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Drabbles: Carol & Daryl


Title: Loss
Author: untapdtreasure
Pairing: Daryl & Carol
Rating: M
A/N: This was written for blueeyedsurvivor on tumblr during a drabble prompt. The prompt was Mourn Me.

Daryl's entire being felt deflated. He'd been unable to save her just like he'd been too late to save Sophia. He fell to his knees beside the lone grave that held the shell of her body. He'd done as she'd asked. He'd made sure she wouldn't come back as one of them things. The only request she made of him really.

He fingered the dirt that covered her and breathed, "I…I love you." The tears fell steadily down his cheeks. He'd cried for no one. Not even his brother. But he cried for her. He ached for her.

He remembered the first time they were ever together. They'd both been so shy and careful of one another. It was like nothing he'd ever experienced before.

He moved his fist up to his mouth and shoved it between his teeth trying to stop the sob that slipped out around his knuckles. "Carol…" he cried. "You shouldn't have had to die to save me. You shouldn't a done it!"


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