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Transitory page 3

Daryl was not a very attractive man. Bo thought he might have been at one point in his life. When he hit puberty he was probably a little heart breaker – especially with those blue eyes and that deep voice. But after some hard living, hard drinking and what she assumed was a pretty serious oxycontin addiction Daryl was looking a little worse for wear. She blamed half his haggard appearance on the end of the world. He had bags under his eyes. She could see where his smile lines and brow creases were even though his face was relaxed. Oddly enough he didn’t look that old. If she had to guess he was only about…forty. No, a little younger than that cause Rick and Lori seemed forty. Bo licked her thumb and reached to wipe away a smudge of dirt on his cheek. He woke so violently that she jumped back.

“What’s happening?” He whispered. With everything so quiet around camp a pin dropping would be a loud noise.

“It’s just me.” She said quickly. He looked at her for a moment before he lay back down.

“What are you doing?”

“You told me to stay last night—“

“No I meant just now.” He said. He tipped his head back to look out the little mesh window of the tent. The sky was just starting to light up. “It’s early.”

“I know. I woke up…I was just watching you sleep.”

“That’s creepy.” He said and cleared his throat. He flinched when she came back to lie beside him. He closed his eyes for a few minutes before he opened them again. He looked at her without turning his head and she was still studying his face. “What is it?”

“I think under all this dirt is a moderately okay looking guy.” She said and wiped her moist thumb down his cheek. He didn’t flinch but she could see how uncomfortable he was with the contact. Dealing with Daryl was like dealing with two different people. One day he was attacking her mouth in the woods and the next he was blushing down his neck from being close. “What did you used to do…before all this?” she asked.

“What’s it matter?” He answered her question with a question.

“I think…we should just get to know each other. Isn’t that what normal people do? They exchange a few pleasantries before they fuck.”

“You say that like you’re not sure yourself.” He said. She looked down. “What’s it matter? And who says I’m fucking you? Maybe I came to my senses while I was asleep.”

“Never met a man that doesn’t want free pussy but suit yourself.” She said as she moved to leave.

“Y’know the way you said that makes me believe you actually have—“

“Finish that sentence and I’ll cut you.” Bo warned. Daryl closed his mouth and they stared at each other for a long moment.

“I’m not a faggot.” He blurted out

“Nobody ever said you were.” Bo said.

“…What we did…I…that was before I knew.” He said before he nodded towards her crotch. She shut the flap and zipped it. Daryl tensed – the action making him feel trapped even though they were in a tent. But it was the look she gave him. Not even a glare just a look that told him he had better listen and listen good.

“Let me make this clear to you.” She started – keeping her voice low. Even is someone came by they wouldn’t be able to make out what she was saying to him. “I am a woman. I am NOT a gay man. I am not a man with breasts. I am not a chick with a dick. I am a woman. Do I make myself clear?” He knew she wasn’t really asking.

“Yes, ma’am.” He answered anyway.

“You’re not gay for liking it when I suck your dick.” She sat down. “And I’m not gay for wanted to suck your dick. And why is that?”

“Cause you’re a woman.” Daryl answered.

“Good boy.” She sat down and let go of the flap zipper. “I’ll go first to help you relax. Once you know more about me you’ll stop looking at me like I want to butt-fuck you.” Daryl just snorted. “My full name is Bo Casina.”

“Wha—“ He started to ask but bit his lip. She could read his wide-eyed expression.

“You want to know what my name was when I was a boy.” She said. “It was the same. Bo is unisex.” He shrugged. “I was born in Manilla.” He lifted an eyebrow. “The Philippines.” Daryl looked confused. “It’s south of China. It’s an Asian country – mostly. Anyway, my mother raised me there until I was about twelve – we moved to California. Got the American dream by way of a wealthy storeowner that married my mom. He kept us stocked in designer clothes and Lamborghinis. We lost our accents and spent many years indulging in the aspects of Western culture. My mother and my adoptive father were very supportive of my desire to transition. They wanted me to be happy and to be happy I wanted to be a girl. I’ve wanted to since I was twelve maybe even before that. But they told me I had to pay for the final ‘nip and tuck’ myself.”

“You start stripping?” Daryl asked.

