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I'm Already Gone

1. Seperated

Judith's P.O.V
I sighed, skinning the rabbit I had just caught in my trap. Food for the next 6 days. Sadly, I wasn't sharing with the group any more. I couldn't find them. What had happened? The apocalypse, I guess. We were going on a run, when we wwere attacked by a horde. A hundred, maybe? More? I don't know if the others got out of it. I sure as hell did, though.
The rabbit was on a stick that I held over a small fire. As my dinner cooked, I pondered how long we'd been seperated. I estimate a 2 months. Not a moment went by that I didn't worry about them. Dixon, as I called him, was getting old. He was what, 50? I know it doesn't sound that old, but in the apocalypse it is. Suddenly, I heard shuffling in the bushes. I stamped out the fire and shoved the rabbit in my bag, proceeding to climb a tree. But the person I saw? It was not one of the dead.



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