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Transitory page 2

Bo was the lesser of two evils as far as Daryl was concerned. When it came to dealing with the other people or dealing with her he chose her. She really did have good sight. He'd take her hunting and catch twice as many animals as he did without her – though he'd never admit it out loud. The only part of the hunt that she didn't like was the killing aspect. She'd tap his shoulder excitedly when she spotted an animal and squeal when he made a particularly difficult shot. But then she'd be sad about the animal dying. They were innocent and 'super cuddly' in her opinion. Daryl started using that phrase after he ate them. He'd burp and say "Dinner was super cuddly." Bo would give him the finger.

Daryl actually liked her though he wasn't sure why. Merle's nickname for her had been spot on. In a sane world she'd be at the bottom of the list of people he wanted to fuck. She was some kind of weird Asian breed that she assured him was not the same as Glenn. And then she got pissed because he called it a 'breed' instead of a 'race' and just like that he fucked up two weeks worth of good graces. The yellow day-lily he gave her to apologize for it made her break out in little, itchy, red bumps and she spent the day with her arm in a bucket soaking the chiggers out of her skin. He got her another one and made sure it was free of parasitic bugs before giving it to her.

"Daryl you're sweet." She said as she tentatively held the flower.

"Oh yeah?" He followed her as she backed up to a tree. She gave him this look – chin tucked to her chest, eyes dark and focused through short lashes. She was cute and that was so hard for him to understand. Every now and then he'd pick up a Playboy with different color women in it but his 'type' had always been blondes or red heads with freckles and green eyes. Bo had a little round beauty mark between her right eye and her eye brow – no freckles. Her dark hair was long but it was bone straight – no curls or light color to speak of. And her skin had a tint to it – a color that told him her nipples would be brown instead of pink. But if there was anything those playboys taught him was that no matter the skin color pussy was still pussy.

Bo bit her bottom lip when he invaded her personal space. Just one big awkward step forward and he was too close for comfort. She actually wasn't that much shorter than him – maybe an inch or two. A fantasy about stilettos with lots of straps and buckets raced through his head for a second. He felt itchy, like his hands were sticky even though he knew they weren't.

'Shit, what are you doing?' he thought when he couldn't get himself to move again. Bo just stared at him expectantly and he choked. He couldn't even think of something cheesy to say – so he just stood there and winced a little at the itch on his arm that he desperately wanted to scratch just to have something to do other than breathe into her face the way he was. God, if she thought he was some creepy, Sling-blade wannabe before she probably thought he was going to skin her and make a suit out of her now. He flinched when she moved. And it wasn't just a little flinch either. He knocked her hand with his elbow as she reached for him. Bo just smiled and moved slower. The hair on his arms stood on end when she touched him. He fidgeted as she got closer and pressed herself flush against him. "Mmm…titties." He mumbled when he felt her hard nipples through both their shirts.

"What?" She asked. When she moved her mouth her bottom lip brushed his and he dove in. He winced when he knocked their foreheads together. "Ow…" She tilted her head and he went for it again. He didn't know how to be tentative – he shoved his tongue in her mouth and practically drooled all over her when she returned his enthusiasm. There was no hesitant licks or teasing pecks. The kiss was not sweet - he noticed with some mirth that they both had bad breath. He was claiming her with it. Instead of hiding his desire he let it out and let her know by fucking her mouth with his tongue that he wanted her – probably not now against the tree but damn it would be nice to get his dick wet. Maybe for not just get a good grope of her tits…

Bo stopped him when he reached under her shirt. She pulled away from his mouth and he followed her back and kissed her again for a second before she pushed him back more aggressively. She grabbed his vest and turned them around so he had his back to the tree. "What're you doing?" he asked – smiling a little despite his nervousness. She kissed him but pulled away right when he leaned into it. His tongue hit the tip of her nose instead of her lips.

"Stay." She ordered before she dropped to her knees.

"Shit." He huffed. She had his zipper down and her long fingers around his dick before he could ever register the feeling. Sweat got in his eyes – it was suddenly a million degrees outside as she worked him out his fly. She popped the button too.

Daryl felt delirious – his head drowning in a sudden tidal wave of sensation. He knew he didn't smell good – she had to have noticed it but she just got closer and closer as she slowly stroked him. She opened her mouth and he watched himself disappear between her soft lips. Despite the fact that he probably tasted like piss and dirt she moaned and swallowed him until her face was pressed into his pubes. He could see the crack of her ass peeking out the top of her jeans when she leaned forward and the feel of her throat around his dick was suddenly too much. He came in two seconds and she pulled back like she had been burned. Her eyes went wide once he was free of her mouth and she gagged loudly as she spit his cum all over the ground between them.

