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I Thought I Needed You But I Don't!

Chapter 1

~Flash back~: Angel and Kyle was on the base doing there things, found out the break out of zombie coming to life. Angel heard her perstor told her leave run get out of there take her brother with her. So she listing to him, ran off to find her twin brother Kyle doing his things on the base. She found him, "It's time to go we got to run off, something going on but I don't know what it's people's eating people's." She said to him, he look at her thought she was nuts. But he knew it was true time to go, so they both got there's stuff, ran off some where safe. They went out side, found them self facing the walker. Angel had her bow arrow shot to the head, ran to their trucks. Angel got in drove off the base try find place to stay out of the street but it's was kinda of hard for them be off the street. Kyle look out seen everything started to change. ~flash back end.~:

Angel and Kyle was in the woods try find some where to be safe, there no where to be safe here. They walk over months by months, untill that day ran in to 2 other servious, "Hello, who are you?" Angel asked them. Brody look at her smile little, "Hi I'm Brody this is Summer and you guys are?" He asked, Angel look at Kyle and look back at him, "I'm Angel this is my twin brother Kyle." She said to them. He smile, "Nice to meet you, how long have you guys been here in the woods?" He asked. Kyle speak up, "We been in this woods for about 5 month's." He said to them, Brody look at Kyle nodded his head. "We been here for about 8 months try find a place to be safe and sound." He said to Kyle and Angel. Angel look at Summer, see that she hasn't speak out yet, wonder why she not speaking. But she didn't want to ask and bug her in this terbbile mess we all having, she look down the way see more walker's are coming. "We better keep on walking, unless you want get bit by those geek." She said to them, she walk with her bow walk down more though the woods, they found something they keep on walking. They found was persion place, walk over to the france see it lock. They staring to yell see if anyone comeing to answer them. Daryl walk out heard some yelling outside, he went to check what its was. And seen some 4 people's trying to get in the yard. He yelled at them "What y'all think ya doing?" He asked them. Angel yelled back "We try find safe place for us, could you please open this?" She asked. He look at her walk down the yard to the gate. "I have to talk to someone before letting y'all in." He said to them. He walk away walk back in side few mins or so he walk back out with few other people's in the perison, Angel was in superise see that few people's are alive still.


Here is chatper 1, what you all think so far? Let me know comment plz and I will make the chapter 2 soon. :)


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