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Transitory page 1

Daryl didn't know her name. He didn't know anyone in camp. He and Merle were making plans to leave them in a few days – why bother getting to know these walking lunch boxes. Between the lot of them he figured only about two would survive. It wouldn't be that nagging former housewife of her pansy-ass kid. The ex-cop might make it if he could pull his face from her pussy. But for the most part they were a bunch of over weight, suburban bleeding-hearts that were waiting for 'normal' to come back. Daryl knew that wasn't happening. More and more people were being brought into camp everyday and she had arrived just like any other shivering, half-wit. But there was something off about her – it set him on edge that he couldn't figure it out. Not that Daryl cared – it was something to ponder while he whittled bolts and waited for his brother to 'say the word'.

Merle had been naming all the women by the cup sizes and giving them a grade to match. The housewife was a solid B. The spic with two kids was a C minus because of her color. The two blond sisters… well they were a 'double D plus'. Merle had made a game of watching them bounce around camp. The younger one would smile at them but the older one was a total bitch. Taking herself too seriously and demanding that everyone else do the same.

"Fuck her." Daryl mumbled when she shot them a dirty look. She knew what they were doing. Merle just smiled.

"I'd love to…" He howled the last part of his sentence. They both frowned when the ex-cop - who wore his pants to high - gave them a look.

"Hey what do ya give those?" Daryl said and nodded to one of the new members of the camp.

"A second go at puberty – I think she failed." Merle said. "Plus she looks like a chink – 'A-minus'." Daryl started calling her that in his head and it was quite the astute nickname. At first he thought she was underage but then he heard her tell one of the blond sisters that she was actually twenty-five. Her breasts – if they could be called that – were in fact an A-cup. Barely peaking the front of her shirt at all. For such a tiny thing she did have a nice round ass and thighs so Merle bumped her up to a solid A after a day or two. Ironically Daryl had learned her name after that. And that was only because the older blond sister called her:

"Bo! Can you help us with the laundry?" Andrea called.

"Sure, what do I have to do?" Daryl looked up when he heard her voice. It was deep, distinctive even if you only heard it once. It's like God was originally planning to make her a boy but then changed his mind at the last minute. She took the empty basket from Andrea and got simple instructions before she went about collecting dirty clothes. She hit up the families with young children first, then the men that protected the camp – she winced a bit when they deposited their blood and sweat stained shirts and pants. And last but not least she walked up to Daryl – not knowing that he and Merle did their own 'washing' so as not to be dependent on anyone. "Got any dirty clothes?" she asked. As she stood there Daryl suddenly realized he could smell himself. He dropped his eyes to the ground when she just continued to look at him expectantly.

"Well ain't you sweet." Merle said as he came out their tent with a few shirts and pants in his hand. "Have fun darlin' and no starch on the undies." She laughed at his joke and turned to leave now that her basket was full. Merle could always be counted on to take things too far. Daryl felt his hand breeze past his head and looked up just in time to see it connect his Bo's ass. Merle hissed at the sound it made and grinned wide when she turned to him.

"Don't fucking touch me!" She screamed and Daryl was surprised at how high pitched she got. Shane was over there in a second – scowling at them disapprovingly.

"Hey, thought we talked about you keeping your hands to yourself there." Shane said before he looked down at Daryl.

"I didn't do nothing." He said automatically. It had been something he got in the habit of doing since he was young and Merle did something that got them both in trouble.

"Just an appreciative gesture there, officer." Merle said before he winked at Bo. She just walked off when Andrea called for her. Shane was not satisfied by his bullshit answer but 'the housewife' called for him and he had no choice but to leave them.

"We are gonna have words later." He warned.

"I look forward to it." Daryl said sarcastically. Shane walked off and Merle sat down beside him on the log he had rolled in front of their little fire pit. "Tell me it was worth having to put up with that." He looked at Merle and he was smiling.

"Well worth it. She's got the ass of a twelve year old." Merle said. "I'm upgrading her to 'A plus'." Daryl laughed. He didn't really like catching heat for Merle's actions and he damn sure didn't like how she looked at him from then on – like he was just some gross, hillbilly pervert. Daryl was those things – but he hadn't laid a hand on her so who was she to judge.

Daryl shrugged it off. They'd be leaving soon plus she'd probably get eaten. Either way was good for him. Unfortunately things never went as planned. The plan was to take what they could, get in the truck and leave those losers before the walkers came and had a buffet. But somewhere along the way he and Merle got separately. The big gorilla had insisted on going into town with the Asian guy, the spic, the skinny black 'B-cups' and Blond double D to get one last go at anything in the city. He'd have a shot to get laid and get their stuff too. And Daryl almost stopped him when he learned that the other black guy was going but he went hunting instead to 'keep up appearances'.

