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Chapter 1 Emmis pov

i sat and stared at the "dead heads" as angel called them. To be honest I think she's stuck in the 70s. She reminds me of Steven Hyde from that 70s show, but with purple hair. a smelled a faint sent of cigarette smoke and knew angel was coming on to the roof I was certainly sitting on. "What're ya doin blabber mouth" I herd angel call from behind me. Blabber mouth was her ironic name because I dident talk.
i nodded my head forward towards the street. A could tell from the "hmm" that she knew what I ment. "we have to get out of the city soon, the dead heads are getting to be to mutch." Ya no shit Sherlock." We should head up to the mountens it might be safer there." Yeah it could be ..... But it could always have dead heads crawling all over it. I mean I doubt it but it could always happen. In fact it always did happen in the end the dead heads would come rip up some of your friends and you leave nowadays it's as simple as that.

latter that night I was in th the little cubical I slep in. I locked over at Lea, I almost here the next "I'm fine" that would come out of her mouth. She always pretended that she had a great life but the fact is her was the worst out of all of us, her mom died from a overdose when she was 6 years old. Her dad gave her the best life he could before he married the as we call her "drunk slut monster" leas alcoholic step-mom that got of on her dad beating Lea. I can't even imagine how some one could do that. I start to feel tired so I try to fall asleep even though I knew it wouldent work, I barely sleep now. I don't think anyone does.


Sorry for the short chapters. But I want to know do you guys think it's good it's the first one that I've done so I want feed back thanks, kisses


I love rock and roll