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You Saved Me (a Daryl Dixon Love Story)


Daryl avoided me constantly for the next three days. Every time I tried to catch up with him, or talk to him for a moment, he’d shrug me off, and not answer me until I gave up.

I’d mostly stopped sleeping, and Glenn found some caffeine tablets in the pharmacy to keep me going. I wasn’t allowed on watch anymore, and spent a lot of time just doing mindless things like washing up clothes and dinner utensils.

Lori sat next to me as I washed up some of Dale’s shirts. “How you feeling today, Kat?”

I sighed and wiped my forehead. “Like shit.” I snorted. “I can’t remember when I last really slept. I feel so depressed right now. Everything is wrong.”

“Did you tell him you loved him?” My head whipped round to look at Lori, causing my stomach to turn and my head to spin. “Sorry” she muttered. “But did you?”

I took a few deep breaths before I answered. “No. I told him I liked his company and that he comforted me. Then he said he liked my company too, then he kind of got angry and stormed off. I don’t know what I did wrong, and I can’t tell him how I really feel about him now. He won’t even look at me.”

Lori blinked at me for a moment. “This is ridiculous. He likes you Kat! He seriously likes you. But he doesn’t want to get attached to you, because what happens if he then loses you.”

I sniffled a little bit. “Seriously?”

Lori raised an eyebrow, and someone tugged my hair from behind.

“She’s right on the money, Katty.” Glenn said from behind me. “He’s over at his tent right now, cleaning his crossbow. I’d go tell him.”

My heart gave a little jump. And I nodded.

I started running towards the tent over on its own. As I got closer, I shouted Daryl’s name, but just as I rounded the tree, my shoes caught a root and I went flying and screaming through the air. I didn’t see the tree until after I hit it. My vision went funny and I tasted copper. Someone bent over me, and I whispered “Daryl” before everything slipped away.

I opened my eyes and felt someone’s arms carrying me some place. There were fizzy voices all around me. But the only face in focus was Daryl’s, his face wet, looking at me and saying something. I smiled weakly and fell back out of the real world, and found myself on the day I first joined the group.

I woke up from my semi-sleep in a tree branch. I knew walkers couldn’t climb trees really, so I should be safe to get a few hours of sleep, as long as I tied myself to the tree. I ran a hand through my hair and took some of the crackers out of my bag, before looking at my situation. There were 2 walkers at the bottom of the tree, sniffing, and three more a bit further afield. I’d picked up a rock when I found the tree last night, in case this happened. I took the rock in my hand and tossed it once to catch it again, then threw with all my might, as far away from me as I could. All but one took interest.

‘I can handle one.’ I thought, pulling the knife from my waist and starting to climb down the tree. I slipped halfway down, and felt a shock of pain in my knee as I landed on the forest floor. I spun around and sunk my knife into the head of the walker that had remained by the tree, and then took a breath. I remembered the pain, and looked around. The other four walkers were coming back. I’d grazed my knee, and they smelled my blood. My breath hitched. I couldn’t climb back up the tree in time to get away from them. I didn’t want to become one of them. I panicked. I placed my knife to my waist, and closed my eyes, getting ready to kill myself before they could eat me. I took a breath, and was about to push the knife in, when I heard a whistle, and a thunk, and my eyes opened of their own accord. A man, with brown hair, and a crossbow had appeared, and had taken down two of the walkers. Instinct took over as a third walker reached me, and I stabbed up through its jaw and into its skull while the new guy took care of the last one. I spun to look at him.

He strode over to me, aiming his cross bow at me, and I dropped into a defensive stance.

“Are you bit?” he said to me. It took me by surprise. I hadn’t heard another person speak in weeks. “I said, are you god damn bit?!” He took a step in my direction and I held up my hands.

“No! No I’ve not been bitten. I’m fine.”

“What about scratched?”


“What’s happened to your leg?”

I looked down, maybe it was a bit more than a graze, judging by the amount of blood coming from my leg. “I fell out of the tree.”

He looked me up and down. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. He slowly lowered his weapon, and I finally got a good look at his face. He was kind of cute.

“My name’s Katherine.”

“Daryl.” He replied. “Do you have a group?”

I shook my head. “Loner in the living world, loner in the dead world. Some things never change.”

