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We Live Forever


When the world is being taken over by the dead is it a good thing to be dead already? well the group of friends and Katherine don't know either but they just found out, some think it is a punishment, and some think it is blessing, but who is right?

Being a vampire in the old world was easier, but this new world its a little bit harder.
When Elena, Katherine, damon, stefan and caroline stumble across the Atlanta group do they keep their secret or do the reveal it?

The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead cross over


Caroline forbes

Caroline forbes

Caroline is strong, determined, loyal, protective, sensitive, loving, insecure, neurotic, and upset she is 5'8 and looks 17... she is a Vampire

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

Damon is very self-confident, arrogant, sarcastic, noble, loyal, and selfless. He is 5'10 or 5'11 he looks 25... he is a vampire

Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert

Elena is compassionate, caring, empathetic, kind, normally intelligent, beautiful, friendly but she can also be pushy, judgy, extremely selfish and always bosses people around and prys into other peoples business. She is 5'7 and looks 18 ....And is a vampire and a doppleganger

Katherine pierce

Katherine pierce

Katherine is sassy, insensitive, independant and selfish she is 5'7 but wears heels a lot she looks 18 ... she is a vampire and a doppelganger

Stefan Salvator

Stefan Salvator

Stefan is compassionate, kind, noble, honorable, intelligent, athletic, responsible, academic, dutiful, and a gentleman. he is Damons brother. he looks 17.... he is a vampire

the group

the group

As they come and as they go


  1. Alive

    "we're alive"I shouted as we approached the strangers "technically" Katherine followed copying my tone

  2. The Group


Sorry! Last time I pull this--I swear! I just hate goodbyes, so I left you something better instead. Please do not reply back to this comment. Again, sorry. Only way I could get your attention. P.S. Even though you may not think so, I still care. Have fun with this Walking Dead/Vampire crossover...thing :)

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