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Harley & Daryl

A Stiff Situation

It was nearly sunrise when Daryl left his makeshift camp to scout for better shelter. He had been away from the rest of his party for about a week now. He couldn't quite remember how he got separated from them but he was pretty sure it was zombie-related. He followed an old dirt trail for what seemed like hours until he came across what appeared to be a junkyard. "I bet we can find some supplies here" he said quietly forgetting he was alone for a moment.

He climbed over the fence surrounding the yard and proceeded to investigate his new surroundings. There were a lot of rusted cars,stacks of tires and scrap metal. Close to the center of the yard there was a large semi-truck that looked seemed to be still operational. Daryl began walking towards the semi when he saw them,like a whole bunch of zombies. "Party time!" Daryl yelled as he pulled his trusty crossbow from his shoulder and began to rapidly fire at the horde.

He killed like maybe 4 of the things but there were still a ton left. They were closing in on him now and he knew he had to get on top of the truck quickly or he'd surely be eaten. Daryl pulled a medallion and out of his pocket, muttered something, and summoned the spirit of an ancient saber-cat into his legs and jumped like super high in the air and landed neatly on top of the semi-truck. "Thank you Clargar!" cheered Daryl as the ghost-cat returned to it's ethereal home-world in puff of sparkles and smoke.

The walkers were now completely surrounding the truck and Daryl had to wait another day to use his medallion again. He didn't have any arrows left either, things were looking grim. All of a sudden the sound a motorcycle engine revving up could be heard and possibly the sound of a tropical parrot. Darryl saw a man in a sweet-ass yellow karate outfit riding an even cooler motorcycle with flames painted on it jump completely over the junkyard fence!

"You bit?" said the obviously badass stranger "Hell no!" Daryl yelled " "well then cover your ears because it's about to get loud! replied the mysterious man. Just then the man on the motorcycle hit a button and some super hardcore metal music started playing super loud and two chainsaws came out of the front of his motorcycle. The man drove straight into the mob of walkers and body parts were flying all over the place like silly string at 4th grader's birthday party.

Within two minutes nearly every zombie was reduced to a pile of wiggling chunks for the ones that didn't get chainsawed the man on the bike shot with a sawed shotgun. When there were no undead left to butcher the man on the motorcycle turned the metal music off and got off his bike. Daryl had never seen anyone this cool before he was almost starstruck. "Who are you?" Daryl asked. "The name's Harley" .
At this time Daryl noticed that Harley had a raging erection stifled slightly by his tight karate pants. "What the fuck man!?" exclaimed Daryl pointing at the outrage. "Oh, that" sighed Harley "killing zombies gives me the worst boners, like, not in a sexual way but something else, ya know?" both men stared at the ground silently for a minute until Daryl said "wasn't there a guy from the movie Top Gun that had something like that?" Harley said nothing but his eyes were full of understanding.



You've got me hooked already!

blackandwhite blackandwhite

@Devil's Angel
Hey, thanks a bunch! I really think the show has taken some artistic liberties with the original source material and I wanted to do something a little more accurate to how things would really go down in an actual zombie apocalypse! Harley On!

Zombie_SlayerX Zombie_SlayerX

I love this story so much! I love the writing and the description, and I'm excited about what's going to happen!

Devil's Angel Devil's Angel