Everything went to hell to say the least. The new bastard – another fucking cop - went with him to get Merle off the roof but he was already gone – son of a bitch cut his hand off and stole their truck. When they got back to camp it was chaos. And nearly everyone was dead or bitten. Daryl couldn't believe how quickly things spiraled out of control. Without Merle there was no plan, so he rolled with what was left of the group.


Much to Daryl's chagrin Carol, Bo, Andrea and the housewife…Lori was her name – yeah all those useless bitches survived. Now that Lori had her annoying husband back and her whiny son, Shane was immediately booted out of his position of power. Forced to play second fiddle to the guy whose wife he had been fucking for two months. They weren't very good at hiding it. Or at least not to Daryl, they had gotten busy right under where he set up to get a hunting view of the valley. Of course they didn't see him – Shane was quick to flip her on her stomach and get in and out. After Shane lost Lori Daryl thought for sure he'd go for Andrea or Bo. Hell even Carol is he was desperate enough. Only time would tell.

After their night at the CDC they were on the road again and it wasn't until they were setting up at the Greene farm that he even talked to anyone for more than two seconds. "I'm sorry about your brother – messed up how you couldn't find him." Bo said as she approached him on the side porch. He looked at her for a long beat before he snorted. He hated it when people that didn't know the person that died said how sorry they were that they had passed away.

"You're not sorry." He said – matter of fact.

"No, really I am. Burly jerks like him are totally my type." She insisted sarcastically. He smirked for a second. "Plus we could use someone with his skills. Especially now that little Sophia is lost out there."

"True." Daryl agreed. They were all relying solely on his tracking skills to find her. He didn't have the time or patience to teach them. And if he were being brutally honest he didn't think it would do them any good. Glenn maybe, but he was so dumb struck by the farmer's daughter that unless he could hunt with his dick he was useless. Rick was only half involved - so concerned with Carl's injury along with everyone else.

"So I guess you're stuck with us. Without him you're not leaving?"

"What makes you think we were leaving?" he asked.

"I have ears. And eyes. And I'm not totally self absorbed." She shrugged.


"Well I'm about 50% self absorbed – 50% observant. Which is enough to know when two clumsy, drug addled rednecks are scheming something."

"Them odds got you this far…" he said – ignoring her jab. She suddenly looked towards the yard. Most of it was dark – the light from the house only reached a few feet and the porch railings cast weird shadows along the grass. He hopped up – ready to kill whatever got her attention. "What is it?" She pointed and smiled.

"Just a bunny." She sighed in relief. "Aww it's so cute-Ah!" She yelped and clutched her shirt when Daryl nailed it with an arrow.

"Good eye." He said before he jumped over the railing to retrieve it. Her horrified expression going completely unnoticed.


Daryl kind of liked Bo… kind of. She wasn't like the other women – she didn't find shit to be pissed about. Sometimes he wondered if they realized there was other stuff to worry about other than laundry and getting shampoo. Lori was still teaching Carl math for God's sake and refused to let him carry and learn about guns. It was like she wanted him to die. He had witnessed her inability to decide whether Herschel should save him. If Carl had known she was considering letting him die of internal bleeding he'd be so done with her. She and Andrea were driving Shane crazy. Daryl rolled his eyes when they came back from a search, grinning and blushed and smelling of sweat and sex. It had been so disgustingly obvious – much like Lori's jealousy that Shane had fucked anyone else but her.

Carol was keeping optimistic about 10% of the time. The other times she was spiraling through emotions and sobbing in her tent. Daryl felt bad for her, she was a sweet woman. She didn't deserve such a shitty life. Abusive husband, the end of the world coming upon her so suddenly that she had no survival training. Her little girl probably dead and gone forever. Rick was kind of cruel to keep them looking but it gave Daryl something to do other than sit around the farm. Everyone was going crazy...

Bo seemed to notice it too and she stayed out of the house and away from camp as much as she could. Picking up her axe and taking it for long, slow walks around the massive property.

"You don't have to follow me like that." She said and looked over her shoulder at him.

"Shane put me on sentry…I'm just—"

"Why don't you walk beside me?" she asked and gestured to the space next to her. He just shifted and looked at the ground. "It's kind of condescending how you keep double checking what I've already checked."


"You think cause I'm a woman that I can't protect the camp? You're really being a dick."

"What you say to me?" He asked. His face heated up when she started giggling.

"You're easy." She chuckled. "I was just messing with you Daryl. Gotta have a little fun before we die, right?"

"You're crazy."

"Like you're so sound of mind." She quipped. He glared at her – she didn't give a damn what she said to him. He wasn't gonna stand for that shit.

"Keep it up Bo-peep." He warned and gave her his best 'try me' look. She ignored him.



I REALLY hope this continues!

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