“Close. I was cast in a burlesque show that had many loyal and well off fans. See with stripping I’d have to take off my panties and once the pickle is out the jar well…in the burlesque show it was all teasing and flash to give them the illusion if nudity. I actually wanted to go into sports – I ran track and did gymnastics in high school. My parents put up enough of a stink that the administrators let me on for the girls team. But once you start going pro they do gender testing and I didn’t have the nerve to get my surgery until about a month before this happened.” She gestured around, indicated the epidemic of walking half dead cannibals. “Luckily I also like to dance and Shelly always said Asian twinks like me sell lots of tickets. We got so popular that we actually went on tour…” She looked at him. “I got through the first leg of the tour before I found an excellent transgender surgeon here in Atlanta – then they dropped napalm in the streets and incinerated the hospital. Before Shane and Jim found me I was with another small group that didn’t make it. I just kept running and I ran right into Shane’s gun.” She looked at him expectantly. “Your turn.”

“I lived north of here with my father and Merle…they were…okay when I had money to buy beer and meds – which I got most of the time from scamming people with my brother. I think once we were selling preorder steaks to a retirement community. When Merle was around we had a lot – when he wasn’t we had to hunt to put dinner on the table. I was with my father when one of those bastards got him – been bouncing around with random people til now.”

“Oh…” She hummed. He still didn’t look comfortable around her so she kept talking as she inched her way closer. “How old are you?”

“Thirty-nine.” He answered.

“Twenty-nine.” She said without being asked and he snorted.

“You look like you’re twelve.”

“Is that why you like me?” She asked as she straddled one of his legs. “Getting your fix on underage titties.”

“No!” He protested in a loud whisper. He ended up rolling his eyes when she giggled.

“Getting tired of you doing that.”

“No you’re not. Men get off on being teased. And you like the attention.” She said as she reached for the buttons on his shirt. He grabbed her hands before she could even get one undone.

“Shirt stays on.”

“Who’s being a tease now? Giving me a little taste – showing off these pythons and not letting me get to the rest.” She said as she stroked his arms. He flexed and she wondered for a moment if he did that on purpose or if he was just tensing up like he normally did. “C’mon.”

“Shirt stays on.” He repeated. She rolled her eyes but let him keep it on.

“Want a kiss?” She asked as she laid flush on top of him. He watched her as she smirked – her thigh was right next to his cock. Despite the fact he wasn’t really aroused it started to get erect. God, he felt like he was fifteen and it pissed him off. He was a grown ass man why couldn’t he keep from popping random boners?

“Yeah.” He answered and leaned up for her. She gave him a quick peck and smiled as she pinned his arms to the ground above his head.

“You’re starting to like how that feels.” She said – like it was fact. Daryl hadn’t been big on kissing – it made those one-night stands and parking lot hand jobs just too intimate and intimacy he could not handle. Not with random bar bitches – he wanted to get off not pick out curtains. He couldn’t even muster it with girls he wanted to hang around and they would get tired of his deficiency and leave. Or they’d start fucking Merle – his older brother was good at spouting that sweet talk they craved.

Bo kissed him again. He growled through his teeth when she pulled away just as he was leaning into it. She smirked when she nudged his sack with her knee. He jumped when she unzipped his pants. “Wait!”


“Can we…” He sucked his teeth and put his head back like he was deeply aggravated. He really wanted what ever she was about to do to him but he couldn’t help the doubt that washed over him. The insecurity and second guessing that always plagued him when sex was involved. Especially now, knowing what she had between her legs – he could feel it on his thigh. He was a little nauseated and his dick deflated at the thought of being with her. But then his mind went back to the other day and how good it felt to have her lips on him. “I need to sort myself out.”

“That’s what I’m trying to do if you just let me get your pants down.”

“No!” He said firmly and she backed off a little. “I mean—just don’t… If you want this I need to go slower. Not exactly going to be a one time thing is it?”

“I was hoping not.” She admitted.

“Well, I’ve never had that before.” He confessed and prayed that she understood what he wanted. He wasn’t great at explaining himself either. And once more he didn’t want to explain himself. Sex had always been quick for him – he never slept with the same girl twice. How would he approach her again? Witty banter about the weather? He was no good with small talk – why would he even try after she gave up the goods in the back of his truck? He didn’t know what to do and it annoyed him.

“You want to take it slow.” She didn’t really ask – he guessed she could see the uncertainty in his eyes. Even she looked a little perplexed by the concept. Nevertheless he nodded and she smiled. “You’re so cute.” Daryl frowned.



I REALLY hope this continues!

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