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Harley & Daryl

Blast From the Passed

Daryl was on the ground, he tried to stop crying, but the tears wouldn't stop. He had so many emotions. Harley was walking towards him. There goes Harley's boner again. Harley would get really bad boners from killing Walkers. This began to fuel Daryl's insecurities. Why don't I get boners when I kill Walkers!? Daryl thought to himself. I hate them just as much as Harley! Daryl started to sob. Harley stopped and dropped to one knee next to Daryl. "Heyyyyyy champion!" Harley said with a warm voice. "What's wrong?" After a few moments Daryl began to speak. It came in blocks of words in between sobs. "...In...my.. group" Daryl stammered "I was..the bad ass!" "Now... I think...I might...be...behind the bird" Harley put a hand on Daryl's shoulder."Heyyyy buddy, you do stuff" Harley lied "No one's keeping score, all you got to do is be a bro... ok?" Daryl began to dry his eyes "I think i lost my crossbow" Daryl said sheepishly. "Can I have that sweet sword you pulled on Zomkong?" Harley looked puzzled. "Sword? what sword?" Harley & Daryl looked at each other suspiciously and never talked about the sword again. "Teach me!" Daryl demanded. "What do you want to know bro?" Harley replied. "I want to fight walkers like you, I want to be you" Daryl over admitted. Harley began to laugh. "killin' zombies? shit, that's easy, All you need is good tunes, good smoke, and cool shit to say!" Daryl sat up. "But, you taught Zomkong The Hong Kong Zombie, teach me" Harley's face became serious. "ok, ok I hear you brother, I can help you walk the path, but you're going to need to dig the dirt, do you understand?" Daryl didn't.
Harley sat in front of Daryl. "the first step is to hear my stories, see my stories, be my stories" Harley pulled the Megadeth tin. Quickly 4 joints were tied together and transformed into a mega-joint. "Toke till you choke" Harley said with grave sincerity, and carefully handed the mega-joint to Daryl. Daryl put the mega-joint in his mouth. Harley kissed the end of the joint, and immediately it was lit. Out of nowhere Harley's head was pressed hard against Daryl's. "TOKE!!!!" Harley screamed. Daryl inhaled, per usge the shit was potent. His body began to vibrate. "TOKE!" Harley screamed without breaking eye contact. Daryl was hitting this mega-monster spliff with everything he got. The world was spinning, and he was definitely pissing himself... again. "toke!" Harley's words seemed farther away this time. Daryl was fading away. COUGH COUGH COUGH Daryl was gasping, he could't breathe. Was he dying? It felt like it. BRIGHT LIGHT. Everything was white. The world was empty.
Slowly the canvas of this blank white world began to take shape. Colors began to fill this universe, and Daryl took notice of small shape approaching him. It was a kid. The kid was wearing a karate gi the same mountain dew yellow as Harley's. The kid waived Daryl over, and as Daryl got closer he realized he was in the woods. The kid spoke "Welcome to the jungle" Daryl was alarmed because the kid's voice wasn't soft and high pitched, it sounded as Harley's voice is now, which is fucking beautiful. "Where are we?" Daryl asked. The kid spoke "My parents were trying to lay some bullshit on me, so I said fuck that. I live here, the woods man" Daryl looked around. The trees were thick, and it felt like they were in the middle of nowhere, on top of that he knew it was dangerous here. The kid tapped Daryl's chest with a stick "The rule of surviving somewhere is listening to it's rules, and learning how to kill it, do you understand?" Daryl didn't. The kid continued "I don't take shit from nothing here, I have fought all the stuff in the woods. Bugs, Boars, Trees, and Wolves I've punched them all, and I'll kick the shit out of an elephant too!" It was clear to Daryl that yet again he was out-cooled. In a flash the kid's fist exploded into Daryl's dick. Daryl's body collapsed into a limp ball of agony. "MEEEEE NUTS!" Daryl screamed. The kid pressed his head against Daryl's and spoked softly. "You're in the woods now, chucky cheese dick. Never let your guard down, If you want to stay here, you will need to survive through the night"
Daryl was scared, it felt like the woods were closing in on him, and night was coming.



You've got me hooked already!

blackandwhite blackandwhite

@Devil's Angel
Hey, thanks a bunch! I really think the show has taken some artistic liberties with the original source material and I wanted to do something a little more accurate to how things would really go down in an actual zombie apocalypse! Harley On!

Zombie_SlayerX Zombie_SlayerX

I love this story so much! I love the writing and the description, and I'm excited about what's going to happen!

Devil's Angel Devil's Angel