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Drabbles: Carol & Daryl

You & Me

Title: You and Me
Author: untapdtreasure
Pairing: Daryl & Carol
Rating: M
A/N: This was written for sweetcherokeerose on tumblr during a drabble prompt. The prompt was Shag Me. The challenge was that I had to write the two of our characters (She's Carol. I'm Daryl) and a dirty moment between them. And this is what I wrote for her. I hope you enjoy it.

Daryl couldn't stop himself from turning her around so her ass was pressed to his erection. He had already been inside her and now he knew he'd never have enough. He kissed the back of her neck and growled, "Better hold on tight…" He wrapped her hands around the small tree so she had a good hold. Then he entered her from behind. He heard her cry out from pleasure and surprise just as her pussy walls clenched around him, and he nearly lost his load right then and there. He somehow stopped himself and bit her shoulder. "Fuck. I wanna do this right." He gripped one hip, digging his fingers into her tender flesh and other was around her and massaged one breast.

Carol rocked back onto him and her grip slipped a little. Now her face was against the bark. And she didn't mind it. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted in a growling hiss of approval, "More."

He'd give her more alright. He began to push and pull inside her, taking her deeper than he'd ever gone before. He knew he was doing something right by the way she cried out for him. He moved the hand that was on her breast down and wound it between her legs as he continued to pulse and pound inside her. He stroked her clit. It was a matter of seconds before she clenched around him and let out a wail as she came hard. He could feel her heat flood around him and he came hard, buried deep inside her. He kissed her neck. "Fuck."


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