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Never Enough

Who are you?

Not a sound could be heard as Liliana crept through the woods. She kept her eyes pealed for any movement, always alert and ready for anything to be thrown at her. The cool winter breeze blew through the trees, making her glad she was dressed the way she was.

The crunching of leaves alerted Liliana to something ahead. She crouched down, pulling up her rifle in the process, as she redied for whatever was to come. A rabbit bounced into her eye sight, making her smile. She raised her rifle to fire but lowered it with a sigh knowing that the shot would alert walkers to her presence. Having the walkers on her trail wasn't worth the meat from the rabbit. She swung the strap of her rifle around her torso, making sure the barrel was pointed to the ground. Something she learned in her years of being in the Marine Corps.

Liliana dug around in her backpack before pulling out a granola bar. She lifted her ski mask just enough so she could snack on that while she had the time, to at least get the nourishment she knew she needed. She fixed her mask before continuing on through the woods in search of some shelter for the night.

It felt like forever before she came to a road, a lone walker was making its way down the road in her direction. She pulled out her machete, waiting till it got close enough. With one good swing, she embedded the machete deep into the walkers skull. The walker dropped to the tar, taking her machete with it. With a sigh Liliana grabbed the handle and put her boot on the walkers head before giving it a good tug. She wiped the blood and brains on her pants before sticking it back in its holder on her hip.

The sound of multiple engines brought Liliana from her thoughts. A line of cars came over the hump of road and towards where Liliana stood. She knew better than to stick around, people couldn't really be trusted. Every group she met, either ended up dead by walkers or by her rifle. She never killed a person unless she saw fit.

Liliana took off into the woods as fast as she could. She could hear the voices of men, yelling at her to stop. She could hear the footsteps following her deeper into the woods. She didn't even bother to look back, knowing it would only cause her to slow down. After running for a few minutes she stopped and hid behind a tree, keeping her ears peeled for any noise. Liliana kept her breathing to a minimum, in fear of being found. She didn't know how many people they had, and she didn't want to take her chances with them being hostile.

She held her rifle in her hands, ready to use it in a moments notice. A set of footsteps could be heard coming in her direction. She prayed that the tree hid her well enough not to be noticed so she could get the upper hand in the situation. As the footsteps grew closer, Liliana could feel her heart rate growing faster. Before the person could get any closer, she poped out from behind the tree with her gun raised.

Her eyes went wide as she took in the little boy before her. His brown hair peeked out from underneath that sherrif's hat he wore. His eyes looked just as wide as hers and she could tell he was scared but he was putting on a brave front. Liliana sighed and lowered her gun, she could never harm a child. Nore could she harm anyone who hadn't pointed a gun at her ready to kill.

"What are you doing out here kid?" she spoke, not bothering to take off her ski mask.

The kids eyes widened even more after realizing her voice was feminine. "You're a girl?" he blurted out, causing Liliana to smirk. "But you were so fast...and the way you're dressed". Before Liliana could respond a walker snuck out and grabbed onto the kid. The kid screamed out, "DAD!!!"

Liliana sprung into action, she couldn't shot at the walker because it was too close to the boy. She slung her gun over her torso and charged at the kid. As quickly as she could, she pulled the walker off the boy. The boy scrambled out from underneath the walker and got to his feet. Liliana pulled out her machete and slammed it into the skull of the walker.

"CARL!" mulitple voices could be heard followed by footsteps. Four men came into the clearing while one kneeled in front of Carl. Liliana couldln't hear what was being said, but she figured the man was his father. She cleaned off her blade once more but left it out incase some more walkers decided to come.

"Grab him!" the father ordered the man with the crossbow.

"NO!" the kid jumped up in front of the man with the crossbow, "She saved my life"

The crossbow man looked at her weird, "She?"

Liliana sighed before pulling off her ski mask to show her face. The guys stared at her wide eyed, making her blush. The kid walked up to her with a smile before turning back to the men, "She pulled the walker off me and killed it"

The boy's father nodded, "Thank you for saving my boy" He walked up and held out his hand, "My name's Rick"

Liliana shook his hand, she couldn't help but notice how good looking he was "Liliana and you're welcome"

"This is my son Carl, Glenn is the one in the hat, T-dog is the one with the pipe, and Daryl is the one with the crossbow"

"What is a woman doing out here by herself?" Daryl lowered his crossbow, sensing no danger from the female.

"I prefer to be on my own. Can't trust anyone anymore really" she lowered her gaze to the leave ridden ground. Her eyes landed on the dead walker not to far away, she looked at it with disgust. She looked up into the crossbow man's blue eyes, a look of understanding crossing his eyes.

"You're packing some pretty big heat right there..."the asian kid looked at Liliana's rifle.

Rick eyed her rifle, "That's a military issued rifle. Where did you get it?"

"Just came across it on my travels" Liliana lied, not wanting them to know of her time in the military just yet.

Before anymore questions could be ask, five walkers came stumbling out from behind Liliana. With speed on her side, she spun around lodged her machete into the skull of the closest one. She felt a set of hands grab her shoulders but they let go as an arrow was embeded into it's eye. The remaining people of the group took out the last three before settling down.

Rick stood in front of the woman, "We could use another set of hands in our group. I know you just met us and its hard to trust but you're out here alone and I don't like the thought of leaving a woman behind to defend herself"

Liliana looked at the five people who stood before her. Her eyes landed on Carl, who looked at her with pleading eyes. She always had a soft spot for kids, and somehow he had managed to worm his way into her heart. Maybe it was because he stood in front of her to protect her from his family.

Liliana gave Carl a smile before she looked into Rick's blue eyes, "I'm in"


I don't own anything you recognize just my oc! In this story Rick and Lori aren't together but Lori is still pregnant and Shane is alive. Rick broke it off with her once she told him about her relationship with Shane and how she was in love with him.

Don't get mad about the changes. I can understand, but if you don't like it then don't read. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


Please update :(
I absolutely love your story. It's not too fast and not slow either, you're perfectly balancing the love story between Lili and Rick (*_* awesome btw) and the actual group life, survival and friendship. I'm like in love with your story (and falling back in love with Rick). I hope you'll publish the next chapter soon, you're keeping me on my edge !
LOVE YOUR FRIGGIN' OC! She's badass, lovable, and smart.
SierraaDixon SierraaDixon
Can't wait to see what they're gonna talk about. I'm pretty sure I know, but I wanna see what it will lead to!
Thewalkingdixon Thewalkingdixon