He took a bag from his back and took out some cotton pads and some bandages. “Here, let me stop that bleeding much more before we set off. Don’t need a pack following us.”

I nodded.

He patched me up, and we headed through the woods, until we came to a farm, with smoke coming from the chimney.

“Home sweet home.” said Daryl.

I opened my eyes, and blinked. I was inside. I looked to my left. I was in the bedroom where all the ill and injured had been tended to, a sort of make shift infirmary. I was in the farmhouse still. I suddenly became of a pressure on my right hand and turned to look what it was. What I saw was the last thing I’d expected.

Daryl was holding my hand, and was resting his head on the edge of the bed, asleep. I frowned and started to sit up.

“Oh no you don’t missy. You could have a bad concussion.” I flopped back down at Hershel’s fatherly tone. He came in and started fiddling with e drip he’d set up, before sitting down and starting to test my blood pressure etc. “That boy’s not left your side since he carried you in. Not said anything except that you hit your head on a tree pretty hard. He spent the first day thinking you were dead.”

I frowned and looked at him. “First day?”

He nodded as he shined a light in my eyes one at a time. “You’ve been here nearly 5 days. It’s 10 to 11 on Friday night. You hit your head on Tuesday. Do you have any memory loss? Do you remember the incident?”

I nodded. “Yeah. I was running to tell Daryl something, and tripped on a root. I fell straight into the tree trunk. How bad was it?”

“You needed 12 stitches. You were covered in blood when you got here. But head wounds always bleed a lot.” He pulled out the needle in my arm and stuck a plaster over it, freeing me from the drip.

“Yeah I know sir. Will you go and tell everyone else I’m awake, but I just want some quiet. I want to talk to Daryl first.”

“It’s Hershel, sweetheart. Of course I will. That boy really loves you, and he’d be a fool to turn you down.”

“Lori and Glenn got loose lips huh?” I smiled.

Hershel gave a quiet laugh. “Good to see you’ve still got a sense of humour. You’re all okay, no signs of a concussion, but you should refrain from doing anything to quickly for the next few days, like sitting and standing up. Take it easy.” And then he left.

I took a deep breath, and started stroking Daryl’s hair softly, hoping it would wake him up. Someone had put a blanket around his shoulders, for which I was grateful.

He grunted softly and sat up a little, rubbing his eyes with the hand not holding mine. He leaned back in the chair and stretched, not yet looking at me properly enough to notice my eyes were open. “You better wake up soon, Kat, else Imma gonna have to start sleeping in that bed with you.” I giggled softly and his eyes flew up to meet mine. “Kat!” and with that he was on top of me, squeezing me tightly in his arms. “I thought you were dead.” I heard him say by my ear.

“I’m not though. I couldn’t leave you when I still had something to say to you.”

He moved away from enough to look into my eyes, but still hovering above me.

I looked him dead in the eye. “You’re a dick, Dixon.” His face fell a little. I smiled and shook my head. “But I still love you.”

Daryl’s eyes lit up and he leaned down slowly, keeping his eyes on mine, as though to gauge my reaction as he pressed his lips to mine. I moved my arms as fast as I dare around his torso, and deepened the kiss, encouraging him to do the same. He pulled away and I whined a little. But he grinned and said “I love you too Kat."


For anyone who might be unsure about this story or wondering whether they want to continue


Okay it does a bit. It follows canon until around the episode Killer Within of Season 3. Obviously Katherine doesn't have any canon to follow. And a great deal of canon dialogue is missed out. In fact, since you're all probably reading this having seen most of the Walking Dead episodes to date, then I don't see much point in reiterating the actual storyline unless it requires Katherine herself to be there, a if Daryl makes a different decision because of Kat.

If anyone wants a sort of timeline... Kat arrived around the episode Cherokee Rose.


PLEASE write another chapter this story is PUUURRFECT!!!!!! it must go on you are a brilliant writer:)

kaileyE kaileyE

So good love this but apart of me wants to say you fucked that your not touching kat carol crazy land. But at least Carl. Has someone. And I love daryl

dombast dombast

I be pissed carol. Get better and just leave because carol new he was your man. Bitch. Or see how he like you being with someone else. Yes rick would have stay for Lori or even carl

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No carol and Daryl so wrong on so many levels kat should me on fuck the both of them.

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