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Pizza boy

In the morning I got up and went straight to the little office bathroom and put on clothes and make up. I put on my black high waisted four button jeans and a pink Floyd t-shirt with my metallic doc martins. I did my make up with just black eye liner and mascara and my classic black lipstick, my light blue hair parted to the side. I clime up the six flights of stairs to the roof and pic up some binoculars I scan the city for any sine of living people. Just as i rech for a book I see a car. It Parks just out side the city and four people clim out of it. I run streight into Lea at the top of the stairs. I grab the binoculars and give them to her. She looked out and sees the car " oh my god t-that's a car! I-I can't belive it" I hand the c-b radio and she trys she first few stations. I Was starting to think we wouldn't find them when I heard a respons a woman said "are you alone?" I was so shocked I let out a little noise of exitment "no n-no I'm with two other girls" "How far are you from the departmnet store?" " we are right next to it why?" " listen sweetie you and your friends need to pack up your stuff and meet us at the back door ok? Can you girls do that's?" ____________________________________________________________________________________

We we stood at the back door of the department store. We were all anxious, to se who these people are and if dead heads come to rip us open like presents on Christmas. Luckily the group of people came to see us. The only woman was dark skinend and quite pretty. The other people there were a African-American man, a man who said his name was moralas. And this other young guy who couldn't have been older than 22 he was from some sort of Asian country and was quite handsome, he said his name was Glenn. As we walked in I felt a strange urge to talk to him. so I worked up some strangth and walked over to him. "Hi I'm emmi." I was cind of shocked I haven't talked in a couple months most times I stuter or stumble on what to say but this time the words flowed right out of my mouth. " I'm Glenn, so .. Before all this what did you do .... You know for a living." " well to be honest with you I was in highschool. But I worked at a little record store for extra money." Now I was cind of scared when I was with him I could just talk. I was practically telling a stranger my life story. " what did you do..... You know for a living?" "I was a pizza boy" he said tapping the brim of his hat. I'm not sure what it was but I liked him.


Where do you think I should go with this should I follow the tv show stkey line or go my own way?????


I love rock and roll