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Harley & Daryl

Never Tear Us Apart

Franticly, Daryl tried to jump out of the bed. His reaction was cut short by the handcuff securing his right hand. "Whoa, buddy! slow yo roll" the stranger said. Daryl calmed himself. "Where's Harley!?" He asked. The stranger closed his eyes for a moment. "He's holding you" The stranger replied. "You're still in the dreamscape homeboy" Daryl looked confused, then spoke "So, this isn't the real world?" "Nope" the stranger replied "This is stage 2" Daryl relaxed back into his bed, and stared at the ceiling. Daryl began to contemplate. His eyes became wide. He understood. Daryl began to smile, and started to laugh. "I did it! I understand the test!" Daryl said with pride. "It's clear, test 1 was about faith, and courage under pressure" Daryl sat up and continued his realization "There was no way to beat the bear, but I had to show courage, and faith... that was the test!"

"oh, absolutely not... you failed the fuck out of that test" the stranger began. "You WERE supposed to beat the bear, in fact I was the bear, and you fucking sucked bro"

"EVERYTHING SUCKS!" Daryl screamed. He burst into tears, and buried his face into the pillow. The pillow became damp surprisingly quick. "If only we could harness his natural talent in crying into something useful..." the stranger thought to himself. The stranger put his hand on Daryl's arm. "Hey, man... it's not over... the test is still going on" Daryl peaked an eye from behind the pillow. "Yeah" the stranger continued "And we're running out of time!" Daryl set the pillow down. Unfortunately the pillow was still technically attached to his face via a disquieting amount of cried out snot. It was fucking gross. "I don't even know you, where's Harley!" Daryl pouted. The Stranger spoke. "I'm communicating with him in my mind, I'm Dr. Bear, mind physician, and hentai artist. Harley asked me to test you with my mind powers, which I got by accident when I busted a nut too hard in Jeremy's car"

"Test me how?" Daryl asked. "I dunno, Harley mind-chatted me about you wanting to get better or some shit" Dr Bear replied. "How my supposed to do anything like this?" Daryl asked while rattling his handcuff. "Get the key from me when you're ready" The Doctor replied. Daryl understood. Another test, one that he would win! As quick as he could, and with all the might he could muster, Daryl swung his leg towards Dr. Bear's face. MISS. The Dr. didn't dodge, the attack was way off it's intended mark. Instead Daryl's quick intent was replaced with blinding pain. His leg collided with a metal cabinet. Uh oh, his leg was definitely broken, and to add insult to injury, the contents of the cabinet spilled into his leg which appeared to be all types of liquids that burn. Daryl's crying this time was legendary, and Dr Bear watched in astonishment.

"what the fuck dude?" Dr. Bear asked. "The test!" Daryl sobbed "It's to get the key from you!"
"No, bro... you're supposed to ask me for the key, then I give it to you" The Dr answered. Daryl continued to cry quietly. "Soooo do you still want it?" The Dr. asked. "YES!!" Daryl sulked. Dr. Bear sat on the bed "Ok, man... are you sure? that leg looks bad..." "GIMME THE KEY BOLOGNA BRAIN!" Daryl screamed. Dr. Bear handed Daryl the key, then placed his index fingers on his own temples, spoke the word "riddlebox" then vanished. Daryl was used to seeing weird shit by now, so he was like whatevs about it. With his left hand he began the task, he thought about his brother as he unlocked the cuffs, not his brother Merle, but his other brother, Pepper. Pepper was known for selling his dick drawings to the hill people. Not drawings of dicks, but drawings done with dicks.

As soon as the metal cuffs clanged against the floor, Daryl started to hear pounding from outside the room. It wasn't his door, but it sounded like doors not too far away. Daryl carefully got out of bed, heavily favoring his newly fucked up leg. He turned the door knob, and left the room. He was in a long hospital hallway. There were no doors in the hallway, even the door he just walked out of disappeared. The hallway lead to a large room with 3 doors, all 3 doors were shaking. The pounding became more violent, all 3 doors were close to falling off their hinges. Daryl was about 20ft away from the doors, he began to mentally prepare himself for his next challenge. CRASH. All 3 doors were down, behind those doors... Child Zombies. 3 child zombies in total, 1 from each room. They slowly started towards Daryl. I can handle this right? Daryl thought to himself with more doubt than he cared to admit. All of sudden that song that's like "I GOT THE POWER" started playing, and a see-through version of Harley started backflipping into the room. "I got your back, scruff!" See-through Harley said with a smile. With shooter guns, Harley pointed at Daryl's hands. To Daryl's surprise he was holding a crossbow...HIS crossbow. See-through Harley winked, blew a kiss, then spoke the word "Ringmaster" and vanished.

"FUCK YEAH!" Daryl screamed. Everything was going his way now. It's payback time! The 3 child zombies were still slowly walking towards Daryl. With quick efficiency Daryl loaded his weapon. THWAP the crossbow sang.

Daryl paused. "ok... you're just rusty....shake out the nerves" he whispered

THWAP. miss THWAP. miss THWAP miss.

Daryl was now out of arrows. He's a fucking a loser.
The child zombies were still far away, but the tears weren't . Daryl cried, and cried some more. He never cried this hard before, and he's been crying a lot. As he cried he felt the power of his crying grow. He cried harder, and harder, and HARDER. He was flat on the floor balling. He couldn't see, the tears were too thick, the wailing too loud. He was in the crying zone. Nobody could beat him at crying. Something weird happened. Distorted by his powerful tears, he could barely see, but it appeared that the child zombies stopped walking. He cried HARDER. He could feel it.... the child zombies... they felt bad for him... they pitied him... The child zombies began to turn around and walk back towards their doors. Daryl was crying with everything he could. He knew it was hella awkward for the zombies in that room, and it was because of him, and this new power! As soon as the child zombies left the room everything became blindingly bright.


He awoke. He was in the Mcdonald's parking lot. He was laying in his own liquids.. all of them. He sprung up, he was happy to have his real leg back and not broken. Harley was smiling but not making eye contact. "Heyyyyy uhhhh well done" Harley said. In Harley's hand was a flyer, it was clearly made by a zombie. It read "Zombie Island"



You've got me hooked already!

blackandwhite blackandwhite

@Devil's Angel
Hey, thanks a bunch! I really think the show has taken some artistic liberties with the original source material and I wanted to do something a little more accurate to how things would really go down in an actual zombie apocalypse! Harley On!

Zombie_SlayerX Zombie_SlayerX

I love this story so much! I love the writing and the description, and I'm excited about what's going to happen!

Devil's Angel Devil's Angel