Daryl zipped himself up quickly and bolted. Not really running but getting away from the scene as fast as he could. "Daryl!" she called after him but he just kept going. Ignoring how annoyed she sounded and how ashamed he was of himself.


The next day Bo was incapacitated by a migraine. Daryl was just glad he didn't have to see or talk to her for a while. He avoided her like the plague last night after what they did in the woods. And it felt like everyone somehow knew about it. But Shane was just teasing him about all the time he spent with Bo – he couldn't possibly know. Dale probably did because he knew everything. And Daryl had no poker face for when people asked him about her. He still felt a little bad when he happened by her tent and heard her whimpering something to Carol. The other woman came out and Daryl nodded for her to slow up on her way to the well.

"What's wrong with her now?" he asked.

"It's her headache, she can't keep anything down and she can't take any medication on an empty stomach." She said. He let her go but stood there for a second before he went to his tent. He fished through his bags to find the bottle of Oxycontin he had squirreled away for himself before he handed the other meds over to Herschel. He shook out two pills and used the butt of his knife to crush it up on the cover of a book. He didn't stop until it was a fine dust. He then walked back to Bo's tent. Keeping the powdered pill from blowing away by cupping his hand over it. He was thankful that Carol hadn't returned yet but he didn't see Shane watching his odd actions from where he was putting something in his car. He entered Bo's tent and nudged her with his foot.

"Bo… Bo wake up." He said quietly. She groaned and turned over. He smirked seeing the sleeping mask over her eyes. The word 'Bitchy' scrawled across it in bedazzled jewels. How very like her to have something like that.

"Daryl? Ow…" she whined as she lifted one side of the mask.

"Here." He pulled her up when he saw she was having a little trouble. He looked around quickly before he tore a piece of paper from a notebook by her pillow. He rolled it into a tight tube and gave it to her. "Snort this."

"I have a migraine Daryl. Cocaine isn't going to help me." She said as she squinted at the white fragments on his book.

"It's oxy." He said before he put the paper tube in her hand. "It'll make you forget you have a head let alone a pain in it. Snort." She finally gripped it and leaned over. She went up one nostril then the other. Making a face when the action of smelling anything made her headache momentarily worse.

"When will it…" She trailed off and sprawled back on her cot. It only took about thirty seconds to knock her out. For a second he worried if her gave her too much – she only weighed a hundred pounds, maybe one-fifteen.

"20 milligrams a pill…not long." He said before he pulled her mask back down and left her tent. He was surprised to see Shane waiting for him.

"She feeling better?" Shane asked.

"Quiet. She's sleeping." Daryl said before he walked off.


"Daryl's got healing hands huh?" Shane asked and Daryl glared at how loudly he said it over dinner. They were out around the campfire that night. The Greene family was in the house - not really in the mood for their company. Bo just looked at him confused.

"Carol was looking after me yesterday." She corrected him.

"Daryl was on call." Shane joked. "You seemed a lot better after he left your tent."

"Just checked on her is all." Daryl said before he finished eating. He got away as fast as he could before anyone could comment on his gesture of kindness. Later on that night Bo came to his tent. He wasn't inside but she spotted him not to far away – aimlessly strolling in a nearby field. "How's the melon?"

"Perfect. It's like my migraine didn't even happen…I've never recovered in a day like that." She said. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it." He said. There was a long silence between them and he finally glanced at her when she didn't leave. "What?"

"Just wondering if you were going to explain why you ran off like a little bitch after jizzing down my throat." She said with slight shrug.

"You shut your mou—"

"By the way you taste like onions and salt – you should eat more of those carrots and less squirrel." She interrupted. "If I didn't know it was my hormone pills that gave me the migraine I could swear it was how nasty you taste."

"Woman you are…" He advanced on her but he trailed off when he saw the smirk on her face. She was fucking with him again. Pushing his buttons until he went off and started talking to her. He wouldn't play her game. "If I'm so terrible why you here?"

"Cause I'm not going to let you off that easy." She said and crossed her arms. "I like you Daryl. God only knows why but I do despite the fact you're a six foot pile of stink with greasy hair an inexplicable insecurity issue it would take two lifetimes to fix." She took a deep breath.

