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I Thought I Needed You But I Don't!


Name: Angel Darkness| Kyle Darkness.
Age: 23|23.
Apperance: Blonde and blue hair green eye's, 5'4 120 pounds light tan skin.| Blonde and black hair, green eye's, 6'2 175 pound body build muscle. light tan skin.
Extera: Lips percing, ear's pericing, tatto on the left arm of dragon.| Lips percing, ear's pericing, tatoo on the left arm of skull with dargon.
Personatily: Nice, mean sometime, funny, out going, loyal, sweet.| nice sometime mean, funny, loyal, kind, romanic, jocks.
Bio: Angel and Kyle are twin, they are working the marine they try keep family's together. Bad things happend when they hear's that walker-aka-zombie.

Angel and Kyle are twins, they are working in the marine. One day found out that zombie-walker coming to attack them, but they ran out of the base ran in to the woods. Try find safe place for them to be. Will they run in to Daryl and the group's? Will they servoius? Will Angel fall in love with one or nothing at all? We find out what happend in the story's, I don't own TWD at all but i own my own character's.. And there are some sexual in it if you don't like read it don't read it...


Angel Darkness

Angel Darkness

Angel is Marine girl, try to sursvous with her twin brother Kyle.

Brody Sander

Brody Sander

Brody try serouvis in the wood with his sister. Once he met Angel he have big crush on her.

Kyle Darkness

Kyle Darkness

Kyle was in the marine with his twin sister Angel try to serouvious with her.

Summer Sander

Summer Sander

Summer was in the woods with her brother, untill one day they ran into Angel and Kyle. Summer kinda think Kyle cutie.


  1. Chapter 1

    In the woods.


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