key.”
“I cant do that til everyone comes back…” He mumbled, messing with a walkie talkie he had in his trembling hands. “Anyone out there hear me? If ya do, please respond. I’m getting real sick of hearin’ my own voice.”
“That makes two of us.” Merle spoke with venom.
“Man, shut the hell up. I aint the one handcuffed to a pipe.”
“Merle…” I spoke softly. “My head kills.”
He looked at me with nothing but anger again. I furrowed my brow and glared back at him, not sure what the look was for. He only shook his head and looked away.
“What?” I spat.
“Ya fuckin’ stupid, Bray!” T laughed at Merle which only caused him to thrash out and try to kick him. He shook his head at Merle and stood up to walk away from us. Once he was out of hearing range I punched Merle in the chest and called him an asshole.
“I didn’t do anything!”
“Yes, ya did! Damnit, woman. Ya got yaself handcuffed wit me.”
“He hit you, Merle! What was I supposed to do? Let him kick the shit out of you? You just had to get cocky and cause shit. You were worried about ME coming with you on this run? Ha! What a fucking joke. You always do this shit, Merle!”
“Woman, I swear to ya, ya better watch ya mouth or I--” He was cut short from finishing his empty threat by two people running back onto the roof. They were yelling about having a way out and that we needed to move as quickly as possible because the biters were almost in the building.
Upon hearing the good news, T ran from the roof to the staircase leading down stairs, leaving Merle and I behind. We both looked at one another dumbfounded. Just as we were both about to flip shit, he stopped in his tracks, turning to us. He looked torn. I thought that he was going to run away after all, he turned back to us and ran in our direction. As hope was about to settle in for me for us being freed, he tripped… He fucking tripped, dropping the handcuff key. We all gasped, watching the key fly through air, almost as if it were in slow motion. The key flew through the air and landed directly in a drain. My mouth hit the ground, completely shocked and in utter disbelief.
“No, no, no!” Merle yelled out. “You stupid fucking nigger, ya did it on purpose!”
“No, I didn’t. I’m- I’m sorry!” He yelled back. “I didn’t mean to.”
“What are we supposed to do?!” I half screamed in Merle’s direction, jerking on the cuffs and pipe violently now.
Merle looked me in the eyes and for the first time in a very long time I saw fear budding its way to the surface. He pursed his lips and looked away from me, back to T. The look of fear in his eyes died out and turned into full on rage.
“You killed us!” He hollered at the top of his lungs. “You’ve fucking killed us!”
“No, no… It’ll be okay! I’ll- I’ll chain the door. We’ll come back. I promise!” He stammered out quickly before running towards the door, giving us one last pathetic look before slamming the door shut. Merle and I sat there, stuck and silent. Neither of us knew what to say. We were stuck, handcuffed to a fucking pipe. For the first time, ever, in the presence of Merle, I felt absolutely helpless.


Two posts in one night is pretty on top of it for me right now.
I hope all of you are liking this so far.
My favorite chapter that I have written so far is coming up next!
Please let me know if you like it, don't like it, have issues or concerns, etc.
Thank you for reading!


Thank you! I appreciate it lots n lots<3
i sure will^^

Dixon-Vixon Dixon-Vixon

This is some good stuff, bruh. Keep up the good work! :)


BossTrolling BossTrolling

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate both the kind words and ideas! I can definitely agree with how Merle is horribly under appreciated character. Yes, he is an ass but he is a good man and hidden hero(:
thank you for your feedback and opinion<3

Dixon-Vixon Dixon-Vixon

Very good, and although, I'm not the biggest fan of Rick, especially until season three - ish, I really hope both of them go back to the group. Maybe she can convince Merle to stay long enough for Daryl and them to get there. Ionno. I never really thought about Daryl having a best friend that was Merle's lover or anything. I think that'd probably hurt him more than just loosing his brother, but I'm glad that Merle got some love, too. I feel like he's a character that's majorly under appreciated. Keep up the good work, hon.(: <3