"You said you were taking hormone pills…what for? What's wrong with you?" He asked – purposely changing the subject away from his 'quick tendencies'.

"Well… because of the migraine I have to stop taking them or I could get a blood clot and die." She rambled off. She looked at him for a second before she made it a point to look everywhere but at him. "This is so much harder than I thought it would be."

"What is?"

"I have to tell you something. Before we take this any further."

"This? What is this?" He asked. She gave him the 'stop being an asshole and listen' look and he crossed his arms. "Well what ever it is it can't be that serious. Unless you used to be a man, I think I can handle it." Daryl noticed the way she was looking at him. Like she was shocked and in complete and utter disbelief over what he just said. "You're shitting me." Bo suddenly turned around and headed for her tent. She yelped when Daryl grabbed her – she wasn't expecting him to and he turned her around and put her back to a tree.

"Let go."

"Nah-unh. You can't just say something like that and then not answer me." He said in a hushed tone. He wondered for a moment if this was what he couldn't put his finger on. Why she stood out from the other females in the group. Why she was so easy to hang around. He didn't realize he was breathing heard until he heard himself. She looked terrified of him at the moment and despite her better judgment she started talking.

"Before all of this happened I was two days away from getting my final surgery." She said – so low he almost didn't hear her over the crickets. He suddenly let go of her and took a few steps back.

"So you still have it?!" He asked before he looked down at her crotch. He had seen her in tight jeans and shorts. She had on a pair of leggings painted to look like denim right now. He lifted her shirt for a second and there was no indication that she had anything other than a vagina – there never had been. She squatted to pee for god's sake – though he'd never admit out loud that he had stood there and watched her do it.

"Have what?" She asked as she snatched her shirt out of his grip. "My dick? Yes, Daryl. I already had my jaw and nose softened. Hell I've been wearing a waist trainer since I was thirteen. I had been done with everything – the final operation would've just been to invert it. Took me ten years to get the nerve to do it and even then I was second guessing it..." Daryl looked like he was going to be sick for a second.

"Jesus." He sighed. "What were you hoping would happen between us?"

"Sex." She answered with a shrug. "Honestly isn't that what everyone wants now a days. Don't know about you but when I get away from those dead bastards intact all I want to do is fuck."

"Now is not the time to be a smart ass."

"I'm not. That's what I really want but I'd rather tell you this now than when you have your hand down my panties for the first time." She said. Daryl had to admit if she had never told him he'd still think she was a real woman. No one else in the group knew – how could they? But now that he looked at her… her arms were a little more masculine. Her long hair hid the thickness of her neck and when she swallowed he could see the smallest Adam's apple bob down for a second. Asians were a petite people anyway - she'd probably get mistaken for a girl even if she didn't have breasts and dress like one.

Daryl could not even begin to think about sex right now. It skittered across his mind when she mentioned her panties. He wondered what kind she had on right now. Despite his aversion he could feel himself getting erect. He rolled his eyes a little. His body not catching up with his brain – it still thought of Bo as a girl and that meant a girl wanted to have sex with him. "Do you want me to leave?" Bo asked.

"No." His dick answered for him – he didn't know what he wanted her to do. He didn't know what to do with himself. He could suddenly hear how his brother would react – saying he always knew Daryl was a faggot. How he was so dumb he couldn't tell the difference between a real girl and a fake one.

"Do you want to see it?" Her question shattered his inner turmoil.

"No!" he said louder than he meant to and she chuckled. She was messing with him again.

"Sorry, most guys want to see it." She said. "Then they do that quiet bit and that's usually my cue to run."

"How many people have you been showing your dick to?" He asked and it was without a doubt the oddest question he had ever asked anyone.

"We're getting off topic." She skirted the question. "You don't want me to go. What do you want me to do?"

"I'm tired." He answered. It showed on his face and she glanced at his tent. "I'm gonna go to sleep."

"Okay…" She hummed. He started towards his tent and wearily crawled inside.

"Get in here!" She jumped a little when he called for her. She walked up to his tent just as he was putting his boots outside. "Bout time – bugs are getting in." She snorted and looked over her shoulder at her own tent before bending down to go inside. He reached around her to zip the flap.

"Wanna make out?" She asked and reached to touch him. He stopped her.

"Sleep. You know what that is don't you?" He growled before sprawled out on his sleeping bag.



I REALLY hope this continues!

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