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Drabbles: Carol & Daryl

I Tried Not To Let You Down

Title: I Tried Not To Let You Down
Author: untapdtreasure
Pairing: Daryl & Carol
Rating: K
A/N: This was written for sweetcherokeerose on tumblr during a drabble prompt. The prompt was Break Me. The challenge was that I had to write the two of our characters (She's Carol. I'm Daryl) and an angsty moment between them. And this is what I wrote for her. I hope you enjoy it.

Daryl's anger bubbled over. Some thing? How could she say that after everything? He was beyond pissed. He couldn't even stand to look at her. He slammed the door to the RV back with a loud thwack. He didn't give a damn who saw it. He'd been searching for that little girl every day for a fucking week. And he thought he could find her. He'd know better, but he couldn't stop himself from thinking it anyway. He'd wanted nothing more than to put that baby back in her Momma's arms and instead she was lyng out there in the Georgia heat with a bullet lodged in her brain. Dropped right where Rick put her down.

He could still feel Carol in his arms as he held her and pulled her to the ground so she didn't hurt herself in her grief. He'd tried so hard to comfort her, but she'd pushed him away. And that was okay. It was. He expected it. He welcomed that. But not going to her own little girl's funeral after fighting so damned hard for funerals for other people that weren't even her flesh and blood. He gritted his teeth.

Then he heard her footsteps behind him. They were running, trying to catch up. He whirled on her and snapped, "What the hell do you want?"

She stopped in her tracks. She felt slapped in the face with the venom of his words and whispered, "I want to explain…"

He shook his head. "Lady, there ain't nothing to explain. You've shown more compassion for strangers than your own flesh and blood. You don't owe me and explanation…" He pointed up to the sky, heaven in fact, and snarled, "Try explaining that one to that little girl of yours."

And with that he walked away, anger radiating through his entire body. He stood by her grave and he listened as Hershel spoke. He even sprinkled a handful of dirt over the child's body. Then he just left. He checked out. He left the farm and entered the woods and took his anger out on a tree and anything else that dared get in his path. Most of all, he raged at Carol even if she couldn't see him or hear him. He was so confused and lost and hurt. Yet, he still loved her. He still wanted to be good enough for her.


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