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Harley & Daryl

Fast Food

It was dark as shit outside when Harley rolled into the McDonald's parking lot, Daryl was chilly and holding Harley as hard as he could trying to keep warm. "Hey man, I thought we were getting my bike?" Daryl said timidly. "Oh fuck, sorry man, I'm super baked right now and forgot" laughed Harley they both laughed haughtily into the darkness

Suddenly the golden arches lit up like an obese/sad Christmas tree. "This place has got power!?" Daryl said in disbelief "Everything has power Daryl, you just have to know how to channel it." Harley said as he deftly rolled 3 joints at the same time and tucked into his Megadeth tin. "We are not alone here" Harley mentioned casually and pointed at the windowed entrance of the building. Daryl saw 2 figures standing and looking out at them.

"Aw shit! Them better not be more walkers." Daryl said woefully "They aren't walkers, zombies don't like fast food, scruff" Harley said as patted Daryl's head like a dog, which Daryl was amazingly cool with. One of the figures opened the door and addressed Harley and Daryl.
"Who are you and what do you want here?" "You still serving breakfast?" Harley jested and Daryl and him both began to laugh hysterically "The figure waited politely for the laughter to subside. "Look guys, we don't have any food here, or medicine, or whatever the hell you're looking for so you better just keep going" said the figure with shaky confidence

Never taking his eyes off the man standing in the doorway Harley held out his fist in Daryl's direction and shouted "Pound it!" Daryl acted fast and pounded Harley's fist with so much vigor & intensity that he was almost worried he might have broke something in his hand! In that same moment where Daryl and Harley fist collided, Harley had already somehow put another joint in his mouth, lit it, and stoked like half of it in a single puff. Exhaling an enormous cloud of the kindest bud Harley spoke stoically " If you ain't got nothin' then you won't mind me and my friend here spending the night." The figure paused for a moment and then said "You guys are clearly professionals and we don't want any trouble. You can stay the night but that is it! i want you gone at sunrise" Harley smiled and said "As long as I can get those delicious-ass Egg McMuffins to-go that'll be just fine"

Harley turned off his motorcycle and him and Daryl dismounted. Harley opened one of the saddlebags and pulled out a badass blue arctic camouflage tarp to cover his hog. Once Harley's harley was sufficiently camouflaged and looking all cool as shit they headed towards the McDonald's entrance. " I'm Harley and this is my associate Daryl" Harley said gesturing to Daryl while winking at nobody in particular. As they approached the man at the entrance they began to make out his features. He looked like he was about 40 years old and had a super cool mustache that was waxed out and he was wearing a low cut v-neck shirt that said "Sports" on it. He smelled like a portly man's balls on a hot July evening after weeks of non-washing.

The mustached man introduced himself as Zak and proceeded to talk about a lot of bands that Harley and Daryl were unfamiliar with. Harley cut him off after about a minute of his jabbering and said " I like my music how I like my women: hard, short, and full of men" Nobody talked for awhile after that. Harley and Daryl seated themselves at a booth in the corner and Zak went into the kitchen.

"Wasn't there another person in the window when we pulled up earlier?" Daryl whispered " Harley grinned "Maybe it was Ronald McDonald?" "I'm serious!" Daryl said with urgency in his voice. "You got first watch, Mayor McScruff" Harley said has he pulled a sleeping mask out of his karate utility vest and placed it over his eyes and instantly fell asleep. Daryl sighed deeply and thought to himself "It's gonna be a long night"



You've got me hooked already!

blackandwhite blackandwhite

@Devil's Angel
Hey, thanks a bunch! I really think the show has taken some artistic liberties with the original source material and I wanted to do something a little more accurate to how things would really go down in an actual zombie apocalypse! Harley On!

Zombie_SlayerX Zombie_SlayerX

I love this story so much! I love the writing and the description, and I'm excited about what's going to happen!

Devil's Angel Devil's Angel