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You Saved Me (a Daryl Dixon Love Story)

Lay Down Your Cards


Lay Down Your Cards

He grabbed at the hem of my shirt, and I struggled against him to stop him. He slapped me hard, and held a knife to my throat.

“If you struggle, I’ll kill you.”

“Shane, you don’t have to do this.”

“Yeah I do. Thinking Daryl is better than me. Don’t be so stupid. I’ll show who the better man is.” He pressed his mouth to mine, and I bit his lip hard, until it bled.

“Bitch. Tail ain’t worth this.” He pressed his blade against my stomach, drawing patterns on my skin in blood.

“Daryl!” I screamed. I didn’t care if it attracted walkers. Walkers would get him off me.
“Daryl, help!”



“Daryl, help!”

Her voice bounced around the trees. “Kat!” I yelled back.


I pinpointed a direction for her voice, and ran as fast as I could, hearing her scream and cry. I slammed my knife into the head of a few walkers on my way.Please don’t let her be bit. I rounded a tree and saw her on the ground, wrestling with someone on top of her. I ran up and kicked the person in the head. It wasn’t a walker. It was Shane.

“Shane? What the hell man? What the hell do you think you’re doing to her!”

“Leave it alone. What I do with her ain’t none of your business!” His nose was bleeding. It felt good, but not good enough.

“It’s all my business! Ya think I’ve been sleeping in her tent because I got bored of being in my own? Ya think I stayed by her bedside for 4 days for the god damn fun of it? You stay the fuck away from her. You touch her again, and I’ll have your fingers off. See how well ya deal with shooting yer gun with no damn hands to do it with!”

I punched him in the face one last time for good measure. Then I turned to Kat. Her stomach was all cut up; not badly but there was a hell of a lot of it. I knelt over her. “Does it hurt?”

She shook her head, tears streaming down her face. “He was going to-“

“I know what he was going to do. Can ya walk?” I felt sick thinking about what almost happened.

“Yeah.” She stood up shakily and pulled her top down, covering the wounds.

I put my arm around her waist and started back towards camp, picking up her gun and crowbar. It made me smile when I saw it was still the Browning I’d given her. We walked back to camp and saw everyone sat around the fire.

“Where’s Shane?” asked Lori.

I shook my head. “Rick, I need ta talk to ya. Inside?”

He nodded, and followed me and Kat inside. I left her with Hershel so he could clean the wounds, and assess the damage. I stood in the dining room with Rick.

“It was Shane.”

“What?” He looked at me, confused.

“He was going to… well he was going to do something awful, and when she refused, he was cutting up her belly. He needs to go.”

His eyes widened. “He ain’t never done that before.”

“Rick don’t be stupid. He’s been eyeing her up since she got here. He was just waiting for his chance.”

Rick leaned on the table. “I don’t know what I can do.”

“Ya can get him away from her! If ya don’t, I’m walkin’ and takin’ her with me!” My voice was raising now.

“Don’t do anything rash, Daryl. You’re an asset to the group, and so is Shane.”

“What the hell kinda asset goes around cutting folks up when they won’t sleep with him!”

Rick wiped his forehead. “I’ll figure something out. Gimme a few days.”

I thought. “A few days. If ya still done nothin’, I’m telling Hershel, if Kat ain’t already, and see what he has to say about a guy like that around his daughters!”

I stormed into the bedroom where Kat was being treated. She looked up and gave me a small smile when I walked in. “Daryl, I’m sorry.”

I just shook my head. “I need you to tell me what happened.”
Hershel packed up his things and left the room, as I sat down by the bed, and Kat began her story. When she finished, I felt ill. “Why the hell did you follow me?”

She bit the inside of her cheek and looked at me from underneath those pretty eyelashes. “I needed to know you were okay.”

I couldn’t be mad. She really cared about me. “Don’ do it again, Kat. I promise, I’ll always be back for you.”

She smiled. “I know that now, Daryl.”

“How’s the stomach holding up?”



I pulled up the covers to show him the pale white bandages around my midsection.

“Hershel says not one of them was deep enough to scar, so at least I won’t have a lasting memory.” I sighed.

Daryl bit his lip and looked at me. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there sooner.” He looked awful. I reached my hand out to him and petted his cheek softly.

“It wasn’t your fault. No one could predict Shane was going to do that. Now, I’m allowed to leave now I’m all patched up. So will you help me get back to the tent as quickly and quietly as you can?”

He smiled for me, and took my hand, helping me sit up. I pulled my shoes back on, and we wandered through to the front door. Daryl stopped me and stuck his head outside. I peered through the window, and saw Shane sat by the campfire with tissue shoved up his nose. Daryl took my hand, and put me on his right hand side, where I’d be shielded from Shane’s line of sight. He walked me quickly to our tent, whilst I kept my eyes firmly on the ground until Daryl pushed me inside, following me quickly. I was already getting undressed. I didn’t want these clothes on anymore. They felt contaminated.

“Slow down there, sugar. I’m not ready yet.” Daryl joked. I felt easier now the tone was lighter. I’d felt tense without realising it. I chuckled softly, and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I combed my hair, and sat down on the bed. Daryl sat beside me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, until Carl came over to tell us dinner was ready.

“I’ll go bring ya some. Carl, stay with Kat while I go get it?” Daryl walked past Carl, as the young boy came and bounced down on the bed next to me.

“Can you play snap?” He asked, producing a deck of cards from his pocket. I smiled at him. He was still enthusiastic, even after all that had happened. We took a seat opposite each other on the floor, and he dealt the cards. In a matter of seconds, we were laughing, and Daryl came in, setting my bowl on the table by my bed, and eating his own quickly. “I’ll play winner.” He mumbled through a mouthful.

Soon enough, Carl won, and excused himself to go and get his dinner before he played Daryl. I smiled after the boy, and he came back in a few minutes, appearing to have inhaled his food. I watched and laughed as they played their game, and then we taught him how to play blackjack, poker and rummy. I even taught him a few different versions of solitaire for when me and Daryl were too busy to play.

We’d just finished up a game of blackjack when Rick poked his head in, and told Carl it was time for bed. After Carl had said his goodnights, Rick spoke. “Daryl, would you take watch? T-Dog looks exhausted. You can stay on until 3, and then I’ll do the early morning watch?”

Daryl nodded, and Rick left to go to bed. “You wanna come with me?”

I nodded and we took off towards the RV.


So there you go. The end is a bit slapdash since my snuggle monster was telling me that 4am is time for bed. So I'll update soon. ENJOY!


PLEASE write another chapter this story is PUUURRFECT!!!!!! it must go on you are a brilliant writer:)

kaileyE kaileyE

So good love this but apart of me wants to say you fucked that your not touching kat carol crazy land. But at least Carl. Has someone. And I love daryl

dombast dombast

I be pissed carol. Get better and just leave because carol new he was your man. Bitch. Or see how he like you being with someone else. Yes rick would have stay for Lori or even carl

dombast dombast

No carol and Daryl so wrong on so many levels kat should me on fuck the both of them.

dombast dombast

So good

dombast dombast