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Never Too Late


Facing the possibility of spending another winter without shelter, the group is holed up in the woods on the border of Georgia and South Carolina when Daryl stumbles across a stranger in the woods that ends of offering them sanctuary in her home. Scout, a former police officer, is the last survivor of her family and has been on her own at her parent's home since the previous winter, when her brother was murdered. After coming face to face with a fellow hunter in the woods, she allows them to take shelter in her home for the winter months with the promise that they leave as soon as the weather is safe to travel with children.

This story takes place nearly a year after Beth's death and goes off-cannon after the MSF. It will be a Daryl Dixon/OC story. I will be posting on Sundays and Tuesdays now that I am almost finished writing it.

**Disclaimer** The only characters that belong to me are the OC's. All other characters belong to Robert Kirkman and the other writers involved in the Walking Dead. Please don't sue me as I just like playing with their characters. It's the only way Daryl Dixon could ever be my plaything.


Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Laura Jean Grace, AKA Scout

Laura Jean Grace, AKA Scout

This is actually a picture of Megan Johnson, a professional bow hunter that was part of my inspiration for Scout.


  1. Chapter 1

  2. Chapter 2

  3. Chapter 3

  4. Chapter 4

  5. Chapter 5

  6. Chapter 6

  7. Chapter 7

  8. Chapter 8

  9. Chapter 9

    Two chapters posted today (Tuesday) make sure to read Chapter 8 first!

  10. Chapter 10

  11. Chapter 11

  12. Chapter 12

  13. Chapter 13

  14. Chapter 14

  15. Chapter 15

  16. Chapter 16

  17. Chapter 17

  18. Chapter 18

    Feeling generous and decided to post another chapter today. :)

  19. Chapter 19

  20. Chapter 20

  21. Chapter 21

    A early posting to say Thank you to DragonFlyLady for all the wonderful reviews!

  22. Chapter 22

  23. Chapter 23

  24. Chapter 24

  25. Chapter 25

  26. Chapter 26

  27. Chapter 27

  28. Chapter 28

  29. Chapter 29

  30. Chapter 30

  31. Chapter 31

    WARNING: This chapter is a lot darker than previous chapters. Please beware of the warnings for Assault/ Attempted Sexual Assault/ Graphic Violence

  32. Chapter 32

  33. Chapter 33

  34. Chapter 34

  35. Chapter 35

  36. Chapter 36

  37. Chapter 37

  38. Chapter 38

  39. Chapter 39

  40. Chapter 40: The Final Chapter



Yeah, looking back I feel I could have made this story longer, but by the end my mind was already in a hurry to start work on Need You Now. Sometimes I just can't reign in my muse, unlike lately where she's refusing to show up to work at all.

Glad you're liking it!! I just loved writing the two of them. :)

Serenity Serenity

I'm at chapter 20 now and I can't stop. Jeez. But there are just 40 chapters and I don't want it to be over so soon. What a dilemma.

I like Scout, too. They have a lot in common because she has been in dark places too.

"Redemption can be found in oddest places.” << I liked this ending a lot. Perfectly written. :)

waldhoernchen waldhoernchen


This one was my first TWD fanfic, actually any attempt at fanfic outside of my Buffy ones I wrote for years. I really enjoyed writing it and developing Scout, who is still probably one of my favorite original characters to date. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!!

Serenity Serenity

I started with this story as you recommended and you got me after two minutes. I like the dark tone and it's really interesting to see how a single person would deal with being alone for a long time. It looks like she is very similar to Daryl and I like the idea. Especially after Sam and Daryl. The opposite leads to a lot of possibilities and the difference has potential. I'm excited which way it will continue.

waldhoernchen waldhoernchen


Well, I am glad to hear that I was able to keep you entertained! I wish I could read on a road trip, but I have super ridiculous motion sickness that requires heavy medication. Yuck. Hope you enjoy the other stories and thank you so much for the review!

Serenity Serenity