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I walked in to a damp looking hallway and turned right opening a little room with clothes all over it. It must of the department store, there was a cash register and manicins. Then i heard feet shuffling to words me I turned around and sharply drove my knife into its thin skull. T-dog looked at me in shock "how did you do that so fast" practice makes perfect. I thought to myself but dident really say anything. I just looked at the floor. " she's the only one of us that kills them." Lea said from beside me. I looked down at the cold lifeless body,when I notest thin male dead head I took out, was a teenage boy. He was the manager. A quickly walked away and went to find some changes of clothes.


after I got the clothes we were starting to get ready to go back to there car.we jogged slowly out of the city behind the a buildings so the dead heads couldn't see us. when we got to there car moralas ask me how old we all were "what's it to you?" Angel barked from my left side. I got to hand it to her she was pretty good at getting what she wanted, if that was a new air of shoes or getting this guy of her back it would happen and it would happen her way.


when we got back to camp we just kind of sat in the car while they went and talked to there friends. None if us really like talking- me more then others- but when jaqui told us to go and mingle we all did. Angel went and talked to a tall blonde girl named Amy. Lea talked to a brown haired girl with a son. Honestly I think she's a bitch, even if her husband died. I went and talked to Glenn I don't know why but I can talk to him. "So pizza boy where are you from?" " mishagan but my parents are from Korea. what about you?" I want sure where I was from I mean I lived all over until I was 8 when I met angel and Lea and asked if we could stay here for longer this time.by the way we did. "I'm not really sure where I'm from i lived all over until I was 8." There I go again telling people my life story. God I'm such a idiot.


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