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Harley & Daryl

Circle of Death

Harley watched with no expression as Rhodes carried the flailing Daryl out of building and away from the influx of filthy zombies. "Alright then Zomkong, the kids have been put to bed now it's time for a little romance, with my fists" Zomkong looked distraught and replied "Wait, Harley, you're not talking about,like,' fisting' are you?, you mean like we're going to fight more, right?" Harley said didn't clarify but instead announced "Look here all you dead fuckers, if you came to die again you're about to get your turn!" he spoke the word "turn" with extreme emphasis as he ripped a rotating bar stool out of the floor and stabbed Zomkong the Hong Kong Zombie through his chest and pinning his former student to the McDonald's floor.

The massive surge of oncoming zombies were now within a few feet of Harley and right before they could overwhelm him he threw himself into a handstand on the bar stool that was pinning Zomkong to the floor and entered the longest, most badass & extreme, two-legged roundhouse kick ever attempted by mankind. The first wave of walkers had it the worst because he had not attained optimal momentum yet in his hurricane kick. Their bones were shattered awkwardly and made strange noises that sounded not unlike hitting a bag of potatoes with a large wrench. Once the first few layers of zombie assailants had been flung away horribly disfigured Harley's inverted spin kick had reached frightening speed, like faster than like 30 helicopters with tricked out engines" he had kicked one zombie so fucking hard that he turned into fucking dust and went back in time and became dust in Beethoven's house.
The upside down roundhouse went on for hours. Harley had never broken eye contact with Zomkong the Hong Kong Zombie for almost the entire time. Zomkong could only watch with a mixture of anger, euphoria, and pure envy as his old master put on a murder clinic inside of an old shitty McDonald's. Zomkong had many existential thoughts during this time like "Life really is a circle" as he watched his army being obliterated by 360 degrees of the baddest son of a bitch ever known!

By the time the last walker was obliterated there was so much blood in the building Zomkong was completely submerged beneath it. Harley ended his secret movie #78: "The Revolutionary War Kick". Flipping himself upright on the stool he then launched out of the same window that Rhodes had destroyed hours earlier doing like 20 back flips in the process. Harley scanned the parking lot and saw Daryl curled up like an infant beneath a lamp post.

"Kawwww!" Harley shrieked and his old friend Rhodes was instantly at his side. They both smoked 2 joints each and did a secret bird to man handshake that only they knew. The parking lot was quiet but their minds were filled with the sounds of zombies dying...again

"Well..." Harley finally said "That was still better than my High School reunion" Rhodes laughed in the way that only birds can.



You've got me hooked already!

blackandwhite blackandwhite

@Devil's Angel
Hey, thanks a bunch! I really think the show has taken some artistic liberties with the original source material and I wanted to do something a little more accurate to how things would really go down in an actual zombie apocalypse! Harley On!

Zombie_SlayerX Zombie_SlayerX

I love this story so much! I love the writing and the description, and I'm excited about what's going to happen!

Devil's Angel Devil's Angel